Mrs Tink’s Mother’s Day Love Fest

This weekend is not only about celebrating our Mums, it’s about giving something back to the women in our lives. The women who make our lives better just by being a part of them. So today I’m giving back to YOU!

 Without all of you fabulous women my blog would be very lonely. Each of you bring something different and today we celebrate YOU! Whether you’re a soon to be mum, mummy to little kids, big kids, adult kids, furry kids or fish kids you are all invited to join in the fun and have the chance to win some beautiful prizes. So enjoy the giveaways because you deserve it! x



When I heard Jeanswest was adding Activewear to their collection I was beyond excited! I’m a jeans girl through and through. Jeanswest and I have been long term besties now for many years so to hear that I could be just as comfy when I trained was exciting news. When my parcel arrived from Jeanswest I was pleasantly surprised. I found that, just like their denim collection, the Activewear range had beautiful cuts, great designs and high quality fabric. The fabric is very comfy and easy to wear with a nice slimming fit. Not only are their designs beautiful but they also have a very affordable price tag which beats many other Activewear brands.


For my review I got to wear the Active Curve Embracer legging, the Active Crop Top and the Active drop armhole mesh tank. The crop top was by far the most comfortable and supportive I have ever worn which is especially important since my recent surgery. The leggings are so versatile that I first wore them to the office with a jacket and then changed into my Active tank later in the day before training. I felt like Superman! Unbelievably comfortable and easy to wear, the tank was great to train in as it was light weight and soft against my skin.


The collection features Longline tops with gathered panels for extra coverage and built-in ruched seams, allowing you to choose the length that suits you. Seamless crop tops are always comfortable and versatile – no tearing or rubbing here! Yoga pants and tights are designed to suit all shapes and sizes with high waisted options, fold down waistbands, internal pockets and Jeanswest’s signature ‘Curve Embracer’ fit. Bonded fleece and waterproof soft shell jackets give extra insulation against the cold with a unique stretch quality for greater comfort as well as keeping you warm this winter.


Priced from AUD$29.99-$99.99, the Jeanswest Active Collection is available in sizes XS-XL and in selected stores and online across Australia and New Zealand.

The good news is the lovely team at Jeanswest have given me $100 gift voucher to giveaway to one lucky reader. To enter all you need to do is simply share with your favourite thing about Mothers Day ?  The judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner at 7pm on Monday the 11th of May. Good Luck x


 The Bag Trader

 I’m a bag girl, I LOVE my bags. Whether it be a handbag, a satchel or a clutch I’m seriously addicted! I have rows and rows of shelving just to house my bags – much to the disgust of Mr Tink who complains my bags have more closet space than he does! When The Bag Trader contacted me I squealed with delight. Doing a review on a bag, what could be more fun?



The second I logged on to The Bag Trader website I was overwhelmed with colour, they had all my favourites in every style you could imagine. I felt like a kid in a candy store! So many styles and materials plus a huge range of designs and sizes, they really have something for every occasion. I’ve already made a lovely birthday list… Mr Tink wink wink… (I’m loving both the yellow and the pink nudge nudge).

When my beautiful bag arrived from the team at Bag Trader I was not disappointed, it was even better in person. The material and quality was similar to what you could expect from a top end designer label… and only a few thousand dollars less!

 The bag I was lucky enough to review (let’s not kid ourselves the bag I was going to parade around with) was the Bucket Bag. Like the name suggests a bucket bag can hold everything and I do mean this baby can hold everything! I was surprised at just how much it could hold and still look chic (not like a crazy bag lady). This bag is perfect for mums that carry everything and for people like me that take a bag full of stuff to the office each day. I was in love!


You will be too especially when I tell you that you have the chance to WIN 1 of 3 $50 vouchers to spend online with The Bag Trader! To enter all you need to do is simply share with us your choice of bag from the Bag Trader website and why? The judges will choose their favourite 3 answers and announce winners at 7pm on Monday the 11th of May. Good Luck x!




 Philips Sound ActionFit Earphones 

I recently bought a big pair of earmuff style headphones for my iPod. They looked great but sadly – like earmuffs – they kept my ears so cosy that they sweated more than any other part of me! $100 down the drain and I’m back to earphones that fall out every few steps. 

When the team at Philips Sound gave me the opportunity to try their new ActionFit Earphones I was delighted by the fact I would be singing along to the Spice Girls on my next run.



I loved the clever design not to mention the colour! Perfect for the gym and bright enough that they are easy to find in my gym bag. The clever design wraps around your ear, making them comfortable while keeping them firmly in place. The sound quality was great and they were extremely lightweight.


