Today … in fact right now – I am doing something I have never done before “Oil pulling”!
Now before you start thinking filthy thoughts as my very excited husband did when I mentioned Oil Pulling – (he is still sulking even now), Oil pulling is the ancient art of oil therapy using oil to cleanse your pallet and body of toxins and germs.

Basically you take a mouthful of coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes.
Sounds easy but as the minutes tick over the oil gets thicker and thicker and the minutes seems to take hours as your mind fills with thoughts of the germs and toxins desperately trying escape down your throat. Sounds terrible but I’ve been told I will feel great after and my teeth will shine brighter than a Colgate smile.

So why am I’m doing this?

I am chasing the dream of “vitality” in 2015 through unusual natural remedies and diet change.

At the end of my holidays I looked in the mirror and didn’t feel like myself anymore. The old body has simply not bounced back after Miss 7 months the way it did after Master 5. Not to mention all the naughty food, countless bottles of champers, holiday chocolates and cocktails that the devil himself gave me for Christmas. No regrets and it was fun while it lasted but what goes up must come down.

So I made a promise to myself that 2015 would be about getting my health and wellness in check. I’ve been in mum jeans for too long and after almost 8 months it’s time Mumma got her groove back!
So from the 1st for Jan I started exploring all I could in the realm of health and wellness. Exploring new and fun ways to train and exercise.
I’ve started back with my personal training and also started training with a Mixed Martial Arts trainer which is fun and has me sweating up a storm but
you need extra energy to train harder and as I am not a huge supplement person I am looking for natural (and sometimes weird, wonderful and occasionally crazy) ways to improve my health and energy levels.

Hello #mrstinksprojectgetfit2015

So what have been doing ?

Firstly lots of protein, and simply trying to eat as clean as possible. Now I’m no angel I am a firm believer in enjoying life and I LOVE my food so I’m following the 80/20 rule and so far pretty easy.

Juicing. I’m the juice queen I’m juicing everything and coming up with some great combos most either look like blood or swamp water but they
do taste good despite the texture.

I’ve have had no choice but to become friends with Protein Powder again and of course our home has never smelt so bad. I’m now the biggest farter
in the house, its lucky that we find farts funny especially when mummy who is usually a prude is doing them.

I’m on the bottle day & night …”water bottle” that is! I am peeing like a racehorse from the litres of water I am drinking. It seems every time I get into a grove at work I have to stop and race to the
toilet (taking small fast steps). But I am told it is worth it and the constant urge will pass…. I hope so because I’m considering a bucket to keep near my desk..

Green Tea, now anyone who knows me knows this is an easy one as I love my tea but I also love my morning cappuccino although I think I’m starting to retrain my brain that green tea is an acceptable early morning drink.

Lots of lemon. My new love is starting my day with some lemon in hot water. Great for the digestion and such a nice fresh way to start my day.

No more bread. This is a sad one for me “I LOVE” my bread and could easy live on just it alone, but I am told it is the devil and must be outcast ( a slight over exaggeration but it sold me) and just within a few days I felt better and have discovered Mountain Bread which a great substitute.

Apple cider vinegar is the yuckiest taste known to mankind … but I am making myself drink it. Apparently it helps the digestion and general
wellbeing. Although I squirm and wink one eye as I drink it I must say I’m feeling really really good from this despite it tasting like acid!

I’ve cut down my beloved champagne nights to only one night week and only 3 glasses instead of the whole bottle (except for my girls night,
I’m pretty sure I drank the bar dry). This change has been surprisingly good and I’m feeling great and it gives me something to look forward to at the end of the week.

And just to give me a nudge in the right direction I’ve also taken before photos and these confirmed now is the time, I will share these with you as the journey continues and I’m making progress.

So 2015 is my year of getting my groove back. I’m not alone in my healthy lifestyle venture my lovely husband Mr Tink has also joined me. I am finding that going through some of these torturous tasting
health remedies is a lot easier when we have to do it together. We try to make it a game of who will go first and tease the other as they squirm but he’s a good sport and has tried all the crazy things I’ve
put in front of him.

So if you have any secret potions or health remedies please share them I’m excited to try anything well nearly anything if it sounds truly
disgusting I will have Mr Tink try first!

Watch this space new me coming soon xx

4 thoughts on “#mrstinksprojectgetfit2015

  1. Kylie says:

    Nice work natty!! Wish I had your determination 🙂 I’ll be sure to pass on any weirdness as it comes across me – which is more often than not these days 😉 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Judy Hicks says:

      Great work Nat!! I am doing exactly the same things as you!! Oil pulling, apple cider vinegar, green tea (I haven’t had a coffee in days!), clean eating, lemon water, but I’m not taking protein powder/shakes (there are enough fart smells in this house without me adding to it! Haha!). Keep up the great work!! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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