And the Olympic Gold Medal for online shopping goes to….


Online shopping has quickly become the equivalent to a large tub of ice cream for me. Happy or Sad online shopping hits the spot. I’m not sure if it’s the thrill of hitting ‘add to cart’ or my lovely delivery driver who makes every delivery feel like Christmas day but the high of online shopping is in my veins and its one addictive drug.

I first started my online shopping adventures many years ago before it was a ‘thing’ I used to order all sorts of crazy crap from eBay and while eBay doesn’t have the same pizazz as a good old 75% off Forever New click frenzy it was exciting. While surfing eBay for hours I would place bid’s. Yes kids I would bid on items instead of ‘clicking and adding to cart’ I placed bids.  I’m not sure if this is still something people actually do but for those viewers at home who have no clue what ‘bidding on eBay is’ it’s the simple action of some loon (aka me)  at home pressing the bid crazily in small 10 cents increments whilst hoping they will score a pair of Prada shoes valued at $2000 for low price of $22.34. Now this never actually happens that you win and the harsh truth is if you were lucky enough to win they would no doubt arrive and you would find they were in fact more Prade than Prada and in a size that only a goat could fit. But in my days of ebaying under the name ‘shoppingaddict2002’ I won many things including wool like hair extensions, skirts that would only fit a barbie and jumpers that were made using prison wool but the mere fact that I had ‘won’ them was happiness in itself. Clever little old me had one against all odds had won these items against hundreds no doubt thousands of other hopefuls worldwide. Who needs Amercian idol when you can be ‘chosen’ as the lucky one on eBay ?

Once I graduated from eBay I moved on to the Wish app. Now the Wish app has a similar concept to eBay but just like a pokie machine on pension day you seem to get ‘luckier’ and it’s cheap, cheap cheap. You can buy a rose gold watch for $4.22! Yes a whole $4.22, and true you’ll wait months to get it and each day you’ll wait for it to arrive until finally when you’ve come to terms with the fact that you’ve thrown your $4.22 down the drain BOOM like magic your bargain basement rose gold watch will arrive and it’s an absolute pearler. Still to this day the postie delivers something to me from Wish that I order 6 months ago and had forgotten about. It’s like a very unpredictable advent calendar.

From Wish I graduated to the big guys. The Iconic, Forever New, Mimco, Witchery, Myer and with each new find came with it a new membership or rewards program. The more you spend the more points you get, and what do you do with those points? You shop some more! It didn’t take long before I became a gold member at Witchery and Myer not to mention a Rose Gold member of Mimco. My inbox quickly started filling with sales, sales and more sales they were like love letters all waiting to be opened, I’d never felt so adored and wanted.

Once I started shopping online with the bigger retailers that meant one thing more post, more deliveries! More deliveries meant I  became fast friends with my new BFF the Auspost delivery man. He loves to joke that he has more parcels to deliver to me and I smile shyly and bat my eye lids waiting for him to ‘gift’ me my presents, it’s a beautiful relationship.

Last week it hit me that I night be starting to develop a problem with my shopping addiction when I recently had to fill out some paperwork and one of the questions was – what are your hobbies? My answer online shopping. What are you passionate about – ahh online shopping? And how do you juggle motherhood and work… ahh online shopping. Even for my groceries I online shop, the kids school books, Christmas presents, birthday presents I do it all sitting on my couch in my ‘online shopping uniform’ aka – Braless, Mum Bun, PJ”s and a glass of champagne. Yes no shoes, no makeup, no queues and no cares just me and my laptop ruling the world.  So after careful consideration I admitted to myself I did have a problem and promptly jumped online and bought the ‘Barefoot Investor’ a book that is sure to keep me in check and back on the straight and narrow…. but what to do while I wait for it to arrive ? Ooooh Myer has 60% of dresses! Sign me up!


Nat x

‘The Valentine’s Day Guy’

Since I opened our retail store ( Miss Monogram …shameless little plug!) I’ve experienced many things, I mean I could almost write a book on my experiences from the Christmas trade alone. This month however I’ve had a fun time observing “The Valentines Guy.”

