Mrs Tink the “People Watcher”

People watching is without a doubt my favourite sport. No training required, you can wear heels and occasionally there is vodka involved!

There is nothing I love more than sitting down with a green tea (or vodka) in hand on the esplanade and having a good old nosy and watching what people are up to. I love watching how strangers interacted with each other, how they communicate ( occasionally I have a little listen in) I like to see what they are wearing but most of all I love watching how couples behave with each other when they are out and about and they don’t know some stare bear is staring at their every move…

I have always really loved taking the time to see what makes people tick, I’ve been doing it as long as I can remember in fact it may explain the comment on my report cards each and every year “Natalie would excel more if she concentrated on her own work and not on what others are doing ” I must say staring at people was always much more interesting than listening to the teacher talking about a Bunsen Burner.

It’s fun and its harmless well most of the time…. I have had a few close calls with people catching me out. My escape technique is to quickly look away or rub my chin on my shoulder. Pretending that my itchy chin was the reason I was staring this is done very dramatically to ensure I’m convincing . We all know that my chin was not itchy but at least this way there are no confrontations as they are not 110% sure as to whether I’m nosy or just strange.

Just recently I had a devastatingly awkward moment as I got caught in a complete gaze watching a couple who were having a tiff, the guy honed in on my watching and thought his luck had changed and I was interested in him! He got all excited thinking he was on to a winner as I’d started to daydream mid stare and was really ogling them. He started swaying around like he was a suave stallion grinning from ear to ear which I found really awkward but also hilarious all at once. Out of nervousness I started laughing at him. The whole thing then escalated quickly as he thought it was a flirty giggle and it was “game on”, which then caused his already irate girlfriend to start shooting me filthy looks. I quickly stopped laughing and slid down in my chair embarrassed beyond belief, with nowhere to hide looking like a complete weirdo. So after all that uncomfortableness I’ve decided best to stick with long distance couple watching and only do close range watching when Mr Tink is with me.

Speaking of the hubby, Mr Tink and I have a fun game on our date nights, which takes my sport to whole new level. He picks out a couple’ (now before you start getting images of wife swapping I can assure you we are weirdos – not swingers) and I then give Mr Tink a full profile of who they are and what they are up to.

To give you an example it goes something like this:

His name is Travis he is a doctor and he’s in on a ‘secret date’ with Becky who is Chiropractor. They are work colleagues that are living with a secret relationship that no one at work can ever find out about. (who knew being a chiro could be so saucy!)


Her name is Anne and she’s a teacher and she’s on first date with Herman who is the father of one of her student  (as you can tell I pluck the names straight out the game ‘Guess Who”)

If the couple is walking past us I may have to keep it simple, so the breakdown might go like this – blind date, it’s their first date, he hasn’t taken a breath, she is bored, he is not getting any loving tonight.

I sometimes can get so detailed in my descriptions that I actually start believing them. They are so good that I have considered approaching the couple to find out if I am right, but I feel they might take it the wrong way and I could end up spending the night in the watch house!

People watching may be strange to some but don’t knock it till you try it, who needs to read a romance novel when you can people watch for free it’s like a live reality show wherever you go!

One thing it has shown me is that everyone has something really unique to them and there is always someone in this world for everyone.

Happy “people watching” x

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