Hello 2015 I love you already! Lots of Love Mrs Tink x

Today is the 2nd last day of my holidays and I have been lucky enough to get exactly what I needed from them.
For those of you that don’t know I have a national publication and also a handful of real estate and marketing websites.
Speaking and working with people from all walks of life is what I do best, but after 11 months of the year I am burnt out and I really need to make my holidays count – as I am sure most of you do too.

Being the control freak that I am I have to make lists for everything at work to ensure I get things done, so why not do the same for the holidays?

My Holiday List

Spend lots of one on one time with Master 5 and take him to the Gold Coast for a special two day, overnight theme park extravaganza.

Wean Miss 7 months off the boob

Date nights with Mr Tink

Enjoy some good champagne not watching the clock (breastfeeding mummy’s will understand that one)

Get Miss 7 months to start sleeping through (so mummy can too)

Get Master 5 ready for Prep and settle Miss 7 months into family daycare

See at least one movie

Get my fitness and health back on track after baby and breastfeeding

Re connect with girlfriends with I’ve not seen all year

Some pamper time

And finally get around to going into the bank and having pin numbers put on my credit cards (to stop the stupid looks I get when I ask “can I still sign”?

Well after almost 5 weeks off I’ve ticked off all the boxes and more! and I feel like a brand new woman. 2014 was a big year for me emotionally,
physically and mentally and I needed that break to be fresh and start again so BIG thank you for your support and interaction during my downtime from blogs… I’m back baby! I will have lots more blogs to share in 2015 xx


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