Are you ready to give your MP3 player or iPhone a makeover? The lovely team at Philips Sound have a set of ActionFit Earphones to giveaway to one lucky reader. To enter all you need to do is simply share with us where you would be wearing your ActionFit Earphones? The judges will choose their favourite answer and announce the winner at 7pm on Monday the 11th of May. Good Luck x 


Mater Baby

When I was in hospital having Master 5, I clearly remember bathing him for the first time. I panicked, thinking that I would in some way hurt his baby skin. He was so fresh and new and being a first time mum I was so frightened I’d break him. My midwife assured me no one had broken a baby yet and as long as I made him feel safe and loved he would be okay. As we bathed him I noticed the beautiful smell of the baby bath lotion she used and how happy my little boy was being pampered and fussed over by the two of us.


The midwife was using baby products from the Mater Hospital, specially formed by midwives for precious new babies. I’m very excited to share them with you today. The Mater Hospital has created some beautiful, gentle products for not only baby’s skin but also mums to be. Their products are extremely affordable with proceeds going directly to the Mater Hospital that cares for women and their babies in their hour of need. The quality of the products are exceptional and both of my little ones have loved them!

  For my review I used the Baby Wash, Baby Moisturiser and Nappy Balm. Just as I remembered the products were a beautiful quality and Miss 10 months loved every second of being pampered. As a mother it’s important to use good quality products on my little one’s delicate skin and I’ve been thrilled with everything I’ve tried – even their nappy range is exceptional.

Would you like to try Mater Baby for your little one? The lovely team at Mater Baby have put together two gorgeous hampers valued at $50 each for me to giveaway to two lucky readers. To enter all you need to do is share with us why you would like to win one of these beautiful hampers? The judges will choose their favourite 2 answers and announce winners at 7pm on Monday the 11th of May. Good Luck x


 Winter is here and so is the wind, hello chapped lips! Unfortunately in winter my lips look more like Mr Squiggle’s than Angelina Jolie’s… Well that was until the fabulous team at Carmex hooked me up!

Carmex are the creators of the most beautiful lip balms. They do a lot more than just gloss, they nourish your sore cracked lips and make them look fab at the same time. Carmex has a huge variety of balms to choose from and have even just released a limited edition leopard print tin balm perfect for winter – roar!

 In the spirit of Mother’s Day, the amazing team at Carmex have put together some gorgeous prize packs so you too can have lovely, soft and kissable lips for winter. For a chance to WIN 1 of 3 Packs simply share with us who you will be kissing with your lovely ‘Carmex-ed’ lips? The judges will choose their favourite 3 answers and announce the winners on Monday the 11th of May at 7pm. Good Luck x



Chicks and Mortar

I’m always a huge supporter of anything that empowers women and allows them to strive forward. So when I heard about a new book written by Katie Marshall called Chicks and Mortar I couldn’t wait to share it with you all.


Chicks and Mortar is a woman’s guide to investing in property. It shows you that women were born to build property empires! This clever book is a property education and support hub for women and provides education, practical resources and ongoing support to women so they have the confidence to build the life they love through property investing.


Would you like to learn more about Property and Investing? I have 3 of these fabulous books to giveaway each signed by the author and valued at $24.95. For a chance to win simply share with us how you will be spending your Mother’s Day? The judges will choose their favourite 3 answers and announce 3 winners on Monday the 11th of May at 7pm. Good Luck x


Purchase from:

Chicks and Mortar Shop-

Email:                 Web:






Belkin WeMo Switch

I have a terrible habit of always leaving my hair straightener on in the morning. I get to work and then have to turn around and drive all the way back so I can turn the blasted thing off – which completely ruins my day! What I find even more frustrating is realising that I had in fact turned it off (which happens about half the time). I drive back to work cursing myself the whole way. It’s a real problem that I am sure some of you have to deal with as well. So when the team from Belkin contacted me with their new WeMo Switch my ears instantly pricked up. Tell me more I begged!


The Belkin WeMo is pure genius and for all of us ‘forgetful hair straightener folk’ it’s pure gold!


The clever design first plugs into your power point allowing it to control whether the power switch is on or off. In my case I plugged in my hair straightener however, you can use it with things such as: lamps, laptops and TVs. Next you simply download the Belkin WeMo App on your smartphone and BAM baby you are in business.


Just like magic you have the ability to turn your device on or off from your smartphone. How clever is that? And if you’re a control freak like me who needs to ‘double check’ whether it actually works you will be impressed by just how clever and easy this piece of technology is to use. 


I’m certainly making less trips home now, if only Belkin could design something that reminds you take your lunch out of the fridge before you leave.


Are you busting at the seams to add the Belkin WeMo to your home? The good news is I have 1 to giveaway to one lucky reader. To enter all you need to do is tell us which device you will be using your WeMo switch for? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on Monday the 11th of May at 7pm x 


Frank Green 

Ladies, if you love your coffee you are going to have a big crush on Frank Green. Who is Frank Green you ask? Frank Green is the future of coffee, making it easier to buy your coffee from your favourite coffee house. It’s also good for the environment and keeps your coffee hotter for longer so if you’re like me and you sit on a coffee all morning you can without it going cold.