February has had the guys acting very strangly. Usually our shop is all about the ladies, however this month the flood gates have opened for the men who are either ambassodors for the day of love or would rather it not exist. With all of this madness Valentines week has officially become my most interesting week of all and I’ve been enjoying my favourite sport – people watching. I’ve had fun soaking up all the different reactions and the way men in general respond to the 14th of February. One little date that is a big deal, deal breaker or for some no big deal at all.

So with Valentine’s Day just around the corner I thought I’d break down all the different types of guys we have met this month and you can decided which one is for you.

There is ‘pretend it’s not happening guy’ this guy could not give a monkeys. He’s aware and doesn’t care. Valentine’s Day is too Girley, too red, too pink, too mush and too much. He cringes and is angered by the entire day and all it represents….. he is also very careful with money.

Then we have the ‘Valentines day is every day guy’ now this guy never fails to make me smirk. He’s the guy that boasts it’s about the little things he does all year round’. He can be found loudly saying ‘it’s an American thing’ or ‘ I do nice things all year round’. Now ladies I could almost stake my life on it that this guy has never stepped foot in a florist, or popped into Woolies for a bunch of flowers not even the discounted ones. I’m also guessing the last box of chocolates he bought was for his Mum in the 80’s on Mothers Day at age 10. This guy is also still clueless that bloody Roses Chocolates Boxes have changed their assortment. ( epic fail Roses Chocolates, you’ve ruined my eternal faith in chocolate)

And just before I get all negative nelly on the guys there are some good ones, here is ‘romance guy’ this guy melts my heart. He comes in to the shop wearing a grin, he has romance on the brain and he knows exactly what he wants. He comes with a plan, he knows how he expects it to look, feel and the vibe he is going for. Romance guy loves writing in the card, loves the mush and doesn’t mind the odd bath bomb or rose petal. You may find romance guy is also not opposed to writing the odd poem or planning a romantic picnic with matching napkins and plates.

And lastly there is ‘Mr I wanna do the right thing’ this guy is actually my personal fave. He’s not interested in the gift wrapping, poetry or anything pink and fluffy (unless they are handcuffs but mate you are sadly in the wrong shop). This dude just wants to see his girl smile, he has no clue how to make this happen but he is easily woo’ed when he see’s any sign that say’s Valentines Day or a red balloon. This guy knows that if he wants any chance of any type of love making this century at the very least he is coming home with a card.

‘Last minute guy’ ahhh the retail sales person’s dream. Poor last minute guy arrives in store with a face of terror. He’s forgotten to buy a gift, he’s in a world of trouble and he needs your help to dig his way out of the current unhappiness in his home. This guy needs a gift, any gift he’s not fussy his only agenda is leaving with a present that looks thoughtful and that it’s been planned for months

And just before I wrap it up I can’t forget the ‘I’m her bestie and she doesn’t have a guy.. girl’ this is one chick you want in your life, she’s got your back. She buys you a little trinket, a card or comes round to your house packing wine ready to watch Bridget Jones Diary 1 & 2 and will make you giggle all night long. This girl is your bestie for life.

So lovelies no matter what guy or girl is in your life remember Valentine’s Day is about love. No matter who you l ove, tell them and show them on Valentine’s Day it’s not about the money it’s about the effort and a little bit goes a long way.

PS if you are single it’s perfectly acceptable to buy yourself a gift that you love and have a night in with a supersized glass of Vino and the latest episode of MAFS #SingleLifeGoals

PPS I’m married and I may also be doing the above #MarriedLife #SuperSizeMe


Nat x


Win London’s Favourites from Pink Poppy!

Miss Four is the original Little Miss. She’s a gal who loves her jewels, loves her pink and has never met a tiara she didn’t like. I literally gave birth to the queen of style, each morning she wakes up, she reaches for her mirrored sunglasses ( heart shaped of course,) and she then makes a swift move to her wardrobe to find as many shades of pink as she possibly can!


Years ago I was introduced to Pink Poppy and since then my life and Miss Four’s wardrobe has never been the same again. The Team at Pink Poppy know kids and they know what little fashionistas like London are chasing to make their every day just a little more fab. Pink Poppy create super cute accessories for little ones so they can add their own stamp to their look and show who they really are. I love watching her personality shine through and watching her get creative, and if I’m honest I actually take my fashion tips from her!

