Mrs Tink gets winter cosy with Jeanswest

My name is Natalie and I have an addiction to denim. Yes it’s true! I love my denim and in winter I am notorious for wearing my winter uniform which consists of sweater, denim jeans and my converse. My winter uniform is not only comfy but it’s practical for the office, kid activities and when teamed up with a pair of heels and some ‘Beyonce earrings’ I’m off for a dinner date. One of my favourite denim haunts is Jeanswest, because if you haven’t already heard ‘Jeanswest fits best’. As much as I sound like a TV campaign it’s true, not only does their denim fit best it also has a lifetime warranty. Yes my friends just like Tupperware; denim with a lifetime warranty. If your jeans tear, your zipper breaks or your button pops they will replace them for you. Just like that! Now that I know you’re listening and like me your mind is no doubt boggling about the amount of denim you’ve thrown out of over the years, but I can guarantee not one of those pairs has come from Jeanswest because they design those suckers to last. The pair I’m wearing today as I type away I’ve owned for 10 years, almost as long as some marriages and these babies show no sign of dying anytime soon. For quality like that you would normally need to re-mortgage your house but alas not today my friends because not only are these denim threads bullet proof they are also kind on the hip pocket and will only set you back… $109 for two pairs! That’s $54.50 per pair! So I’m sure by this point it will not surprise you that any opportunity I get to head into Jeanswest I jump on like a seagull on fish and chip day and when the team from the Sunshine Plaza Store called to share with me their latest trends I was in faster than the speed of light. 

Jeanswest is known for their denim but equally as fab are their unique pieces that are always on trend but designed to last longer than one season. They use high quality materials that keep colour wash after wash, keep their shape and look as good as the day you bought them. This season I was tickled to pink to find their walls lined with feminine colours, blush pinks, baby blues and soft colours suited to all ages, shapes and sizes. Stunning wools, super soft denims and my new fave, ‘water resistant fabrics’. Each adding a new edge to your wardrobe basics and updating all your current pieces.

Feeling like a kid in a candy store I took to the change room to try a few pieces on and quizzed the team on the trends they are seeing most in their stores. Still on trend for 2017 is the skinny jean and huge phew for me as I own approximately thirty pairs and live in them in winter. Skinny jeans with a long trench coat is one winter look you will start to see everywhere soon. Good bye flairs and capris! A big hello to high waisted jeans! These are flying off the shelves with the team selling hundreds of these a week. Good news for mamas, stretchy waists are in! If you are like me this was like the heavens opening. Stretchy waists are making a huge comeback. Woo Woo!
Ripped jeans and patchwork are very on trend for 2017 and the ladies suggest not judging a book by its cover and try them on because this style is one that looks better on your bod than on a hanger and suits all ages. Lots of layers work for winter, boyfriend jeans, a white tee and a scarf. This look can easily be dressed up with a strappy pair of heels for night or flats for day. Bomber jackets are in and for gals like me that love big jackets you will love this look that is comfy yet also on point.

So what is the girls number one tip for keeping your denim looking its best? This one may surprise you… pop your jeans in the freezer! Wash them only when you have to and bag them and freeze them. Never one to not follow up on an unusual tip, I decided to give it a try and aside from my legs feeling a little invigorated in the morning the result was vibrant jeans that really held their shape and felt fresh and not stiff after over washing.

Gianna Long Sleeve Stripe Pullover and Gypsy High Waisted Skinny 7/8 Jeans

Pop in a meet the team at Jeanswest Maroochydore they are available for free fittings to ensure you are wearing the right size and style for your body shape.

