There was 2 in the bed and the little one said….

Now I’m going to really put myself out there and share a
well-kept secret … and that is that Mr Tink and I now sleep in
separate beds ……. and we love it!

Now before you raise your eyebrows I can assure you – no we are not fighting in fact since these changes our marriage has
never been better!

When I became pregnant with Little “Miss L” a year and bit ago I became a
wiggly sleeper, I was hot, I was heavy and before you think “oooh you
saucy minx” – I want to assure you I was a miserable tired mess. I
couldn’t sleep and had zero tolerance for Mr Tink’s snoring, farting
and his love of setting the air conditioner to igloo! So after many
moody mornings with a cranky wife, he said “why don’t I just sleep in
the spare room so you can spread out and have the room just as you like it
for a few nights”.

At first I was concerned, are you going off me – my pregnant mind
begin to wonder ? Is our marriage in trouble ? But I reluctantly

On night one I loved that I could spread out…. Bliss! On night two I
discovered I could get up numerous times to go to the toilet without
being careful not to wake him, heck I could even turn the light on!
And by night three I was in a world of heaven and so was Mr Tink as
the air conditioner in his room was blasting out icicles!

After bubs arrived I moved her into bed with me to establish
breastfeeding and to save me having to stumble up the hallway every 2
hours and after a month she went into her own room. Now she’s 5 months
old and sleeping well and I guess I should invite Mr Tink back into
the marital bed…… But I don’t think I’m ready to say goodbye to
the bliss!  Fortunately for me neither is he – so as I type I’m lounging in the middle
of the huge king size bed and here I stay solo, me in my bedroom of all things
lovely and he in his room of snoring, farts and cold air….

Many will disagree and say it’s not right but I say don’t knock it until
you try it sister, you’re missing a whole world of plump pillows,
clean fresh sheets, no smells and the opportunity to lie spread eagle!
(Did I just say spread eagle? I’m giddy with freedom!).

Our love life ( what’s left after baby no 2 ) is great, there is a lot
of room hoping going on. I get lots of cuddles in bed in the morning
and we are getting more sleep than ever before and life is good in the
Tink House.

The interesting thing is that I accidentally let my secret slip in
conversations with some of my girlfriends and found out that there are a lot more happy couples
sleeping in separate rooms than I first thought. Maybe separate “sleeping” is
the future of modern marriages?

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