This month I’ve partnered with Pink Poppy again! I have shared all of London’s favourites and because Pink Poppy are super duper amazing, they have given me a prize pack to give away to 3 lucky readers.

Yes 3!

There are 3 chances to win our PINK POPPY PRIZE PACK valued at over $50!!!

Our prize pack from our friends at Pink Poppy contains the NEW Rainbow fantasy furry shoulder bag and coin purse, the glitter unicorn best friends necklaces, a unicorn fantasy bracelet and a rainbow scented lipgloss!

To be in the running to win, let us know what you love about London’s style…  OR  Comment on what your favourite fashion item was from your childhood ?

The Mrs Tink Team will choose our favourite answers and announce a winner on the 18th of June.

Competition ends Sunday the 17th of June 2018 and winners will be notified directly. Good luck!

Aussie World Fun!

Today I took the kids to Aussie World to reward them for being so good these School Holidays. One of the things that brings me back to Aussie World time and time again is that’s it’s different each and every time we go, new attractions and always something extra special for the kids.

This visit they had a Disney Princess show, and not just any show there was singing and dancing and the frocks – don’t get me started on the frocks! Miss 3 and I were in awe Belle, Cinderella and Snow White what a trifecta of fun and all included in the price of admission.

The day was sunny and the park atmosphere was filled with fun, fun, fun without a queue in sight! The kids wasted no time and ran around like crazy little mice eager for some fun. Quickly they found themselves on the Red Back, The Flying Swings and Bug Run.

Even though Aussie World continues to make changes to the park they also know the importance of keeping classics like the Merry Go Round which Miss 3 could not get enough of. To be able to ride a pony which she carefully ( very carefully ) chose was the highlight to her day.

A very close second was the ‘little beaut toot toot’ train, she could of rode around for hours (and did!) on this colourful little guy. This train screams ‘ride me’ and is not only a favourite amongst the tots but also the adults.

Jake & Tilly came and said hello which both kids loved ( despite Miss 3’s face… she’s smiling on the inside! ) these guys were so much fun to have a photo with and really added a little magic to our day.

One of the things that always brings me back to Aussie World is that it is great for all ages and there is something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you love Rollercoasters or the Teacups you will find fun everywhere you look.

Master 8 decided to turn it up notch and ventured onto ‘The Wasp‘ ride and although it looked fun I happily took advantage of sitting and watching on with Miss 3 (this old chook doesn’t have the stomach she used to). After 3 rides on The Wasp Master 8 felt suitably filled up with thrills and it was time for sideshow alley & Mini Golf before we left for the day.

A whole day of fun and only 15 minutes from home. Each time I leave Aussie World I’m reminded how lucky we are on the Sunshine Coast to have all of this infrastructure right in our own backyard. Acres and acres of fun and entertainment without leaving the Sunshine Coast.

Would you like to take your family to Aussie World for a fun day out ? I have one family pass to giveaway to one lucky reader. Simply comment below and share with me why you would like to visit Aussie World ? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on Friday at 7pm

Good Luck x

With eight new rides and attractions, there’s something for everyone including the new crowd favourite The Wasp! Get ready to be flung around at a rapid pace, but grab the joystick because you have ALL the control and shoot yourself sideways into the air!

For the younger visitors there’s the new Speed Stars ride. Give it a go as a family, or let the little ones rev up the engines, for a fun experience complete with checked flags and a speedy finishing straight. This ride is sure to thrill and give kids a real taste of what it feels like behind the wheel of a racing car.

Entry starts at just $34 per person when you book a Family of 4 pass online, and includes unlimited rides and with shorter queuing times you get to ride your favourite ride as often as you like!

There’s fun for all ages, even the big kids at heart.

Finding my glow again

Last year I spoke at an event that was to inspire others to take ‘the plunge’ and go into business for themselves. The speech itself went extremely well and I was very excited to be able to inspire so many driven go-getters to start in the business world. Unfortunately, my high was quickly dampened when I saw footage and photos from the day, I saw them and I shrunk. I knew the voice, I knew the words, but I did not know the face; for the first time in years I didn’t recognise the person talking.

My face was bloated and I had lost my usual glow, and although I was smiling, I looked sad.