 The clever people at Frank Green have created the first ever Smart Cup that has a clever chip on the lid that allows you to store your payment details meaning you can go cashless to your local and still leave with your coffee fix. You simply download their App, load your details and off you go!

   Aside from the payment feature, I especially love the design. Not only is it uber cute but you can pop it in your handbag and the non-spill mug will keep your coffee from running through your bag. It also doubles as a great thermos for soups and teas. Perfect for attending sporting events on the weekend and staying warm.  

Would you like to take Frank Green out on a coffee date? Great news! I have one to giveaway to one lucky reader. To enter all you need to do is tell us what you will be filling your Frank Green cup with? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on Monday the 11th of May at 7pm x 



Milky Foot


I’m the pedi queen, I love nothing more than giving my tootsies a good pampering. In December I had a lot of fun reviewing Milky Foot. I loved the Milky Foot system and the amazing results. My feet looked great for summer. Now that winter has started my poor feet and heels have taken a beating and I’m looking more crocodile than cute! So when I heard about the New Milky Foot Active Formula I couldn’t wait to try and give my feet some much needed TLC.


To begin, I simply cleaned my feet and placed my feet in the Milky Feet Bags. I put my feet up for 50 minutes and then after soaking I rinsed and put on some socks. Two days passed and I wondered if I have done it correctly as nothing had happened. On day 3 the peeling had started and the magic was happening! By day 7 my heels were smoother than a baby’s bum and the crocodile had left the building! I love everything about this product.

Are you ready for soft tootsies? The lovely team at Milky Foot have given me not 1 but 3 gift packs valued at $35 each. To enter all you need to do is tell us why you would like to WIN your own Milky Foot prize pack? Our judges will choose their favourite 3 answers and announce the winners on Monday the 11th of May at 7pm x



Standing all day, restrictive shoes, nylon stockings and exercising in sport shoes can contribute to funky feet issues like hardened, rough skin and bad foot odour. In just one simple application, MILKY FOOT ACTIVE not only removes hardened dead skin but fights foot odour to reveal softer and fresher feet. Available from pharmacies nationally including Chemist Warehouse from $29.95 (RRP $32.95).


 Business & Baby on Board

 Juggling bubs and business is no easy job and it’s something I’ve had an interesting time with since having Master 5. Each day brings with it a new adventure, challenge or triumph! We are surrounded by some incredible mummy entrepreneurs and women who juggle while doing truly inspiring things. 


Business & Baby on Board is a mum’s bible to starting out and succeeding in business. It features case studies, practical guidance and the personal business stories of 21 experts including Janine Allis, Carolyn Creswell, Kaz Cooke and Naomi Simson.


Janine Allis has long been one of my business idols, she has created such an amazing brand and did it all while raising a family. As has Carolyn Creswell, another fabulous woman who turned her dream into reality while also raising a family. Both of these women among many others featured in the book share their stories and tips giving you a ‘how to guide’ from the women who walk the talk. I loved every page of this book and once I started I couldn’t put it down – it’s a must read.


Would like to read this clever book and learn from these sensational entrepreneurs? I have 1 copy of Business & Baby on Board valued at $19.95 to giveaway to one lucky reader. To enter all you need to do is tell us who inspires you?  Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on Monday the 11th of May at 7pm x


Available from independent book stores, Amazon and



 Middletree Candles

 I’ve said it before and I will say it again I LOVE Middletree Soy candles! I love the way they smell and I love the way they burn. Whenever I light my Middletree candles I can’t help but feel relaxed and happy which is also why Mr Tink loves them too! 


With the colder months now upon us and lots more chilly nights inside I love nothing more than date nights by candle light, and Middletree candles have an amazing way of setting the mood. Middletree candles produce beautiful soy candles that not only burn beautifully but also fill the room with a beautiful aroma that lingers for hours after the candle has been burnt.

For my review the Middletree team sent me the gorgeous Black Raspberry & Sugar scent which was immensely divine! The scent is perfect for winter and would be a lovely addition to a bubble bath or with wine on a rainy night.   

And for Mother’s Day the wonderful team at Middletree have given me not 1 but 3 beautiful candles valued at $19.95 each to giveaway to 3 lucky readers. To enter all you need to do is tell us why you would like to WIN your own Middletree candle. Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on Monday the 11th of May at 7pm x 




Cellnet and OtterBox

For all you tech savvy readers you will be delighted with this giveaway from the fabulous team at Cellnet and OtterBox. 

 Cellnet is a distributor of mobile accessories in both Australia and New Zealand. One of their brands, 3SIXT, produces a variety of tech accessories, the latest being their Premium Leather Wallet for the iPhone 6. 


