Mrs Tink Loves Scentcillo

I love Valentines Day, ever since I was a little girl I loved the idea of a secret admirer surprising you on a day declared for romance. Then when I fell in love with Mr Tink Valentine’s Day took new meaning it was a day that I planned and thought about in detail as soon as we started the New Year.
One of my favourite things to do in life is to surprise those that I love and give them thoughtful gifts, so it made sense to get together with some beautiful companies and shower YOU in gifts….. Sound good? I thought so too!

Tonight I have some lovely oils from the beautiful team at Scentcillo, and after having the opportunity to try these oils myself I can tell you with a big smile on my face they are the ultimate present for Valentines Day either for your partner or better yet for you!
Their oils smell nothing short of amazing and have a way of instantly making you feel great. I’ve been burning these gorgeous oils non stop for the last few weeks and each oil brings with it a new mood and scent.

Their 5 essential oil blends include:
Oracle – mystical and meditative great for after a big day. I found this one very calming

Shaman – uplifting and dynamic
great for the mornings this was the oil I burnt in the kitchen

Tango – romantic and sensual
this one I’ve been keeping for Valentines Day night to use in massage oil – woo woo!

Starlet- feminine and enticing
such a girly fragrant I burnt this in my bedroom this was my favourite!

Greek Island – timeless and tranquil
I burnt this oil while I had a long soak in the tub and it was devine!

To use in your oil burner you only need a few drops, and this keeps the burner going for approx 2hrs, I used my electric burner and found even after hours of turning it off the gorgeous scents still linger.

If you too would like bring some of these gorgeous scents into your home you could be lucky to win a set of 5 valued at $105
To enter tonight’s giveaway all you need to do is answer this easy question : Who was your first love ?
The judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on Saturday the 14th of February at 5pm. Good luck x


Scentcillo is a boutique online business that makes essential oil blends for ambient scenting, with an emphasis on the use of scent as a styling and designing tool.

Stimulate your olfactory sense, enliven and decorate your space with the fragrance of these beautiful aromatic oil burner blends. Scentcillo hand blended oils are available in 5 aromas : Oracle, Starlet, Tango, Shaman and Greek Island.drawing their inspiration from our world’s culture, the various aromas evoking a mood, memory or the spirit associated with it – in essence an olfactory journey transporting you to a particular time or place.
Use scent as a language to create and communicate your own story, let it give meaning and purpose to your space.

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8 thoughts on “Mrs Tink Loves Scentcillo

  1. Kylie says:

    I love love love this prize mrs tink!! So excited that my wifi is now connected so I can enter 🙂
    My first love was my one of best friends. We grew up with them as our parents were best friends for years before we were born. Granted, I was only 7 when we decided to carve our names in a tree on their property (inside a love heart no less!) but we have remained friends for 36 years and attempted to rekindle not so long ago… Wasn’t a fairytale ending but he will forever be in my life 🙂


  2. Nicole C says:

    My first love was a boy I met when I was 14, roller skating. We were together for a year and a half and he and I are still friends. We shared every spare moment together, with each other’s families. I spent a lot of time watching him bodyboard in the surf.
    We thought that we’d be each other’s forever but as we grew older, we both changed, but that was okay because we are both now married to different people and happy in our worlds and I wouldn’t want anything else for him other than to be happy 😊 and I’m sure he’d be the same for me.

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  3. Tennille Dumbell says:

    My first love was my dad … the gentle love a father has for his daughter is one I will never forget. Even at 31 years old, I am still daddy’s little girl, talking everyday and sharing our life with him. It’s also very fitting that my first loved walked me down the aisle to marry my next love.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rach A says:

    My first love was a boy in my primary school! We only held hands and etched our initials on the primary school “love tree” which meant things were going pretty steady LOL!! Needless to say that “steady ” romance lasted a few weeks! My sister found my special photo portrait I had of him hidden in my diary spilled the goss to my dad and We all still get a laugh and a tease about the little freckle face boy from grade 4 to this day! Now married (not to my first love) with #2 due very soon!!

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  5. Claire F says:

    My first true love is now my husband of 22 years. We were high school sweethearts and despite our differences in cultures and backgrounds we made our relationship work. We are blissfully married and I still have all our love letters we wrote to each other all those years ago.


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