The new man in my life

In our house we have ‘The Birthday Fairy’ (she brings you cool birthday pressies), The ‘Take-Away Fairy’ (she takes all the toys we are constantly screaming to be picked up) and then we have our regular phone calls to Santa & The Easter Bunny. These are my tools for survival and without them I would be lost as they help keep things straight in the Tink House and naughty behaviour at bay.

The Birthday Fairy is on speed file from Boxing Day, I love that chick, she has all the power in the world and Master 5 really has “the fear” because after all she’s so tiny she could be anywhere!

But Santa is still the “Top Guy” as he’s responsible for the biggest toy injection of the year, but even at 5 my little guy is still not 110%  convinced he arrives on reindeer’s and is already starting to pick holes in Santa’s ability to watch his every move. Santa’s magic needed some reinforcement this year.

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard about ‘ Elf On A Shelf’.  Just the name had me excited as I am known as quite the “Christmas Elf” myself  and I LOVE everything Christmas! ( I even have a wrapping room…. but that’s a whole other story!)

The idea behind “Elf on a Shelf” is that you adopt a little toy Elf who sits on your shelf (very technical stuff) and he watches your kids every move and reports back to Santa every night – gold!!
The best part is you move the elf every night so he is sitting in a different place each morning. When Master 5 wakes up he can’t wait to find the elf. The festive fellow moving spots each night really adds to the magic and more importantly the power the elf has as it also confirms just like on Big Brother the elf is “always watching”

There is a lovely story book that goes along with the little elf and you can read it to your littlies as the season approaches. You also get to name your elf, ours is fondly known as “Crash” – (Master 5’s & Mr Tink’s favourite TV show is called Crash & Bernstein).

On the first night I caught Master 5 talking to Crash and negotiating  the good deeds he would be doing in return for the toys he wanted – listening to him doing deals with a little doll was hilarious and heart warming as he sounded so official talking to one of Santa’s helpers like the elf was some sort of celebrity  .

So ladies and gents I have new BBF and his name is Crash he is a man who knows how to get things done without saying a word, he requires no feeding and gives me no whingeing – I mean what’s not to love ?

Tis the season to be jolly and thanks to “Crash” the power of Santa  flows stronger than ever in the Tink house.

2 thoughts on “The new man in my life

  1. Tracey Nixon says:

    Yay! I LOVE Pixie-Bella our EOTS! Did you know you can also get a DVD/movie download that goes along with them also? Pixie-Bella also drops in on us throughout the year on special occasions (Easter, birthdays etc)… I can’t wait for her return on December 1! ❤


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