Would you like to see what all the hype is about and try your own pair of Jeanswest Jeans ? YES! I thought you might. I have 5 pairs to giveaway simply share with me why your desperate to get your hands on a pair ? I will choose my 5 fave answers and announce a winner on Friday the 14th of July at 9pm x 

Mrs Tink & Tinky Winky aka Miss 3 review the Teletubbies My 1st Tablet from Vtech 

Miss Three is my little tech chick, she loves her technology, iPad, iPhone,laptops, the kid is wired with the technology gene. Her Daddy hasn’t mastered Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat and Miss Three could no doubt take a photo, filter it and hashtag it like a pro. Now before I create anymore pictures of my baby Bill Gates I should also point out that as clever as she is she is also a techno menace. She’s broken not one but two iPhones, smashed the screen on the iPad and broken the keyboard on Mr Tink’s laptop, so her eagerness has not only put us on edge it also has cost us a pretty penny! Now all these devices are clearly not designed for infants even if they do have the techno gene so imagine my grin when vtech introduced me to their latest product ‘My 1st Tablet’. Yes friends, it’s a tablet for your little person, one they can confidently hold that has been created just for them. Now this tablet is not just any tablet it’s a Teletubbies tablet, one that has Miss Three on pleasure overload. It is a special edition tablet in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Teletubbies. It’s colourful, it’s durable and just like all of vtech’s products, its intention is to teach while making it educational and fun for kids. With over 150 songs, sounds, and phrases it’s captivating and very hard to put down. Filled with 10 apps and activities it keeps little ones busy and teaches them everything from numbers to phonics and words. My little chatterbox was in her element chatting away and copying all her new words and numbers. My 1st tablet is great for car trips, Miss three is not a wonderful traveller in the mornings but my mornings have become quite relaxed and breezy as she now has her tech needs filled and my iPhone is in one piece! The tablet is far more suitable for little people and the Teletubbies characters make it fun and exciting and they even have a camera built in which my little selfie queen enjoyed immensely. Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po make learning fun and the light up buttons keep little minds active and engaged.

Such a fabulous product from vtech and one I am so excited to share with you mama’s especially those that dread car trips as I did.
Would you like to win a 20th anniversary Teletubbies My 1st Tablet for your little person? Simply write below and share with me why you would like to win? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on the 6th July at 9pm 
Nat x 

VTech Teletubbies My 1st Tablet, RRP $34.95

The VTech Teletubbies My 1st Tablet features eight app buttons that introduce your little one to music, nature sounds, numbers, letters and more. Just swipe and tap to light-up the touch screen for fun animations, interesting light patterns, sounds and music.

Mrs Tink talks Winter Hair Trends with Evalyn Parsons Hair 

We all know the Sunshine Coast is a haven for sun kissed hair. Gorgeous blondes, brunettes and luscious locks that scream ‘I woke up like this’. Our relaxed style in comparison to Melbourne or Sydney is our own stamp on the beautiful chilled lifestyle we enjoy. We Sunny coasters rock a messy bun like no other with minimal French rolls in sight. Now don’t get me wrong, while we love the carefree life, but I know that we also take great pride in our manes. For hairdressers like Evalyn Parsons, their salons are rarely known for quiet days especially when a new season is upon us. Winter brings us out of our comfort zone and suddenly we feel like a change. Out with the old and in with the new. So what’s on trend this winter you ask? I spent the afternoon with the team from Evalyn Parsons to find out what is on the menu for winter.

As I arrived in salon and settled in with a pot of green tea and a brownie I quickly discovered that even in winter, ashy blondes are still the most requested colour. Although not a new trend, balayage is also the number one service provided, with clients opting for low maintenance colours that give great tones and require less maintenance and trips to the hairdresser. 

A big trend that is making a comeback is the pony tail. Yes, you heard right, the messy bun is out and the ponytail is in. Sleek and textured, the pony is one look you will be seeing on runways everywhere.

 So what celebrity look are most clients requesting? Goodbye, celebs! Pinterest and Instagram have replaced requests for the ‘Rachel’, with women arriving to their appointment armed with images saved from social media. Interesting, I thought pondering about my Jennifer Aniston days or my most fab look the ‘pob’.

So are our must haves? Oodles of moisture. Time to change your routine and start hydrating. Just as we do with our skin care routine we need to hydrate our locks and keep them in tip top shape during winter.

While I was in the salon, I thought it was only fitting I stayed for a winter makeover myself and took the opportunity to explore my darker side with a fresh new brunette look. 

