Mrs Tink gains two new ‘breasties’


The 1st of April is known for Aprils Fools jokes and pranks, however from now on in the Tink house it will be a celebration of lovely new bosoms. 

Yes that’s right bosoms or as some of you may call them boobs, boobies, tits or ta ta’s!

Just few weeks ago I ticked off a very big goal on my dream board. After 10 years of researching, thinking and wearing padded bras I took the plunge and made the decision to do something for me. I always felt sad that I was overlooked by the boob fairy but now I think – who needs her” … I make the decisions for me and the boob fairy kiss my new cans!

I counted down each day on the calendar in the 4 weeks that led up to my surgery with mixed feelings of excitement and also anxiety. Some nights I lie awake worried and feeling sick about having the anesthetic and not waking up. I went from being excited that my dreams were coming true to terrified by thoughts of the unknown. But through all my crazy thoughts I knew I was doing the right thing and it would do wonders for my confidence … and it has.

After seeing me a few days before the big day my surgeon agreed to give me a sedative to take 2 hours before surgery to calm my nerves and chill me out. He could clearly see that I was a basket case freaking out at the idea of getting a needle and being put under. After trying on many different shapes and sizes of implants I decided on a medium size 390 cc which for many people is HUGE but as I am an Amazon woman they were perfect and would look very natural or as my husband likes to call them “luscious fit boobs”

On the day of surgery I decided to go into the office to focus on work to take my mind off things. It worked a treat as we were busy and the time flew by. Before I realised it was time for the big drive to Brisbane to and take a leap of faith and meet my ‘girls’.

The drive to Brisbane was like I had been instantly teleported, and in the blink of an eye we were there! No traffic lights, no traffic jams nothing! I was a bag of nerves so quickly popped my sedatives and waited for them to kick in. It was a day of firsts, first surgery and first time taking seditives… It was sure to be interesting ride for all concerned and I was starting to get anxious and feeling faint.

Soon we arrived at the Day Surgery clinic and I suddenly felt very happy and was gliding around like a giddy Disney princess, everything was lovely and all the walls were very pretty. After sitting for a few short minutes the nurse brought me through to register my details and to get me ready for surgery. As we walked through I caught sight of myself in the mirror and could see my eyes bulging out of their sockets just like my husbands did when he first saw my new boobsIn short – I was buzzing off my face! Needless to say the sedatives had worked a treat.

I sat with the nurse who talked to me about the procedure and post op information but all I could focus on was her lovely folder and the way it curved and held all her information in place…. Where could I buy such a folder I wondered? 

The nurse can clearly tell by this point I’m off with the pixies and decides it’s time to get me ready for theatre. Surprisingly I’m no longer nervous and am delighted to go with her. The lovely nurse instructs me to get dressed in a hospital nightie and move to the special waiting area.

So after putting my nightie on back to front with my old boobs and knickers exposed, I somehow ended up getting lost. I run back and forth like a loon trying to find the special waiting room again and after many trips feeling very dazed and confused I finally found the waiting room and was happy to sit down and relax in my docile state. Suddenly one of the other patients looks me up and down and explains that I should not be in this room as it is her office and not infact the waiting room. The kind lady moves me to the waiting room (which was at the other end of the hall) where 10 minutes later the nurse finds me sprawled out on 3 chairs chilling out. ‘I see you’ve had the sedatives love’ she says with a giggle.

We press on to theatre where I’m greeted by the surgeon and we have a brief chat. Then 3 seconds later I’m waking up in recovery. All of the stress and all the worry was over and I’d done it! I’d actually done it! The feeling of waking up knowing it was over was sensational. I felt no pain, just a little bit of tightness and I was starving because I’d fasted all day but otherwise I felt great! 


We drove home that night and although I was a bit drowsy and tender I felt good which was quiet unexpected. I expected to feel like I’d been hit by a bus. My recovery is a credit to my amazing surgeon who used the Brazilian Technique which causes very little blood loss. In fact less than 2ml per side which meant I had no bruising and no drip tubes. I had two small strips of tape on the stitches and that was it, I was bra less and felt very comfortable and floaty for the drive home.

That night I took Panadol Forte to sleep and slept on an incline and surprisingly I slept like a baby.

I kept a little log to track my recovery:

Day 1: I was a bit sore under the arms and tender but able to walk around the house and move.However then at 2pm the glorious anesthetic wore off and suddenly I felt that I needed to sleep and to take it easy. I took panadol every 4hrs for pain relief but if I’m honest I excepted to be in a lot more pain than I was. I kept repeatedly looking at my chest in the mirror still finding it hard to believe I could keep these assets!  

Day 2: Today I was less mobile and sore through my under arm and abs. I felt like I’d done the work out of my life and a bit tight across the chest. I walked around the house but slept for a lot of the day with Panadol every 4 hrs. Can’t wait to shop for a new bikini! 
Day 3: Feeling a bit better still tender and tired but a lot more mobile. Panadol has worked a treat every 4 hours. Tried on all my gym tops and I’m feeling great wish I’d done this years ago.


Day 4: Mr Tink and went out for coffee and to Lorna Jane for some sports bras… I’m now a size 12D!! Still napping a lot throughout the day and on Panadol but feeling great. Did I mention I’m now a 12D ?
Day 5: feeling a lot perkier ( nudge nudge)  still taking Panadol every 4 hours but recovering well and enjoying Easter with the family and too many Easter Eggs. Mr Tink can’t wait to get his hands on my Easter Eggs!

Day 6: Starting to feel like the old me. Less tender and more mobile although I’m extremely sensitive and have been crying at the drop of a hat. Really missing being able to hold Miss 10 months *sniff sniff*
Day 7: Check up in Brisbane with my surgeon and he is very happy with my progress although I’ve developed a rash which looks like I’ve had a reaction to the polyurethane foam used on the outside of the implants. Nothing to be worried about but never the less he warns me to keep an eye on it and call his mobile if it progresses. also got to enjoy seeing the musical “Wicked” without any pain and got to wear a new top I could never of bought before. 

Day 8: I stupidly decided to reach up to a high shelf and hurt myself. Feeling very sore and sorry for myself. Call the doctor who assures me I’ve just overworked the muscle to have some Nurofen and STOP doing things. Stupid shelf feeling very sore and sorry for myself. 

Day 9: I’ve learnt my lesson and am lifting or reaching for nothing…. Except my bell which I’m enjoying ringing to alert Mr Tink I need something. ‘Another tea please babe, and a green smoothie would be dashing – thank you’ … Mr Tink is slowly getting sick of me. 

Day 10: Miss 10 months accidentally cracks me in the nipple and I feel like I’ve been shot! Other than the nipple injury feeling great.  

Day 11: Back in the office today and feeling fab but missing my nanna naps although I did have the best show and tell after the Easter holidays! 

So after having gone through my much dreamt about surgery my conclusion is that everyone is going to be different in terms of the procedure and the recovery process. I do think having a great surgeon and recently having a baby helped me a lot given that my skin was still stretched from breastfeeding. 

can’t put into words how happy having the surgery has made me feel. I feel on top of the world and am so grateful I did this and for my amazing surgeon. I love the new Mrs Tink – I am still the same person as before but more confident and thankful that I made the right choice for me x     




One thought on “Mrs Tink gains two new ‘breasties’

  1. Melissa Kneipp says:

    Loved your blog Nat! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Most importantly though, did you find out where the lovely clipboard came from? 😉 xx


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