I’m sure many people met me on the day and thought ‘she’s a happy bubbly girl’ who were not privy to my lack of glow or my cheeks looking a bit on the chubby side. I was indulging in too much red wine and chocolate, and had completely thrown out my usually strict exercise regime. I have developed a fabulous habit (insert sarcasm here) of self-sabotaging myself as soon as I hit higher than normal stress levels. Then comes the anxiety and instead of breathing deeply through it (which doesn’t work for me) I self-sabotage. My smile still shines bright but I slowly start eliminating all the things that make me “glow”. I stop eating well, I stop going to bed at a normal hour, I stop all forms of exercise and hibernate, and I stop replying to messages and avoid all forms of contact from friends. So in the words of Dr Phil, I go out of my way to completely deplete myself of all things good, and in effect the stress and anxiety snowball… quickly. So while many people would assume I’m a happy go lucky chicken, in reality I’m a mixed bag of emotions ready to spill over. Now while all of this may sound doom and gloom, the one very positive attribute I have is that when I see the warning signs I act. After seeing this photo I knew it was time to get my butt into gear and make a change, the pity party was getting old.

For me, the best way to get back on track is getting active, which is quite literally the last thing anyone wants to do when they feel rubbish about themselves. Once I’m active the healthy eating and drinking part follows.  So like a smack in the face from the universe, the opportunity to join EzyFit gym quite literally fell into my lap. Before I knew it I was standing in reception in my very stretched active wear struggling to breathe as it cut in to me and signing up to start at the gym.  The last time I joined the gym I was a teenager, now as a thirty-something I felt not quite as cool or fit, and it quickly dawned on me ‘what on earth do I know about the gym?’

Feeling my vibe, Kate the gym manager suggested some classes I may enjoy and find easy, I mentally took note of Kate’s lovely face knowing I would need to sneak through the gym and away from Kate while these said classes were on and head for the treadmills. Realising I was going to need some additional support and help, Joey Mogg the owner also highly sought after PT put her hand up to take me on as her client (YAY!) and show me the ropes in the gym, promising I would be feeling amazing again in no time. (DOUBLE YAY!)

I drove home already feeling like I was moving in the right direction, I had a towel, a keyring for EzyFit, and a membership; I was halfway there.

The next morning at 4.50am my clock went off like a fire alarm screaming at me that it was time to get moving to the gym for my first PT with Joey.

When I entered EzyFit I was met by Joey who is one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet. She’s kind, she’s funny and her personality is infectious. Within seconds I knew I was in the right place, Joey took me though my paces so she could see where my fitness level was at (non-existent). She then started explaining to me the power of your heart rate and how working on this would not only give me a great result but would also accelerate the pace on getting a result… Music to my ears!

After a sweaty hour I was completely and totally exhausted, but I felt great and was already eager to come back the next day. Sweat – it’s an amazing thing, it makes you feel alive and reminds you you’re working.

The next morning I arrived early and saw a rush of people running into one of the studios, like a little lamb I gingerly followed and found myself smack bang in the middle of a Sprint class. Given that they did it with the lights off I thought, why not? I jumped on the bike and decided to break my RPM cherry, within seconds there was screaming, shouting and very fast music. People were jumping up and down on bikes like they were on a merry-go-round. I felt out of my element and yet also excited. 30 minutes later we were a pile of sweat and I was in awe of what I had just taken part in. How on earth had I never done an RPM class before? And more importantly when was the next one?

I instantly felt the need to find Kate, the gym manager, and tell her she was right, the classes rocked! Ten feet tall and bullet proof, I then took it upon myself to educate all that would listen to me on RPM and how it works. I mean now that I had attended one class I was clearly a professional.

On day two of PTs, Joey took my measurements and I was reminded why this change had to happen. My body was screaming out for some loving, and upon seeing the results I jolted my new diet plan into place. From that day on I was moving to meal prepping, green smoothies and lots of protein. I was going to become a meal prepping champion.

Fast forward three weeks into my fitness regime and I had started to feel brighter and perkier, plus my anxiety levels were slowly coming down. Green smoothies every day with at least 30 minutes of exercise and I was slowly finding my happy again.

In week four I decided to tackle Body Pump and also Tower, two classes I normally would have cringed at trying, however the other members were all so lovely I felt up for anything and ready to dance in the unknown.

