The “Boobie” Prize

Since the beginning of the Mrs Tink Blog I have struggled with the two different sides to my personality. “Natty One” – she overshares without really putting too much thought into how things are going to be perceived she is cheeky, raw with a dash of nuts. That side of me feels the most natural and one of the main reason I started these blogs – other people seem to like her too despite the sometimes cringe worthy things that pop out of her mouth.

Then I have also “Natty Two”. I am sure that most of us have both an inside and outside personality. “Natty Two” remembers how things have played out in the past and adjusts herself accordingly. She’s more censored, swears less and in general she’s more G rated. She keeps “Natty One” in check to avoid past embarrassments happening again.

My biggest problem is “Natty One” is slightly stronger than “Natty Two” and when they are both fighting for the front seat, sometimes “Natty One” wins when clearly it should be “Natty Two’s” turn. Today’s blog has been written by “Natty One” but I am nervous that “Natty Two” should have written it. Time will tell I suppose … “Natty One” is more fun anyway!

So today I thought I’d share something ” BIG” that is happening in my world or should I say in my bra…. Yes that’s right I said bra…, I’ve decided it’s time to having my boobies done! (Oh dear poor Natty Two is blushing right about now.)

After non stop pumping milk for the first 6 months of Master 5’s life and then again with my breastfeeding champ Miss 8 months my boobs have finished their tour of duty and are now mine to do with as I please. They’ve been inflated, deflated, bitten, stretched,scratched and pulled. So what I’ve been left with is not so great. I’m left with less than I started with and my girls are looking more like flat pancakes these days. Now don’t get me wrong I am truly grateful for their service to my children but it is now their time to shine as a confidence boosting addition to my body.

Now before you start getting visions of Pammy or Anna Nicole I can assure you I’m hoping to look more Gisele than Pammy. I think Mr Tink words some it up best, I am going for ‘fit pups’ not ‘chest cannons’. I explained what I want to my surgeon using these terms – he did not quite understand or find funny …( needed Natty Two on that day!)

For the last 10 years I’ve always known I would get them done when the time was right. I am excited and nervous at the same time.
I have carefully researched and found the surgeon I want and I am counting down the weeks until I will be able to go from a training bra to a ‘big girl’ bra!

Most of all though I am excited and proud to be doing this for me and I am also proud of my decision to blog about it despite wondering if it was appropriate and too much sharing. I know I am going to be “walking on sunshine” when they are done and in my opinion every woman should do everything in her power to walk on as much sunshine as possible.

Watch this space! x

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