Mrs Tink Loves GO2 Oxygen Tonic

When my girls asked me to review Oxygen Tonic I laughed, we need oxygen to breathe yes. And I’ve heard of oxygen facials & oxygen bars for the uber cool Hollywood celebs but oxygen tonic ? I was very curious, and intrigued I mean if it’s good enough for the celebs why not give it a go I thought. 

When my parcel arrived from the team at GO2 Vitality I was keen to try it immediately and see how it worked. The bottle said great for Sport, Exercise, Work, Study, Partying and Morning after. Given that I’d had a few too many vinos the night before, was at work and going to have a PT in my lunch break I thought I was the perfect candidate. I followed the instructions on the back and had my first 10mls of oxygen and my first thought was ‘wow I feel as though I’ve just drunk too much pool water’ which the instructions informed me was quite normal and the oxygen mixed with water does a very chlorine taste to it. Despite the interesting taste I was excited to see how the oxygen worked and within a half hour of taking it I actually felt pretty good and ready to train. I trained extreamly well in the heat which impressed me greatly. When I arrived home I had another top up and breezed through homework and dinner and that night slept really well. I can only credit all of this to the oxygen tonic. It was working! 

A few days later I had a mid week function and had 1 too many champagnes an woke up the next day feeling less than wonderful and with a big day of meetings I was dreading the day ahead and cursing myself for being so naughty. I reached straight for the oxygen and within and hour I felt huge difference. Hangover gone. 

After I had my surgery I started with the oxygen again and without a doubt I feel it gave me more energy but I quickly found the key is consistency the more you have it the better I felt it worked. 

 Now that I was hooked on drinking my tonic I went investigating and found that drinking  the oxygen is just one way to take it. Oxygen is a natural antibacterial which helps with breakouts and pimples. In the evenings after a shower I started spraying it directly onto my face and after using for a week my skin certainly looked a lot more hydrated and fresh. 

So how does it work ?  GO2 is a nutritional liquid that is highly concentrated with bio-available Oxygen – that is, Oxygen that the body can easily absorb and use.   It increases the Oxygen level in the bloodstream to help meet the body’s energy needs. Think about Oxygen as a food – the primary food that allows your body to perform at its best and gives you a great feeling of wellbeing. 

Tonight I’m giving you the opportunity to WIN yoyr own GO2 Oxygen Tonic prize pack valued at $80


To enter all you need to do is simply tell us why you would like to WIN. The judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on 27th of April at 12pm. 

Good Luck x 


Would you like to try some GO2 Oxygen ? As a special Mrs Tink reader the lovely team from GO2 are offering a 10% discount until 30 June by using code MrsTink with online orders. (Please note our products are only available direct from their website not in the shops).

RRP of the products:

GO2 250ml                          $30.00

GO2 1 litre                           $84.00

GO2 oxygen spray              $20.00

GO2 can be used easily any time, anywhere as a healthy alternative to ‘energy’ drinks – and much, much more.  To learn more about GO2 Oxygen Tonic go to: ph: (02) 9899  facebook:  instagram: @go2oxygen


7 thoughts on “Mrs Tink Loves GO2 Oxygen Tonic

  1. Deborah says:

    Life at forty,
    although the title of a movie,
    Relates to me and my life too,
    And I’m looking at the cards I drew,
    My skin needs help, I still get pimples,
    Treating them is never simple,
    This GO2 product sounds just the thing to not only help my skin,
    To aid me in other aspects of my life too,
    My wellbeing in sport, partying, work and drinking,
    To deal those cards is what I’m thinking.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nicole C says:

    Wow!!! I have never heard of this before 😊
    I would love to test it out, to see if it will give me the lift I need, waking up after a big night (with kids lol, no alcohol involved), getting through the day of highly active munschkins (or mini cyclones as I like to lovingly refer to them) and to freshen up my face, which after recent surgery, has decided to act a bit like a teenager and reintroduce me to pimples lol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kiralie allan says:

    Since my hubby got sick 13 yrs ago I always have people telling to look afteryself too. I nod and say I am. But I’m a burn the candle at both ends kinda gal. Always have been. Now I’m studying and busier than ever with my business, ferrying my teen around, just discovered I need glasses and there is something funky with my macula…apparently I’ve not been looking after myself ha!! I need to start on me again and make sure I can keep up with this lot!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Rochelle says:

    Id love love love to try this – as a mum who works part time I really don’t get to spend on myself.. Like ever! I love trying new health and beauty products and def in need for some extra energy as I am always on the go😀

    Liked by 1 person

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