The Baby Name Thief

I was always the little girl who from age 8 liked to pick out her future children’s names. True they did change a lot as I grew older, names like Cherry-Kisses and FiFi ‘ became slightly less desirable and pairing them up with Tink seemed just plain silly!

When I met my husband we used to talk about kids names all the time and our number 1 pick for a girl was always Maddison. We loved the name for years but kept it to mostly to ourselves.
Years passed and I became pregnant, I was so excited to share my pregnancy news with everyone, especially my beauty therapist who had fallen pregnant a month before me.
As we both anxiously waited to find out the sex of our babies we chewed each other’s ears off with baby talk, but most of the conversations were about names. I must have said about 50 times that the name of my future princess was set in stone she would be called Maddison.

As the 9 months passed I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy and her a gorgeous girl. She sent me a lovely picture of her baby but one thing was missing – her name……… “What is her name” I repeatedly asked – not for a second was I thinking anything other than this poor little  baby has no name? How terrible, what were people calling her she, that, it? My head was going round and round in circles. How could they not of named this beautiful baby ?

I took it on as my personal mission to keep checking in to see if she had named the baby as yet, I mean I found it seriously disturbing – “a baby with no name”. But still she kept telling me she hadn’t chosen a name yet, which I felt was a
bit odd as the baby was now a month old.

After checking in weekly to see if we could catch up and with all  my invitations denied I came to hear along the grapevine that her baby’s name was in fact Maddison and she was named at the hospital as soon as she was born ……..    “What the flip, are you kidding me”? I thought. Needless to say I went and found myself a new beauty therapist …

Now fast forward 5 years and hooray I’m pregnant again!! With a girl!!   And after the last “incident aka babynamegate” we decided that we no longer felt attachment to the name Maddison and we would call her London, Jean – (London as I am a British gal and Jean after my favourite English Nanna Jean). After my last “name nicking” fiasco Mr Tink made it clear – “now could you do us all a favour and just not tell anyone”

So for 9 months I kept it secret apart from my close family and  friends and on the day of her birth we were excited to give her the beautiful name London Jean Tink. For months now I’ve had compliments on her name and how rarely you hear it. I have secretly been high fiving myself at how much she suits her beautiful name … (nice one Natty!).

Now I understand that I did not invent the name London but I think for the year 2014 I should own it – (at least in my world anyway). So you can imagine my surprise when an friend of a friend magically just named her baby London! ( funny she had no names picked when I saw her heavily pregnant at the shops!)

Now call me crazy (you certainly would not be a first) but I find myself being quiet snakey about all this (“snakey” as in – annoyed  with a slight hiss). Now again I realise I don’t really know these people, (the name thieves I mean) they are not my besties and I won’t be attending their birthdays or christening etc but they have pinched my baby name and I would like it back please!

I could not believe I was once again victim to the baby name thief ( not a crime according to my neighbour who is a police officer) There are so many other lovely names out there such as Chloe, Ava, Layla or even Maddison! All of them beautiful and not one of them offend me in the slightest – everybody wins!

Do I have the right to be upset or am I being slightly dramatic? Is this a case of the ‘the world does not revolve around moi ?’

On the upside – at this rate my little girl will be able to buy a personalised cup in a gift shop if this trend continues……..

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