Mrs Tink and Victoria Beckham BBF’s Forever

I love the glamorous world of TV, Film and Celebrity. I especially love anything “reality”, the tackier the better!
I have ALL the Real Housewives shows saved ( yes even Miami & Melbourne) on my Foxtel box and I subscribe to 8 different weekly celeb filled magazines, it’s one of my guilty pleasures in life. It’s a break from my life as a mummy & wife and a opportunity to be drawn into the weird and wonderful world of the rich and fabulous ( the not so fabulous are extra entertaining!)

My other guilty pleasure (other than wine, champagne, chocolate & shoe shopping) is reading autobiographies. I LOVE them! Nothing better than snuggling into bed at night to read about sex, drugs & rock n roll. After reading page after page of secrets and celebrity insight my brain decides it can no longer cope with any more affairs and eating disorders, and I fall into deep slumber dreaming of BBQ’s and Cocktails with Posh & Becks with the occasional pop in from Elton and Tori Spelling. Ahhh happy times…

However my late night obsessions have taken on a life of their own of late and crossed into my normal life…every once in a while these storylines have taken over my brain and thoughts and I’ve found myself storytelling. Telling amazing stories about a “friend”  and while all the stories are true, they have one technical fault …… I just don’t  know the people they are about!

Recently I was catching up with a girlfriend who is going through some legal issues and I started to chime in about my ‘friend’ who is having a tough time with fraud charges….. Only to realise mid-sentence my “friend” was actually “Teresa” from the Real Housewives of New Jersey!  My real girlfriend was so impressed that I knew what I was talking  about, that I didn’t want to disillusion her so I continued on. I know she does not watch the Real Housewives … so I just ran it like it was my own.

While pregnant with Miss 6 months I had a check up with my Obstetrician who advised that I needed some bed rest, I was quick to tell him about another pregnant ‘friend’ of mine who had also been on bed rest…… after chatting his ear off about my “friend” it occurred to me the person I was talking about was in fact Tori Spelling, but I chose to leave that valuable nugget of information out of my story. And I rested up channelling my inner Tori as I did so.

The silly part is I don’t mean to do it – it just happens. I start chatting away only to realise that behind my passionate banter is a dramatic storyline from something I’ve been watching or reading.

Now my real celebrity obsession is Victoria Beckam. She doesn’t even know it yet but her and I are one day going to be best friends! One lazy Sunday night I  was watching a show on the Beckam’s lives with Mr Tink and I turned into hissing, swearing defensive crazy person when he dare tease my lifelong friend Victoria Beckam. Mr Tink made a comment about how Victoria has nannies for all her kids and only spends time with them  when the cameras are rolling. “Well” within seconds I was going hell for leather defending my BBF and her busy life as a working mother. Yes I took to the mat to defend “My Posh” because after all us working  mums and best friends need to watch each other’s backs! Mr Tink slid back in his seat with an upside down smile and said “babe you know you  don’t actually know her, don’t you”?

Well … technically these ladies aren’t my friends … but as long as I have TV and Magazines they will always be my secret BBF’s and on that note I’m off it’s nearly 8pm and tonight I’m having a wine with Carrie,Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte x

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