Otterbox also produces a large range of mobile accessories and we would love to offer you a selection of protective cases, including the Commuter for iPhone 5, Symmetry for Samsung GALAXY S6 and Defender for iPad Mini.

So what do we have for you: 

  3SIXT Premium Leather Wallet – offers stylish protection in a slim, lightweight design. Three card slots and a dedicated cash pocket gives you room for important essentials while the soft material secures your valuables and guards your phone against damage. The customised design allows you to charge and operate your iPhone 6 Plus effortlessly with clear access to all buttons and controls.

RRP: $39.95 AUD

Stockist: or selected Officeworks stores.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Symmetry Series case – is an ultra slim, stylish and pocket friendly case with all the shock and drop protection you’d expect from OtterBox. Available in a full spectrum of wraparound colours and graphics, the Symmetry Series is perfect for those who want protection, without compromising the sleek and slim look of their new Samsung Galaxy S6.

RRP: $39.95 AUD


 iPad mini Defender series case – Triple layered protection from drops, dust and scratches will allow iPad mini owners to take their tablet anywhere with confidence.

RRP: $79.90 AUD



  iPhone 5 OtterBox Commuter Series case – is a sleek and sturdy two-piece case that protects from everyday bumps and drops. Featuring a tight-fitting port and plug covers to keep grit and grime out paired with a stick-on screen protector to block scratches, scuffs and scrapes; the Commuter Series will safeguard your device from the daily grind all day long.

RRP: $39.90 AUD


I have 1 of each one of the great prizes to giveaway from our friends at Cellnet and OtterBox.  For a chance to win of them all you need to do is share with us which one you would like to win and why?  Our judges will choose their favorite answers and announce Winners on Monday the 11th of May at 7pm – Good luck x 


Just Bedding


I don’t know about you but my bed is a place for so much more than just sleep, now before you starting getting creative with sexy ideas I will stop your naughty thoughts… My bed is a place for sick kids, blogging, movie marathons and sleepy Chihuahuas. Our poor old quilt cover has taking a hiding and sadly it’s in need of a makeover but honestly who has the time? I certainly don’t have time to go up and down isles picking out bedding. Especially as I’m usually too distracted trying on shoes! But given that our bed gets so much action (ooh there you go again!)  I was thrilled to find a website that makes it easy! Let me introduce you to… Just Bedding.


Just Bedding is an easy to use website that – as they state – is just bedding, which means if you’re distracted by shoes and shiny things like me you’ll love how easy this online shop makes finding exactly what you want at a fab price.


The website caters to all ages, bed sizes and themes. If you’re a classic gal like me you will love the design I chose which was called Manhatten from the Private Collection. The fabric is soft, cosy and yet also breathable and the quality is just beautiful. I especially love that it’s wash and wear which means I didn’t need to iron it. My bed looks uber chic now instead of tired and drab. My only complaint is it’s even harder to get out of bed now – but I must say I enjoy making it even more. It looks like it should be featured in a magazine.
  Just Bedding also does kids bedrooms which I loved! There are heaps of themes to choose from and their prices are really affordable. I’m in love with how easy it is to shop and the fact that shipping is free is a huge bonus. 

So you can try the beautiful bedding at Just Bedding we have a $50 voucher to giveaway to one lucky reader. To win all you need to tell us is what would you buy from the Just Bedding site and why? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on Monday the 11th of May at 7pm – Good luck x

Check out Just Bedding at :


The Potion Lady


Ever wanted to try a Potion? One that will change your life and make you feel wonderful from the inside out? Check out these babies from the Potion Lady. The Potion Lady has created these beautiful self-care products. Two of my favourite potions are the ‘Should Squasher’ which is designed to uplift you when you’re beating yourself up or giving yourself harsh expectations instead of celebrating who you are.

And the ‘Love Potion’ which helps to fill your heart and body with unconditional love and put you in a loving head space. Just 7 drops under the tongue twice a day or whenever you feel like you need it. I love that each of the potions come with a story and affirmation which are a lovely way to start your day or special event and I just found them a really lovely thing to do for me.


These potions are a beautiful gift idea for that girlfriend who is impossible to buy for and priced at only $25 a bottle.


 Today I have one prize pack to giveaway with a bottle of Love Potion and Should Squasher. To enter all you need to do is tell us why you would like to try these potions? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner at 7pm on the 11th of May – Good luck x

Snug As A Bug

I couldn’t leave the bubba’s out today and when the lovely team at Snug As A Bug invited myself and Miss 10 months to try their beautiful wraps we were excited to get our snug on!



Snug As A Bug are the creators of beautiful wraps that keep babies comfortable and cosy, which of course as mummys we love! Their innovative design is lightweight, breathable and made with quality fabrics that bubs love! The first time I tried our Snug As A Bug wrap I used the pram to take Miss 10 months out for a walk, something she normally loves but rarely puts her to sleep – as like her mummy, she’s a sticky beak! However after a short 20 minutes all was quiet and Miss 10 months was asleep… A big win for mummy and also a first. 


