Hello World!

My name is Natalie and I am an over thinker, there it is and unfortunately there is no off switch its an inbuilt ability to over think EVERYTHING and ANYTHING!
So why would I write a blog…. Therapy! Yep that’s right this over thinker has too much time on her hands while breastfeeding her daughter so I thought why not blog it out! Who knows it may not only be therapeutic for me it may just give something else a different way of looking at things ….. The Mrs Tink way.
Mrs Tink x
PS. I hope you enjoy
PPS.If you have issues with poor spelling and grammar this may not be the best blog for you, it’s written from the heart not from a dictionary
PPPS. Caution if you are a prude you may also not enjoy these blogs….. Don’t say I didn’t warn you

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