If you are searching for a new hairdresser, do yourself and your locks a favour and call the lovely stylists at Evalyn Parsons Hair Salon not only fab hair but did I mention they give you brownies? 

Visit Evalyn Parsons at


Would you like to come into the salon and enjoy a fab styling session with the Evalyn Parsons Team ? I’m giving one lucky reader the chance to WIN my fave thing on the menu ‘The Mrs Tink Signature Blow dry’! Simple comment below and describe your current Winter hair and why you would like to win ? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner Saturday the 1st of July at 9pm

 Nat x

Kevin.Murphy DOO.OVER

This product is perfect for those days when you need a hairspray without wanting that sticky feel. Amazing volume and hold with no residue.


This product is the absolute go to for natural volume and hold. It can also be used as a setting spray when curling your hair for the textured pony tail.

Kerstase – The Resistance Collection

Winter dry hair needs this range. Full protection and intense repair for both fine and thick hair. A range of shampoo, conditioner and treatments.

Mrs Tink loves Holster

A brand I have loved for years is Holster. They create beautiful sandals and resort shoes that are unique and well suited to our Sunshine Coast lifestyle. Holster is featured in a variety of retailers across Australia but did you know they are home grown and based in Noosa.

This is lucky for us and our tootsies as we receive the best of the best, right on our doorstep. I am such a huge fan that I could clothe a centipede with my Holster stash. Despite this, I was surprised to learn they also create sneakers. Catering to all ages and styles, they have created sneakers like no other, with colours that will make you weak at the knees, like midnight blue, rose gold and copper. Their styles are versatile for that casual weekend but still look chic enough to wear on a date night.

Each shoe is designed with comfort in mind and have that ‘worn in’ feel from day one. I recently got my mitts on the Nova High Top sneaker in midnight blue ($99.95) and the Explore sneaker in Rose Gold ($79.95).

Both sneakers are incredible and although bright in colour went well with jeans and blazer or jeans and a sweater or as I like to call it- my winter uniform!

Light weight and easy to wear, both styles ooze comfort and glamour (two words that are rarely put together). Big snaps to Holster for making winter that much more bearable and bringing the same gorgeous style to winter that they do to Summer.

Check out their winter range at

Holster is located right here on the Sunshine Coast at 6/55 Gateway Drive Noosaville.

Twitter: @holsterfashion | Insta: @holsterfashion | Facebook: @holsterfashion


Kevin Murphy Shine Spray

I’m addicted to this gorgeous treatment. Perfect for adding some shine to dull winter hair and it smells amazing! Pop in to Evalyn Parsons Hair Salon Moffatt Beach to purchase.

Ultraceuticals Ultra Moisturiser

This little tube of wonder is hydrating and so beautiful to use for day and night. Available from Clinic One in Maroochydore.

Twenty 8 Celebrate & Uplift Essential Oil

A few drops mixed with massage oil and I’m in heaven. Ideal for dry scaly winter legs. Find it online at


Shingleback Red Knot Shiraz

Cold winter nights and a delicious glass of red… Need I say more?

Nat x 

Under The Purple Sky Lions inPlace inc

I have always found that fashion on the Sunshine Coast has a relaxed flair. Sunny Coasters are incredible at dressing up when appropriate and enjoying a pair of Havianas and a simple maxi dress on weekends. One of the things I enjoy most about our gorgeous lifestyle is having the best of both worlds. Whilst, I can enjoy my relaxed informal weekends, I’m also a sucker for a fab event and frock.

Last weekend, I attended the Under The Purple Sky Gala Night in honour of Lions inPlace Inc, a charity supporting victims of domestic violence. The event was held at Aussie World and was a truly spectacular sight with guests attending to raise money and awareness for a charity working so hard within the community. This beautiful occasion, like all of White House Celebrations affairs, was attended by a cross section of women from the Sunshine Coast and with that an incredible display of style & fashion! One of my favourite things to do at a fancy soiree of this size is to people watch. Soaking up all of the gorgeous style & glamour with that Sunshine Coast edge. Glowing skin, sparkling smiles and the oozing of simplistic trends. Clean, romantic make-up and polished hair with not a haviana in sight (except perhaps for the cab line at the end of the night). The dress code for this event was cocktail and while I love a good cocktail as much as the next girl I must say cocktail is one dress code that continually leaves me stumped. I’m a gal who loves to frock up and is not afraid of bling. With this dress code, traditionally gowns are to the knee and more relaxed than formal.