I used Snug As A Bug again later that night when I put her down for an afternoon nap and again she fell asleep. Sadly Miss 10 months can’t talk yet so I can’t get a full review but from an observer looking in I can say the Snug As A Bug wrap made her feel secure and cosy, the two secret ingredients to getting baby to sleep. I’m happy and so is she with this very clever wrap.



Would you like to WIN a Snug As A Bug wrap for your little person? I have one to giveaway to one lucky reader. To enter all you need to do is tell us why you would like to win? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on Monday the 11th of May at 7pm x



More than Paper

I remember reading once in a magazine that Victoria Beckham had her children send their buddy a ‘thank you’ card after a birthday party or play date. Reading this made me smile from ear to ear, what a beautiful idea to show gratitude in such a lovely way. We send cards for so many reasons birthdays, anniversaries, etc. but how often do we send a thank you card? And better yet, how much would an unexpected thank you card make someone’s day? The beautiful team at More than Paper are one step ahead of us all and are producing the most beautiful thank you cards I’ve ever seen. Each card is printed on rich, quality paper that not only looks beautiful but feels amazing and very luxe. The designs are classic, simple and presented elegantly giving you the urge to get writing and show some gratitude to those that you love and hold dear.


Today they are sharing some of that love with you by giving you a chance to win a set of thank you cards just like these.  To enter all you need to do is tell us who are you grateful for? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on Monday the 11th of May at 7pm x



CH Designs

  What Mum doesn’t love accessories? Let me rephrase that – what woman doesn’t like jewellery? 

I have trained Master 5 up with the knowledge that mummy loves her jewels and I’m impressed to say my little guy has a great eye for all that glimmers.

With Mother’s Day in mind I was very excited when I heard from CH Designs. For those of you who have not heard about CH Designs, let me share with you their unique pieces that you won’t find in shops – each one handcrafted and designed to tell a story. 
Carly Hood Designs creates unique Australian handmade jewellery inspired by the flora and fauna of tropical Australia. Using her graphic design skills, Carly teams her own illustrations with high quality glass dome pendants to create beautiful and original jewellery pieces. Whether it be a coral necklace, palm tree earrings or a cockatoo ring, there will be something in this delightful collection that calls out to you.

The beautiful piece I was gifted for my review was unlike anything I’d ever seen before and really took my breath away as it reminded me of the sunsets you only ever see on holiday. I wore my necklace out to lunch and was stopped by 3 people before I made it to my table – each commenting on the unique design. It’s an attention stealer!


This gorgeous print is inspired by the vivid colours of an Australian sunset. Almost abstract in design, it requires a closer look to see that the print is in fact a sun setting over the ocean. The lead and nickel free, zinc alloy, sterling silver round plated pendant (2.5cm diameter) sits beautifully on a 925 sterling silver snake chain (56cm length).


Today they are sharing some of that love with you by giving you a chance to win your own CH Design just like mine valued at $40. To enter all you need to do is tell us who you would like to watch a holiday sunset with? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on Monday the 11th of May at 7pm x 

Online shop:



 I was a very lucky girl to receive a beautiful surprise from the lovely team at Boxes of Babylon – a new uber cool gift company who specialise in making your gift unique and memorable. They are perfect for the person who is impossible to buy for and filled with fantastic goodies from quality suppliers. When you visit their website you will find a wonderland of all things fabulous! Each item has been carefully chosen by the team at Boxes of Babylon and the boxes are filled with innovative products from all around the world you won’t find on the shelves.

The Boxes of Babylon collections are curated to reflect globally recognised themes and passions for everyone – boxes that speak to your inner love of design and innovation. Their bespoke gift collections are curated with limited edition in mind. Only 500 of each design are curated into a limited edition ensuring that your gift is unique.

For Mother’s Day the team gifted me one of the most gorgeous presents I have ever seen, I was in awe from the second I opened it as their presentation oozes luxury.



I was very lucky to receive a limited edition Mother’s Day Collection filled with 6 lovely gifts:

1 x The 50 Book – This book peels back the layers of how it feels to be 50, revealing the naked truth behind ageing for women in today’s Australia. Real women provide real answers to 50 key words, which will move and inspire you. Their stories will make you want to celebrate this milestone age, for a friend, your mum or other loved ones.

2 x Robert Gordon Teacups – These teacups are simply gorgeous and the mint colour is just delicious!

1 x Milk & Sugar iPad case/clutch – This fun and vibrant case can be used in a variety of ways. It can also add that extra bit of colour to any outfit. Due to its soft leather-like feel this case can be used as an iPad case or clutch, and with its magnetic close is perfect at keeping belongings secure. 

1 x Ovvio Tea – The Ovvio loose leaf tea is an ode to fine-lipped china, mild English manners and the warmth of the breakfast table.

