Mrs Tink Loves The Market Basket Co.

I love Valentines Day, ever since I was a little girl I loved the idea of a secret admirer surprising you on a day declared for romance. Then when I fell in love with Mr Tink Valentine’s Day took new meaning it was a day that I planned and thought about in detail as soon as we started the New Year.
One of my favourite things to do in life is to surprise those that I love and give them thoughtful gifts, so it made sense to get together with some beautiful companies and shower YOU in gifts….. Sound good? I thought so too!

Today’s Giveaway is from a fabulous company called The Market Basket Co.
I had the pleasure of also reviewing one of their beautiful baskets. When my parcel arrived I was delighted to find the name of my beautiful pink basket was Marilyn… What’s not to love about that ? Being a huge Marilyn Monroe fan I knew Maz and I were going to have a great friendship.


Now until Marilyn’s arrival I was using a old paper carton to drag all my must haves for the day back and forth from home to office, until today that is. Today I wowed my team with my new accessory from The Market Basket Co looking less bag lady and more chic and organised.
The capacity of holding space is truly remarkable and the design is very urban chic and something you would expect to carry gracing the farmers markets in New York or Paris.

Now if your sitting there staring a ratty old shopping bag or worn paper carton you’ll be extremely excited to know I have a beautiful basket to giveaway and her name is Roxy and she is valued at $56

To win all you need to do is simply tell us a short story about your favourite Valentines Day. Our judges will choose our favourite answer an announce a winner on Friday the 13th at 5pm.

To find out more about The Market Basket Co. go to :

Facebook –

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Whatever your style, The Market Basket Co. has a basket to suit you. Eco friendly and incredibly long-lasting, these baskets are great for more than trips to your favourite farmers markets. They’re ideal for storing blankets and towels for guests or filled with gifts for a special occasion! Available in a variety of colours and handle lengths, visit their store online to see the entire range.


6 thoughts on “Mrs Tink Loves The Market Basket Co.

  1. Heidi Milu says:

    My favourite Valentines day was my first Valentines day as a florist… Anyone who is it has worked as a florist knows exactly how much time and effort and late nights go into preparing a busy store for the loved up day.

    Valentines day took a new meaning for me that year. As I experienced a whole knew level of giving.

    Just spending all those hours pouring my energy into 100’s of handmade bouquets over the week leading up to the special day- was all worth it to help akward loved up men with no idea choose the right gift for their ladies, the thrill when they chose something I made to give to their beloved knowing that they have put so much thought into the gift and that bouquet that I made was going to make someone so happy.

    I helped with two proposals that day, I also helped a 85year old man choose the perfect bunch for his wife of 65years.. And not to mention the countless amount of star crossed lovers I came across that day.

    The energy pumping through my sleep deprived veins was incredible I was so loved up helping others that by the time I got home I was not expecting to walk into a candle lit home dozens of roses and a home cooked meal from my husband to be (now my husband) I was so overwhelmed and touched that he had snuck into my store after working out the right time to come in with my colleagues when I was eating my lunch, just to choose the perfect gift for me!!! I was so busy helping others that I was so touched that Matty had gone through that much effort for me completely blew me away!

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  2. Camas Colnan says:

    My favourite Valentine’s Day was the first year I started dating my husband. To begin with, he bought a beautiful rose into work with a present neatly boxed and inside was a beautiful bra and pants set. Later that evening he took me out for dinner at a lovely Tibetan restaurant to which he complimented me all night and even stole one of the ‘loveheart sashes’ that was draped over our chairs (cheap fabric decoration for Valentine’s Day).

    I still have the sash and rose 10 years later. He is the love of my life.

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  3. sharyn w says:

    my hubby is my soulmate, my rock and I love him so much – we have never bought presents for valentines day (as with money being tight we celebrate other ways) – about one year after we first started going it, he gave me the most special valentines day. I had been going through a rough time (learning to live with an autoimmune condition that i had been diagnosed with a few months earlier) so hubby wanted to make it very special for me. I came home from work and he had prepared the most divine 3 course dinner (he is a great cook) and he had decorated the house with lots of positive words/affirmations/love letters/things to make me smile to help me through my rough patch (ie. it was like a treasure hunt finding all the little notes and weeks later i would find one that was in a drawer or somewhere else lol) . After dinner he gave me the most wonderful long massage, with relaxing meditation music playing in the background.

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  4. Angela Walmsley says:

    Reading these other replies I realise I have seriously missed out on valentines day!! I have never never had anything like these seriously romantic things happen to me.
    My husband has occasionly brought home some flowers and a magazine from the petrol station if he happens to stop that day but no dinners out or even home cooked meals!!
    So my best valentines day ever would have to be 2013 when my much wanted and much loved son was born! He was 3 weeks early so caught us all out although my elder daughters brought their homemade valentines craft up to the hospital for me 🙂
    Last year valentines day didn’t get a look in as it was all about 1st birthdays… So I’m very interested to see what happens this year!!

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  5. sunchicka says:

    My favorite Valentine’s day was when I was younger our Valentine’s day was like Christmas we spent time with our loved ones and exchanged heartfelt gifts. It was all about family and just enjoying time spent with each other.

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  6. Sue says:

    My favorite Valentines Day is every day I spend with my loved ones – husband, family and friends. Life is too short to wait for special days to say you love someone – say it every day❤️ Ps. Just add in an extra love squeeze on Feb 14 ❤️

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