In the name of research and of course to satisfy my sticky beak nature, I chose five of my favourite looks of the night and asked each lady the same questions about their outfits.


Kristy Tentori – Bronzed Pure Sunless Tanning

Who are you wearing ? Sheike

Describe your style in just a few words: Old School Hollywood Glamour

What is your Must Have accessory for an event ? Big glamourous earrings


Rowena Morris- The Brow Perfector

Who are you wearing ? Pretty Little Thing ( on sale for $50!)

Describe your style in just a few words: Unique, genuine , Class

What is your Must Have accessory for an event ? Scent I think you should always smell great

Simone Blair – Empress collections

Who are you wearing ? Asos and an exclusive piece from empress collections

Describe your style in just a few words: Glamourous, chic and fabulous

What is your Must Have accessory for an event ? Miss Monogram Clutch


Xanthe Coward – XS Entertainment

Who are you wearing ? Aqlia from Myer

Describe your style in just a few words: Futuristic, fabulous and fierce

What is your Must Have accessory for an event? Salita matthews, you have to have beautiful jewellery


Tam Wrigley – iStyle TV and The Wine o Clock Show  Who are you wearing ? Bronx & Banco  Describe your style in just a few words: On trend but edgy  What is your Must Have accessory for an event? A good Clutch
Tam Wrigley – iStyle TV and The Wine o Clock Show

Who are you wearing ? Bronx & Banco
Describe your style in just a few words: On trend but edgy
What is your Must Have accessory for an event? A good Clutch
 Each of these stylish ladies opted for a different version of cocktail and all were stunning. The night was filled with lots of glamour, beautiful food and lovely people and most importantly raised lots of need funds for the Lions inPlace Inc.

To further support the charity simply visit them at

Nat x

Check out my column in Saturday’s Sunshine Coast Daily in the Life & Style Weekend Pull Out 

Why Frozen on Ice has helped Mrs Tink win Mother of the Year with Miss Two…. and how you can too! 

Are there any mums out there who still have daughters (or sons) obsessed with Frozen? Miss Two loves this Disney classic, as she was late to board the Frozen train, she is one fierce supporter. Whether she is dancing up a storm, singing ‘let it go’ at the top of her lungs or dressing up as her favourite character Anna she cannot get enough. I have to admit I am the same, it’s not your typical fairy-tale and I think it teaches women to be their own heroes; a sentiment I love.

Yes, my little Miss Two is a Frozen groupie and without doubt the biggest fan I know so let me tell you, I felt like mother of the year when I was able to tell her I got tickets to the newest Disney on Ice extravaganza, Frozen! All of her favourite characters will be there and we will get to experience them up close and personal. Miss Two was so impressed she screamed louder than a teen at a Justin Bieber concert, my Frozen Groupie was about to see the ultimate in Disney Performances. The Disney on Ice team will be touring the country this Winter and I am not only excited for Miss Two, I’m excited for you because I’m pleased to announce that we have a selection of tickets to giveaway! Now who is screaming like a teenager? We have two tickets for the June show in Brisbane and a further two tickets for the July show in Sydney. The Brisbane winner will receive a ticket for themselves and a plus one to attend the Frozen on Ice performance on Thursday 29th June at 3:00pm located in A Reserve. The Sydney winner will receive a ticket for themselves and a plus one to attend the Sydney performance on Friday 14th July at 7:00pm located in A Reserve Upper. For all terms and conditions please click here.

So Mamas, what do you have to do? To enter the draw to win this fabulous prize all you have to do is tell us why you and your child would love to experience this once in a lifetime opportunity. Simply comment below and after reading each of the answer I will we will pick my two favourite answers. Winners will be announced on May 31st at 9pm.