1 x Sow n’ Sow Sunflower Seeds –Sow ‘n Sow’s Gifts of Seeds cleverly combine a gift card with a packet of seeds to form a sweet, eco-friendly gift that grows. Popular and cheerful, sunflowers are very quick and easy to grow!

Are you sitting at home wishing you too could be opening a Boxes of Babylon Box this Mother’s Day? Well the good news is you can! The lovely team at Boxes of Babylon have given me another Limited Edition Mother’s Day Box to giveaway. 

To enter all you need to do is simply share with us your favourite Boxes of Babylon Box and why you would like to win? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on Monday the 11th of May at 7pm – Good Luck x

Find out more about Boxes of Babylon by heading over to their website: or contactPhone: 1300 131 267




 When you have little ones you always try your hardest to make sure you give them the best of the best. Sadly though as the world changes so does our food, and I was horrified to find out all the things that are not only added into our food but also baby food. So when the team at Additive Free Kids contacted me about their new book I was intrigued to read and share it with you all.

This fun and brightly coloured book is a fantastic tool to help parents teach their children important information on food additives and the basics of nutrition in a light-hearted way that is easy for them to understand.


Each book comes with a free bookmark with a list of food additives to avoid. This list is for your child to take with them to the shops to help you choose the safest foods to buy.

Additive Free Kids goal is to help you learn how to no longer fall for manufacturer’s sneaky tricks. They are here to help you find easy and affordable additive free options for your family in a way that can be fun, colourful and tasty without the use of ANY harmful additives. Choosing to live an additive free lifestyle does not mean that your children should ever have to feel like they are missing out on the fun stuff!


The Team at Additive Kids have given me 2 copies of their book to share with 2 lucky readers valued at $20 each. To enter all you need to do is tell us why you would like to win a copy of this book? Our judges will choose their favourite 2 answers and announce a winner on Monday the 11th of May at 7pm x



96 thoughts on “Mrs Tink’s Mother’s Day Love Fest

  1. Stacey Kerr says:

    I would use the Just Bedding voucher to buy my cute as a button soon-to-be 2 year old some bedding for her big girl bed (bed is one of her gifts) for her birthday.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Krista Mountford says:

    Would love the Snug As A Bug wrap for baby #2 on the way! My son was a Summer baby so this would be awesome for our Winter baby on the way!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Trudy Collins says:

    I would absolutely adore a copy of the Additive Free Kids book for Mothers Day! We follow the Additive Free lifestyle, have the Additive Free Pantry books by Tanya Winfield and I would love this book to add to my collection. My children are my everything!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Megan says:

    Hi, thanks for the opportunity to be spoilt. I would love to win the Frank Green Smart Cup to keep my work cuppa warm and have soup ready to eat at my desk. I’d also like to have the chance to feel my feet like silk with Milky Feet. Have a great Mother’s Day Mrs Tink and to all your follwers…enjoy x

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  5. Leanne says:

    wow so many great prizes. way to hard to pick a favourite whether it would the baby hamper i could use for work , the potions for a friend to put a smile on her face or just something for me at end of a busy day and trying out the Milky Feet . Happy Mothers Day everyone 🙂

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  6. mummahasanidea says:

    What a great Mother’s Day fest you have mrs tink, love your work. I would love the boxes of Babylon hip mumma kit, fantastic items in it. Got two little boys that these items would come in handy especially the portable high chair and silicon lids, plus the cutest overload is to die for. And I guess the mumma hipness book for my boys to thank me later in life. Even though I’m still a cool mumma. 😃

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  7. Deb Gray says:

    (A Mother’s Day Fest is complete with Jeans West)
    My favourite thing about this day,
    Is to focus on the things that have come my way.
    How blessed I am to be a Mum to my three,
    And how grateful I feel to have my Mum here with me,
    I like to relish the craft that comes my way,
    Believe me or not I will miss it one day.
    To spend time just soaking it in,
    My loves and my life, gee what a win.
    The day could end well with a voucher or two,
    Putting my Active wear in my bucket bag, true.
    A Bag Trader bag big enough to fit all my goodies inside,
    And finish the perfect day with a smile so wide!