By week six my game was strong people, I was attending 4-5 classes a week and two PTs with my trainer Joey – I felt alive! Joey has an incredible way about her with the way she trains; she pushes you to reach limits you never thought possible and has a way of making you feel like you can. With each session I could feel my body changing and my mind beginning to lighten, to think I was feeling this positive just six weeks later was truly mind blowing.

Making one single change to my world by joining the gym had started a domino effect of changes, each one positive and each one lowering my anxiety and stress levels. This change was never about loosing weight or getting skinny it was about feeling like me again. Eight weeks on and I am hooked, I’m still very much a work in progress but I’ve learnt so much about myself and my patterns. It’s okay to fall down the rabbit hole but it’s how you get back out that counts.

TY Mini Boos Collectables – Giveaway

I can remember as a kid collecting everything and anything I could get my hands on – trolls, teddies, miniature dolls, stamps you name it I collected it. This year TY released Mini Boos Collectibles and the second I saw the range I thought of me… I mean my children! 12 super adorable collectables each one cuter than the next. Featuring coconut the monkey, pinky the owl, duke the dog and Kiki the kitten just to name a few these Mini collectables are cute as a button not to mention exciting to collect and swap with friends.

Each TY Mini Boo is a mystery so you never know which Mini Boo is hiding inside ready to come out and play. As a child there is nothing more exciting than opening up a special surprise waiting to see who is inside.

For years TY has known how to capture children’s hearts and the Mini Boos are no exception. Giving a child a toy like this they can treasure always is a beautiful gift.

Released just in time for Christmas the TY Mini Boo collectables are a lovely and also affordable gift to give at just $5.99

Available now from Myer, NewsXpress, Mr Toys, Toy World and available at Kidstuff recommended for ages 3+.

To celebrate Christmas we have a special TY Mini Boo to giveaway to one lucky reader. Simply comment below on what you collected as a child ? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on Friday at 9pm

Good Luck x

Fill up the Stockings with Smiggle this Christmas – Giveaway

It’s not a well kept secret I love Smiggle, I could potentially have an addiction or obsession. You see friends Smiggle is not only for the kids it’s for anyone that loves their stationary with a side of fun! This Christmas Smiggle have really rolled out the red carpet with their range of stocking fillers.

This year they have everything from Gingerbread Men & Santa Wall climbers to Eraser Baubles all at super affordable prices to suit all budgets.

One of my favourite reasons for giving Smiggle to my kids is because I know it will inspire them to be creative. Master 8 loves to write stories and Miss 3 loves her colouring in. More time being creative rather than being in front of the TV or a computer screen makes for happier kids and a very happy Mummy.

This Christmas my kids Santa sacks will be filled with lots of colourful goodies from Smiggle. Would you like to add a little Smiggle to your Christmas ? I have one Smiggle pack to giveaway. Comment below and share with me your favourite Christmas carol. I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner tomorrow at 9pm.

Good Luck x

Dreambaby® Jumbo Toy Storage Corner Hammock Giveaway

Since both my kids were born we have been big Dreambaby® fans. When they were babies I fell in love with their fab pram gadgets, as they grew into toddlers we were avid users of their incredible baby gates and through the years two things has remained consistent with Dreambaby® – the quality and the affordable price point.

Now Miss Three is growing into a little girl it’s time for a ‘big girl room’ for Christmas. Bye bye cot and all the nursery gear and hello big bed and no doubt and endless supply of dolls and toys. As Christmas approaches I was thrilled to find that Dreambaby® has thought of the ultimate pressie for those embarking on a ‘big girl’ or ‘big boy’ room. Mummies allow me to introduce you to the Dreambaby® Jumbo Toy Storage Corner Hammock.

The Dreambaby® Jumbo Toy Storage Corner Hammock is not only really cute it’s a dream for keeping your little ones room tidy and toys off the floor. Easy to fit to a corner of the wall with attachments that come included. Even a rookie like me had no issues getting it in place and ready for toys.

This clever hammock from Dreambaby® keeps things tidy but also keeps your little ones room looking like a kids room with all their fave toys on display and not shoved away in a cupboard. Although it’s important for me to have a clean house I also want my kids to be kids and have access to all their toys.