Mrs Tink Reviews Lust Minerals BB Beauty Balm Cream Foundation

A brand I’ve lusted over for years (pardon, the pun) and shared many times on the blog, is Lust Minerals. Lust Minerals have created a skin care and beauty collection like no other. Their products are consistently great and best of all my skin loves them! This is one mineral make up company that really cares about the consumer. All of their products are created using micronized mineral bases and are concentrated pigment which means they don’t use fillers such as talc, which will clog pores. Because of this concentrated pigment, you need to use very little as a small amount gives fabulous full coverage and becomes a foundation, powder and concealer all in one. Plus if that doesn’t knock your socks off, the concentrated pigment also gives high sunscreen protection without the need for synthetic ingredients which for a lazy gal like me (who is time poor) you are only using one product. Win! Win!

Recently I reviewed the BB Beauty Balm Cream Foundation a fabulous product that comes in 6 different colours so I was guaranteed to find one for my complexion. For my review I chose nice natural pigment, a colour that was perfect even with a spray tan. With a trip planned for Bali and no intention of wearing make-up, I knew this baby was going to get the work out of a lifetime and save me time applying a SPF. From the second I applied it, I knew I was in Lust ( another pun sorry!). It was smooth and lush to apply, not to mention quick, and required very little (if any) blending. It was as simple as apply and go! And go I did for 6 days non-stop in Bali and this fabulous little BB cream stayed put. Even with the humidity this product took me though until cocktails that night. It felt clean on my skin, light and my skin glowed non -top. 

This bottle of wonder contains Vitamins E, A, B3, B5, Hyaluronate and anti-oxidants which help to fight free radicals and left my skin feeling soft and nourished. Super hydrating and a must have to take away with you on holiday.

On return from our time away I’ve continued to use this BB cream and have found it my fave, go-to on weekends and for the gym. The RRP is $60 and a little bit goes a long way, so although it is more expensive than the supermarket BB creams, remember it’s filled with products that are good for your skin and won’t create break outs or clog your pores. This bottle will last forever which means you will more than get your monies worth.

A big thumbs up to Lust Minerals on creating yet another terrific product that makes my morning mum routine easier.

Would you like to try this fabulous BB cream from Lust Minerals? The good news is one lucky reader is going to get their own full size bottle valued at $60. For a chance to WIN share with me why your skin is crying out for some Lust love? I will choose my favourite answer and announce a winner on the 13th of May at 9pm

Mrs Tink: The ‘Yesser’

My name is Mrs Tink and I am a full blown, completely, intoxicated, yesser.
Not intoxicated as in drunk, although I’m typing this on a Tuesday night; try me again on a Friday!

Intoxicated as in a full- fledged, obsessive,compulsive, yesser. I literally took Bethany Frankel’s book ‘A Place of Yes’and ran with that sucker.

Am I making any sense here? Yes? No? Ahhh, allow me to elaborate, you see my friends, I have a problem, and the problem is me and my need to obsessively say yes when actually I really mean no. I have a real issue with letting anyone down, so I continually say yes. The huge issue with this is that it gets me in mountains of trouble, as it’s virtually impossible to give everyone what they need.

I say yes to all invitations, even the ones that I know there is not a shot in hell I can attend. I say yes to uncomfortable lunches with people who I know are only trying to sell me something. I say yes to school events, that I know are not humanly possible to be a part of and most recently, I’ve even started saying yes to strangers.

Now before you start getting images in your head of me saying yes to stray men or flirtatious admirers, I should explain. I have started allowing myself to get roped in by the man in the shop who is trying to sell me hand cream. I say yes to being added to the email list that I know is going to spam me for all of eternity. I take surveys that I know will not take five minutes and just this week I even accepted an invitation to read up on a religious cult!
My yessing has gone from not wanting to let others down, to a life of its own! After a horrific day last week I realised I’d yessed to not 1 but 3 invitations on the same day, and yessed a birthday party and speaking event all of which could not happen because we were overseas. After realising a quick dash home from overseas to attend to all my ‘over yessing’ I decided enough was enough. I was going to start saying NO. Not no for the sake of it, but no to things I really didn’t want to do and the results were astounding….