    Looking forward to spending a voucher for me,
    Thank you Mrs Tink for the opportunity!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. donna allen says:

    Mum 🙂 Loves, she cares and shes always there.. The most positive and selfless person. Who is an inspiration and the backbone of our family.. And we all love her so much! My favorite thing to do is visit mum on mothers day and shower her in hugs and kisses and a special gift.. 🙂 The Jeanswest prize would be amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. donna allen says:

    The bag trader Cowhide tassel bag! is stylish and chic.. and looks roomy and of great quality. just what i like in a handbag! Would Love 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  10. donna allen says:

    The Mater Baby prize pack would be great for my bestie who is soon to have her first bub! The quality products look great for a first time mama to take care of bubs 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  11. donna allen says:

    I’m very loving and affectionate and love kisses and cuddles with my loved ones.. So i’d be giving My kids, my hubby and mum all a BIG “Carmex” Kiss X Mwaa… XX

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Niamh says:

    As a mum of four month old twins, I would need to be on the go! I would live to have frank green smart cup to pick up my latte on the go! I won’t have to rumbling through my bag for my wallet as I can just grab my frank green cup and swipe payment and drink smoothly

    Liked by 1 person

  13. donna allen says:

    Spice up my bedroom.. 😉 With a new fresh and stylish Qulit cover from Just bedding! Its in need of a re do and the Botanik Fiesta Cover looks pure bliss 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Jess B says:

    Um, there are sooo many things to choose from but I’m ridiculously indecisive …like the Bag Trader bag was amazing but i can’t decide between the nomad or that blue bucket in your pics, the Carmex would be perfect for mother’s day kisses, the milky foot thing looks delightfully skin-peely gross (very cool), so i think that i may have decided that i would love the Jeans West tights for when i take my gorgeous girl for an awesomely long walk around Australia Zoo on Sunday (’cause that place is a good walking work out). Have an awesome day on Sunday xx

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Danielle Fanelli says:

    My favorite thing about Mothers Day is seeing my mother smile! My mom is always taking in and helping someone for example she took in my grandmother before she passed and was her caretaker and moved her in our home until the day she passed! She is selfless and always helping others! She took in my brothers girlfriend when she had no where to live and she took in my puppy Nibblez, when I got an apt and could not have a dog! She deserves the world for all that she does and winning the JEANSWEAT gift card would be the perfect gift because one of her biggest hobbies is working out and going to exercise classes! This would make her smile!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Melanie says:

    What an amazing atray of products i woyld love love the milky feet i have been aewing the ads for so long and wanted to try as i have such bad feet for cracks. Toes crossed i can have a go.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. emily says:

    with three little girls under three years old, I’d be happy with any of those wonderful prizes, either for myself or the girls. Sometimes anything that makes the day easier for the girls is a blessing for me.i hope you have a lovely day with you and yours tomorrow x

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Shannon Russell says:

    What a choice to make! I love the Boxes of Babylon Designer Life Box……..a little escape from the ho-hum ordinary, go to work, drop off, pick up the kids, housework box!

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Shannon Russell says:

    The colours of the Bag Trader bags are to die for! I love the yellow Pratten Tote with the black and white geometric lining fabric, who cares if someone sees in your bag! The inside is just as gorgeous as the outside!

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Sally says:

    Happy Mothers Day to you too Mrs Tink.
    I hope you are having an extra special day being spoilt.

    Today is a day of reflection.
    A time to be grateful for my wonderful Mum.
    And to think about myself as a Mum and my amazing daughter.
    I am truly blessed with these woman being part of my life.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Sonja Toth says:

    I love everything! What a great bunch of giveaway items for this special day for all of the special ladies and Mommas out there in Mrs. Tink land!! Cheers to you all! xx Since I don’t have any kiddos,I have to go with the non-kid options as my favs. 🙂 You can never go wrong with candles. The bedding looks fabulous as well. The coffee cup can always come in handy and looks so fun! Anything tea cup or tea pot related im obsessing over lately. I’m always loving a good pair of active wear leggings- I loveeeee good leggings! And the potions from the potion lady… fabulous!!!! Those are so cool! But all great really! Happy Moms Day all you amazing moms! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Kara says:

    There are so many little things in the world that we take for granted. Today I am so grateful for all the simple things in life. For example the beautiful place in which I live, for my beautiful mother who is there for me each and every day and for being fit and healthy. I would love the opportunity to show my appreciation to people by sending them a more than paper thank you card.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Kylie says:

    Hooley dooley mrs tink! That’s quite the arsonal of prizes my lovely!! Woot woot!! So many gorgeous things that I’m going to be naughty on and enter a few 😉
    The candle looks amazing and I would love to win that to try a new range for home and for work… Raspberry sounds divine!

    The bedding is stunning and I would love to win this one as every bed set I own I shared with my ex husband so to have just one that was just mine would make me so happy!!

    The potions have my name all over them! I think I’m going to have to invest in a set of these regardless, they look like just what I need!!

    Love everything and want to enter on them all but will stop here 🙂 so generous mrs tink, this was fun to see all the amazing new products out there! How clever is the belkin one! Love!

    Happy Mother’s Day to one of the best mummies I know xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Rachel Lockery says:

    The competition prizes are exciting! Love so many of the products. Id love the Jeanswest voucher to get some Active wear 🙂 Iv recently took up hiking/riding and bokwa so this prize would be perfect!


