Mrs Tink Loves MiddleTree Soy Candles


I love Valentines Day, ever since I was a little girl I loved the idea of a secret admirer surprising you on a day declared for romance. Then when I fell in love with Mr Tink Valentine’s Day took new meaning it was a day that I planned and thought about in detail as soon as we started the New Year.
One of my favourite things to do in life is to surprise those that I love and give them thoughtful gifts, so it made sense to get together with some beautiful companies and shower YOU in gifts….. Sound good? I thought so too!

It’s no secret I’m a girly girl I love my diamonds,shoes,nail polish,tea cups, anything pink and I’m obsessed with candles! Nothing makes me smile more than lighting a beautiful candle while I clean the house, have a shower or have a romantic dinner with Mr Tink.
Candles set the mood but they can also change it, if I’m ever stressed in the office out comes the candles to find my inner zen and it’s amazing how quickly the mood changes. A few years ago I was introduced to soy candles and I’ve never looked back, they burn a lot smoother than wax candles and seem to last a lot longer with no wastage. A few weeks ago I was lucky to join forces with a beautiful company called MiddleTree and let me tell you they have the most beautiful soy candles I have ever tried!

MiddleTree sent me the very sensual Champagne & Sweet Strawberry 150g candle to review and as soon as I opened the box I was in love.
The smell drifting out of the box can only be described as delicious, and while I had full intentions of saving until Valentines Day to light it I just couldn’t wait! I lit that baby there and then, and soaked in the beautiful scent.

If I’m honest I was skeptical that my 150g would burn 30hours as I have candles double the size that burn for 40hrs however I can honestly say after 7 hours of burning the candle looks untouched.


One of the other beautiful effects of my candle is the scent it leaves even hours after I’ve stopped burning it, my house has never smelt so good!

The good news is you too can have your home smelling this good and all you have to do is enter today’s competition by answering this very easy question : what are your favourite Valentine’s Day flowers ? Easy!
Our judges will choose our favourite answer and announce a winner on Monday the 16th of February. Good Luck x


Middletree’s candles, tea lights and melts use lead free wicks and 100% premium soy wax. They are hand poured and crafted on the NSW Central Coast and the extensive range of scents will ensure there’s a fragrance you’re sure to love. View the entire collection online.





9 thoughts on “Mrs Tink Loves MiddleTree Soy Candles

  1. Tennille Dumbell says:

    Anything chosen by my hubby but I love love tulips … pink and orange ones to be exact. If he remembers them, it means he paid attention at our wedding, even if it was 10 years ago!!

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  2. Cassie mawson says:

    Upon arrival home from a 3 day work conference my hubby had the house clean as a whistle with candles a light in every room and a bunch of red roses and white lillies – hands down my favorite ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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