Day 20 of Mrs Tink’s 24 Days of Christmas



It’s day 20 of Mrs Tink’s 24 Days of Christmas Giveaways.
It’s Christmas everyday and each of you have made it onto the ‘nice’ list this year.

Today we have a prize from BioRestore that you won’t to miss out on ladies and gents let me introduce you to HeadsUp. All you will need to beat the party season headaches.
BioRestore Pty Ltd is a proudly Australian owned company providing supplementary health products which target detoxification, leading to the restoration and enhancement of a persons health and wellbeing. HeadsUp – For the symptomatic relief of hangovers is natural and your next best friend when you are thinking of having a few drinks.

To WIN your own survival pack of HeadsUp valued at $100 all you need to do is finish this sentence :

Christmas is the time for….

You have until 11am Sunday to enter. We will choose our favourite answer and announce a winner at 12pm and post both on here, Instagram and also the Mrs Tink Facebook Page.

Winners have 24hrs to make contact with me via email to claim their prize.

All entrants must be Australian Residents.

Please feel free to share with your friends and family after all tis the season to be jolly and the more the merrier!

Enjoy lovelies

Merry Christmas

Mrs Tink x

Ps if you LOVE the Mrs Tink blogs and giveaways don’t keep it a secret share our page with your friends and find us on Facebook and Instagram

Good luck x

Don’t Let The Morning Spoil Your Night!

Hangovers are NASTY!

BioRestore™ Pty Ltd (Melbourne, Victoria) has developed an innovative solution for the dreaded Hangover. Did you know, to relieve hangovers in the Philippines you would eat a fertilised duck embryo, in Sicily you would chow down on a dried bull’s member and if in Mongolia, eyeball of sheep is the treatment?

‘HeadsUp™’ is far EASIER, 100% natural, proudly Australian Made, listed with the TGA (Aust L #214271) and there are no animal parts involved. ‘HeadsUp™’ prevents hangovers through a unique blend of detoxifying plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, with optimum results gained by taking the four (4) tablets before bed after con suming alcohol. Feel the difference in the morning, then you be the judge.

BioRestore’s secret ‘HeadsUp™’ formula targets detoxification and the maintenance of a persons health and wellbeing, addressing the over burdened, toxic system produced by the consumption of alcohol. When you drink alcohol, toxins like Acetaldehyde are produced, which can be blamed in part for hangover symptoms such as headache, nausea and grogginess. Other ‘hangover products’ on the market mask the symptoms of hangover; whereas ‘HeadsUp™’ supports the body’s natural elimination of hangover-producing toxins from your system.

So, if you prefer to avoid feeling like you’ve gone bungee jumping without the rope the next morning, visit our website and stock up on ‘HeadsUp™’ today. Single pack $9.95, six packs for $49.75 or, for the expert partygoers, 12 packs for $99.50.

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