Day 9 Mrs Tink’s 24 days of Christmas Giveaways


It’s day 9 of Mrs Tink’s 24 Days of Christmas Giveaways, I can’t believe it’s been 9 days already!

It’s Christmas everyday and each of you have made it onto the ‘nice’ list this year.


Today’s prize is from the beautiful team at Glamour Accessories. With Christmas Party Season upon us it’s the perfect accessory to wear to your next ‘do’

Glamour Accessories are known for there beautiful and unique pieces, they have a stylish range of jewellery & accessories to suit any budget.
With a wide selection of latest trends to the more classic styles Glamour Accessories have it all!

Today’s prize is a beautiful necklace called MALA from the LOVELY collection

For a chance to WIN all you need to do is answer this question

What is your favourite Christmas Dessert ?

You have until 11am Wednesday to enter. We will choose our favourite answer and announce at 12pm and post both on here, Instagram and also the Mrs Tink Facebook Page.

Winners have 24hrs to make contact with me via email to claim their prize.

All entrants must be Australian Residents.

Please feel free to share with your friends and family after all tis the season to be jolly and the more the merrier!

Enjoy lovelies

Merry Christmas

Mrs Tink x

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13 thoughts on “Day 9 Mrs Tink’s 24 days of Christmas Giveaways

  1. Sue Bolton says:

    Our desserts are all about memories of Grandparents – my youngest always replicates Nana’s cheesecake and I always try to perfect my mothers pavlova and trifle. I gave up on trying to make the plum pudding the same – it never was quite the same and used to make me tear up!

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  2. Alicia says:

    My favourite Christmas dessert is cheesecake with custard. My sister has mastered the art of cheesecake and I always look forward to catching up with my whole family whilst all enjoying this delicious dessert.

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  3. Nikki Stacey says:

    My favorite is a layered ice cream terrine. I make it myself so I can fill it with all my favorite things.
    1st layer – chocolate/hazelnut and toffee chips
    2nd layer – vanilla/mixed fruit soaked in sweet sherry
    3rd layer – raspberries/white chocolate chips
    I make one for xmas day and one to snack on@

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  4. Tracy D says:

    When I was little my family used to make Christmas cake with coins wrapped in silver foil hidden all through the cake. It was so nice & fun for all the kids to find the treasure.

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  5. Wendy Miller says:

    I like to have a little bit of everything…. homemade of course. Crisp Pavlova topped with rich home made egg custard, fresh berries and cream, rich plum pudding with Brandy Sauce and custard, and my favourite home made ginger and honey cheesecake (philly cheese website) topped with fine home made toffee and cream. Sounds naughty but a little bit of each in moderation. xo


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