Yet another fabulous idea from Dreambaby® and one that you could win for your little person! Simply comment below and share with me why you would like to WIN ? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on Thursday at 9pm x

Dreambaby® Jumbo Toy Storage Corner Hammock. RRP: $19.95

This hammock keeps toys off the floor and fits in most corners – wall attachment is included. Dimensions are: 1.85 x1.31m x 1.31

Dreambaby® or call (02) 9386 4000 @dreambabysafety #dreambabysafety

The Original Stretch Armstrong. The perfect gift for little kids….and big kids too!

Any 70’s babies will remember ‘Stretch Armstrong’ and his amazing ability to twist and stretch in positions like no other. This year the team at Big Balloon are bringing the 70’s icon back! This years ultimate pressie on many little kids and especially big kids Wishlist is the The Original Stretch Armstrong.

The original Stretch Armstrong action figure from the 70s is back to delight a new generation of kids. More than 40 years on, Stretch hasn’t aged a bit – featuring the original head sculpt, you can still stretch him and tie him in knots, before he slides back into his original muscle-bound shape.

I myself have always loved seeing my kids play with the same things as I did as a kid, but this one in particular had Mr Tink as excited as a kid at Christmas! So much so I have my doubts Master 8 will even get a turn, which is why I was excited to find out that Big Balloon also have brought out a range of Stretch Justice League.

Batman, Superman and Flash have had a mini Stretch makeover too!  Stretch them, pull them, tie them in knots.  When you release your figure, he uses his amazing strength to slowly return to his normal shape.

Three Justice League Superheros each ready to be twisted and stretched for hours on end. So if you are looking for a present that is going to keep your kids active and away from screens you can’t go past these stretches likewise if you have a husband who you would also like to get off the couch! Big snaps to Big Balloon for bringing a little retro back this Christmas.

Would you like to WIN your own Stretch for your little person.. or big person ? Simply comment below and share with me your favourite toy when you were growing up ? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner a on Wednesday at 9pm

Good luck x

Available from Big W, Toys R Us and all good toy retailers

LeapFrog’s Sweet Treats Learning Café Giveaway

I’m a huge fan of LeapFrog Toys… huge! Educational, well priced, built to last and most importantly kids love them!

Nothing makes me happier than to see my kids using their imagination and playing the way kids should. Miss Three is currently obsessed with doing everything Mummy does, I wear heels – she wears heels, I wear accessories – she’s now a walking Colette Stand. You see what’s happening here ? She’s watching everything I do and she’s following my lead. Her latest obsession is wanting a cappuccino with me, and no not a babycino. No my red head is too smart for a babycino she wants the goods, the hard stuff … coffee. Now if you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll appreciate my red head does not need coffee she’s crazy enough we don’t need to be adding to the energy levels however LeapFrog may of just saved the day with their latest toy the LeapFrog’s Sweet Treats Learning Café.

Cleverly designed by the educational gurus at LeapFrog this super cute toy does it all. 10 touch points that each perform a song or talk to your child. Numbers, colours, shapes the LeapFrog’s Sweet Treats Learning Café really covers it all. Not only fun to play with but educational and terrific for growing all your little ones motor skills.

From the second I opened the box I knew Miss Three would be in her ‘big girl’ element. You see there is coffee, coffee cups and a machine that essentially is making the coffee so in Miss Three’s eyes she’s rocking a ‘fab o cino’ with her mama bear.

Do you have a little person in mind who would love to share a coffee with you ? The team at LeapFrog and I have got one to giveaway to one lucky reader. Simply comment below and share with me why you would like to win ? I will pick my favourite answer and announce a winner Wednesday x

LeapFrog’s Sweet Treats Learning Café,

RRP $59.95ea

Serve up learning with a double shot of fun!  Fill cups, complete customer orders and serve tasty-looking pastries while learning numbers, shapes, colours and sizes; and running your own café. With four original songs, 10 touch points and 12 pieces including magic tilting cups, your little baristas will have hours of fun and pretend play. Pick the right drink, choose the correct sized cup and set the right temperature. They’ll love learning about numbers, shapes, and colours, while developing listening and memory skills as they froth the milk, grind the beans and brew the coffee. Whether they’re hosting a tea party for their toys or role playing with friends, its espressos, hot chocolates and babycinos all round!