More Love month Love from Mrs Tink and Jeanne Arthes

I love Valentines Day, ever since I was a little girl I loved the idea of a secret admirer surprising you on a day declared for romance. Then when I fell in love with Mr Tink Valentine’s Day took new meaning it was a day that I planned and thought about in detail as soon as we started the New Year.
One of my favourite things to do in life is to surprise those that I love and give them thoughtful gifts, so it made sense to get together with some beautiful companies and shower YOU in gifts….. Sound good? I thought so too!

Today’s prize is from Jeanne Arthes Perfume.

Globally-renowned Jeanne Arthes perfumes are now available in Australia. Despite the low price point they are in fact Eau de Parfum rather than Eau de Toilette, and this distinction makes them a highly desirable addition to any bathroom collection.
Be prepared for the release of an inner seductress, true romantic, or even a woman’s sweet side after just one touch. The perfumes have a beautiful and lasting quality that reflects their French origins.
The perfume brand is being launched as 5 separate collections all based under the “Love You Madly” umbrella. Each collection has been formulated to inspire an empowering attitude from within, featuring 2-4 fragrances that represent the true character of the set both through their respective scents and packaging that is simply to die for.
Fragrances range between RRP $14.95 and RRP $19.95 each, and are available from selected pharmacies throughout Australia.

All products of Jeanne Arthes are made in Grasse, France – the worldwide capital of fragrance, an area known as the “cradle of perfume”. Jeanne Arthes is part of a rare group of companies specialized in perfumery, which orchestrates the life of a perfume from the concept to the finished product, assuring its distribution and promotion success.

Jeanne Arthes launches a dozen new fragrance lines each year, in over one hundred countries, and has the daily capacity of 100 000 perfume bottles in its factory. Jeanne Arthes creates must-have products for every type of woman, at a highly affordable price.

Today I have 2 beautiful perfumes to giveaway. 1 lucky reader will win a Amore Mio gift pack and another will win the gorgeous Love Generation 60ml fragrance. To enter all you need to do is simply answer: It you were a Valentine’s Day Fragrance what would your name be ?
Our judges will choose our favourite answers and announce 2 winners tomorrow at 5pm.
Good luck! x

5 thoughts on “More Love month Love from Mrs Tink and Jeanne Arthes

  1. Sue says:

    It would have to be my motto in life :-
    Vive Bene, Spesso L’Amore, Di Risata Molto
    which means
    live well, love much, Laugh often.
    Looks and sounds so match more romantic in Italian ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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