The Wonderful World of Aldi

I have just discovered Aldi, I am now what is called (or what I like to call an Alditarion) I have found a wonder world of bargains and new products, new trolleys and I’ve even learnt to pack my own shopping bag!

Aldi for a long time was scary to me, crazy aisles, no shelving, products I’d never seen before and very pushy driven shoppers – I never thought I would become one of them!

My first visit was quite eventful and anyone who knows me is already cringing picturing my awkward ways. Like going up the aisles the wrong way – which got me death stares by the regular Aldi shoppers. Tripping on one of the packing crates which got me death stared and laughed at by the regular Aldi shoppers. I Lined up in the wrong spot which once again got me death stares by at by the regular Aldi shoppers, then stacking all my shopping in an un Aldi fashion and waiting for my shopping to be packed for me, which got me told off by one of the regular Aldi shoppers, then I held the line up as I forgot coffee which nearly got me punched by the same Aldi shopper that had previously told me off! Other than that it was a very enlightening experience (for the shoppers and staff not so much) but hey I was just a sweet innocent Aldi Virgin.

Not only did I save a fortune but I was amazed how much was gluten-free and organic and almost all of it was Australian Made.

I have since talked the ears off anyone who would listen to me bragging about my new secret society of Alditarions and our cleverness to save, save, save!  Mr Tink got so sick of me displaying each product using my Adrianna Wheel A Fortune hands as I unpacked the shopping that he put a ban for the night on ‘Aldi product savings talk’.

Over a week my banter got the best of him though and he too joined my new club and came for a shop. He even bought me a special treat my very own a ‘Aldi key ring’ so I am never without a trolley again (romantic and thrifty!). Those who don’t have “the key ring” have to put a $2 deposit in the trolley – it’s a clever way to make sure you return the trolley to get you $2 back.
Master 5 is also very excited as I saw how many people where too lazy to return there trolley’s and get their $2 back. So after our shop I took him ‘trolley hunting’, this was most upsetting to the trolley boys who screamed at us in a foreign language for stealing the extra income …. woops.

So the Tink’s have now crossed over, we are now Alditarions and saving a fortune (more money for shoes and wine I say) Definitely worth a snoop!

One thought on “The Wonderful World of Aldi

  1. Shayne Hope says:

    When you’re in Aldi beware the person that thinks that they are entitled to “push in” because they have only a few things! On 2 occasions I’ve had people push in and then got their stuff mixed up with mine whilst I had a screaming baby. I’ve since been asked on the 3rd time and I snapped “NO” “don’t push in”. They were quite scared of me after that and I was like the ALDI nazi!

    I must say that I shop everywhere now, and I seem to save a lot bc Coles and Woolworths always have great specials and so does my local meat wholesaler.

    Mix it up, I say 🙂


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