Honey a belt sander you shouldn’t have…… Really!

Now ladies let’s talk …

I had a girlfriend visit recently for a few post Christmas champagnes and after a few bubbles she let a big squeal – ‘ wow, I love your necklace! Did you get that for Christmas ?’ As she admired my new beautiful gold belcher necklace she said “how on earth did you get so lucky with Mr Tink”? “He has got such great taste my husband would never have known to pick out something so beautiful for me”.

The answer is very simple ladies – and I’m happy to share it’s a special thing called – H.O.T or the long version Husband Occassion Training.

Huh I hear you say, what the devil is that ? Well allow me to further explain….

I know “it’s the thought that counts”, it’s not about how much money he spends. Christmas is all about children, family and friends. I truly believe all of that and I absolutely love giving presents to all of my loved ones. However it is not an accident that I received my beautiful necklace for Christmas and my friend opened a vegetable cutting gadget of some kind. Some women are just as happy with
smiles and laughter for Christmas or their birthday and to them I raise my glass of bubbles – and those ladies need not bother to keep reading. But if you do have a good man – don’t set him up for a fall – explore H.O.T a little further.

I have to say I do giggle when I see the latest gumtree advert where the lady un-wraps a belt sander…. The advert rings very true for quite a few ladies, in fact during my early days with Mr Tink I was one of them! For our first Christmas together I was lucky enough to receive a decorative ceramic neon fish from the tobacco shop. True I loved
that fish more than anything because it was from him but it was really ‘interesting’ to open and boggled my mind on how he decided ‘ yes, she will love this!’
Now I keep the fish where I can see it every day to remind me of all the good work I have put in converting Mr Tink from a last minute, unthoughtful, fish buying, “clueless wonder” into a first class, forward planning, pay off slowly, present buying champion who keeps getting better and better.

How did I do it?

The answer is simple “H.O.T”.

Nothing drives me crazier than when I hear my girlfriends say ‘ I want him to choose’. A few Christmases ago a good friend of mine received crutch less knickers and a garden gnome. When she told me I cringed but I didn’t get mad at her husband- he is a nice guy but like most men he just has no idea. So some help is needed via gentle persuasion.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner you need to get started. Now we all know for many men this is the forgotten holiday, unless of course you’ve just met and are in the dating faze. So how should you start to use H.O.T ?

In general conversation bring up Valentine’s day and mention as a new year’s resolution you would like to make this year’s very special – get him thinking about it. Then leave it alone for a few days.

Then bring it up again and ask him would he like a present for Valentine’s Day this year. Then leave it alone.

Next time you are at the shops point something out that he might like as a present. Then leave it alone.

You can see where I am going with this – slow and steady and make him realise that it is about him too (no one likes the gimme girl) his ideas on Valentine’s Day should slowly change.

When it comes to your gift ideas – start small and work your way up.
Casually point things out now – then as time gets closer start circling things in catalogues. I see “men” running around like headless chooks just before Valentine’s Day and Christmas Day and it is simply not their fault. H.O.T is the key ladies, just like
learning anything – it takes time and patience and persistence.

If none of this ends up working for you simply go for the easy option and that is to give him “clear cut” options for him to choose from – write it down for Christ sake – but make it so easy he can’t get it
wrong. If you are clever and don’t get greedy – over time he will just ask for a list and he will learn how to buy for you – goodbye vegetable peeler hello Chanel No5!

To those of you opening crutch less nickers and garden gnomes I hope this has helped you. Remember I was once one of you and it has taken
me 14 years to get where I am now … but it was worth it !

Happy H.O.T xx

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