I started with a girlfriend who was constantly asking me to come to her thermomix parties. Once upon a time, I would have gone, no doubt bought one and signed myself up for a party too. This time, I put on my sassy pants and nicely said ‘I’m really sorry it’s just not my thing’. The result was shocking! No puppy dog eyes, no upset, my life didn’t change, I didn’t lose a friend. In fact, I gained a night out because we had a cocktail catch up instead.

Feeling empowered, I took the plunge and answered all the emails I’d been hiding from, for fear of letting someone down, I dove in and apologised and simply said no. The result… The world still turned and I didn’t lose any business. I was bewildered, not to mention lighter. Why on earth was I turning myself inside out trying to please everyone? Well, it turned out, as long as I was lovely and polite people genuinely got it and did not care. Well… except for the skin care kiosk man, he could see I was a newbie to the world of No and decided to lure me in with a hand massage and while I didn’t succeed that time I am now the proud owner of a fabulous had cream!

Are you a compulsive Yesser ? Or do you have some tricks to saying No ?

Mrs Tink x

Birthday Blues

This July I will be 35. Yes the big 3 5, and usually I love a good birthday and a good old celebration all about little old me, but this time I’m struggling. You see turning 30 was fabulous in fact, 31 was pretty cool and 32, a fab runner up. Hey 33 and 34 were basically 30 but 35… Now that’s just insanity.35 seems like 40, I mean what’s 5 years? I haven’t swam with dolphins or been to Paris. I haven’t learnt to reverse park or drive a manual car yet (I was aiming to get that manual licence back in my teens but 35 just snuck up). I haven’t met my idol, Richard Branson (I have touched his hand but that’s another story). I haven’t been to Vegas or seen Britney live. The goals I used to write each year have turned into business goals and family goals and it has hit me, I’m going to be thirty FREAKING five. Even the number I’m not comfortable with. 34 looks cute but 35 its almost neon and screaming ONLY FIVE YEARS LEFT UNTIL FORTY. 
I pictured at 35 to be more grown up, to wear matching bras and knickers, to have perfected liquid eye liner and to have learnt the art of blending in a make-up line. I thought I would have been better with money, more disciplined with a budget and diet. But yet, faster than I knew, here comes 35, ready or not, neon sign and all. So what’s a girl to do? Trade Mr Tink in for a young 20 year old? Buy a Harley or a fancy red convertible? Should I start jet-setting? What do women do when they hit a mid-life crisis?

Sir Richard Branson and I hand canoodling

So after much deliberation I’ve decided I’m going to join the circus! …

Just joking I haven’t gone completely insane… well not yet anyway. No, but gags aside. I’ve decided I’m going celebrate 35 and the road I’ve taken to get here. Sure, I’ve not swam with dolphins but I have given birth to two healthy babies, one who can make noises like a dolphin, so surely that’s a win! I married my crush and true, he drives me up the wall most days, but I can honestly say that still 15 years later, he is my crush.

Me and the boyfriend

So, when you look at it like that, two kids (one who can make dolphin noises, don’t forget!) and married my crush, 35 is not looking too bad! 34 is still on the calendar for the next few months and while I’m tempted to throw a Mariah Carey and turn 25 forever, I think I got this. No Harley or red convertible required. I am going to start praising what I have achieved and start making stuff happen. I’ve started a journal and every thought wish, goal, dream or idea that pops into my head, I write it down. It’s proving to more effective than drowning my sorrows in vodka. I write everything down and I don’t re-read it. Whatever I am thinking, write it down. You want to know something crazy? A lot of these things are actually happening. Yes, I’m still 34, I haven’t found a way to turn back the clock, but I have found my inner happy. Writing it down has put a bit of a spring in this old gal’s step. So watch this space my friends, I’ve decided to keep my journal going daily and to re-read my thoughts on my 35th birthday, with a nice big glass of French bubbles and to celebrate the crazy, and the journey within.

Do you birthdays send you loopy? What’s your scary number?