  25. Courtney says:

    Hi Mrs Tink
    Thanks for the opportunity to win all of these lovely gifts! My answer is a bit long but I really wanted to win quite a few haha x

    My favourite thing about Mother’s Day is showing appreciation to the beautiful women in my life (gran, nanna & mum x). It’s very easy to forget everything they have done for me throughout my life from dropping me off to kindy every day when I was younger to teaching me how to drive. Mother’s Day definitely reminds me to say thank you for everything they do for me.

    ActionFit Earphones
    I would be wearing my new headphones while riding to work every day – something which is a bit new for me! Also, they would be extremely motivating for my early morning gym sessions.

    Milky Foot
    I would LOVE to win a Milky Foot pack so that I could gift it to my mumma bear. She definitely deserves to rest her feet and give them some TLC! It would be a rare occasion to see her sitting down for an hour but I know she would really enjoy having soft feet.

    Middle Tree Candle
    I would like to win a middle tree candle because I recently bought a candle for my mother and now I wish I could have one in my room. I love nothing more than sitting in a bubble bath with a book and some candles.

    iPhone 5 Otter box case
    I definitely NEED this case. With a track record of a few smashed phone screens (who decided to make them out of glass anyway?) combined with my love of the beach (have definitely had a few close scares with water and sand – which iPhones do NOT like) it’s pretty clear that I’ve been tempting fate just walking around with my phone not in a case.

    Just Bedding
    I would actually love to buy this throw Autumn/Winter is the perfect time to curl up on the couch with a throw, a good book and a cup of steaming hot tea.

    Boxes of Babylon
    After perusing the website (and deciding that even if I don’t win I want one of these boxes) I decided I couldn’t just pick one! My favourite was this one: but I also really adore the Collection Two because I would really love to grow sunflowers.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Courtney says:

    Chicks & Mortar
    I spent Mother’s Day with my mumma in the morning. I greeted her with a pot of tea in bed with some breakfast. We had a family lunch with my grandparents and ate too much – Mother’s Day is basically like Xmas for Mums, right haha. Overall a lovely day spent with family.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Kara says:

    Chicks and Mortar
    I spent my mother’s day having a beautiful picnic on the beach with my family and loved ones. It was so nice to relax and enjoy each other’s company. One of the things we did discuss was the property market and this is why I would love the opportunity to win a copy of the chicks and mortar. I think it would be a very inspiring book to read.
    CH Designs
    I love watching the sunset with my boyfriend and having a picnic dinner. It reminds me that every day is a gift and we should never take it for granted. CH Designs is very unique, I think it would be a necklace that holds so many special holiday memories.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Emily Heazlewood says:

    I would like to win a middletree candle to make my house smell amazing and be able to use it on those cold winter nights to lighten up the dark mood that comes with winter.

    The iPhone 5 otterbox commuter series case would be lovely to win as my phone sadly has had a few to many bumps and bruises and this case would be a perfect addition to my iPhone to prevent another trip to the iPhone doctor.

    The Just Bedding website is incredibly easy to navigate around; if I was to win I would buy the Barclay white quilt cover set by Private Collection as it would compliment my red feature wall and my throw rug. This quilt looks like it would make any cold winter’s night warmer!

    I am forever grateful for my Mum; she deserves more than this world can offer. She could brighten your day up just with a smile. I have never met a more giving loving person than her. A thank-you card is such a great way to tell someone you appreciate them

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Kate says:

    I would love to win a Middletree soy candle because I’ve read that soy candles burn cleaner than regular candles and are healthier for you too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Michelle McKay says:

    Belkin WeMo is AMAZING!!
    Being able to add security to my home by the option of turning on the lights once the sun sets, regardless if I am home or out, would certainly add some safety features to my home. Its amazing the possibilities are endless.. and the fact I am a verrrrry busy mummy to 4 toddlers under 5 years old means that no matter where I am, I can turn on my coffee machine for a long awaited cappuccino when I am on my way home! I wont ever have to worry about leaving the coffee machine on if I forget to turn it off with the ability to do so when I am out and about.
    Such a great functional Switch which would definitely be of great use!

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Sue says:

    Congrats Mrs. Tink on being such a fabulous ‘blogger’ and ‘reviewer’ to be awarded such beautiful gifts to try. Any of the products would be such a treat to have. Love the bedding range because my girls and I love to change the look of their room every season, and sometimes all it takes is a new throw in a white doona 🙂
    thanks for the opportunity to share in a great competition.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. jacinta says:

    Since having spine trouble and not being able to walk so much, its been a nice chance to spend quality time with my toddler and slow down.
    So… soy candles burning and finally pampering my feet would be terrific!
    Black raspberry soy candles I imagine would be soooo sweet and the milky foot would be lovely to transform my old grandma feet back to young 30’s feet 🙂
    Happy mothers day all ♡

    Liked by 1 person

  33. dianne robb says:

    The mothers day pack with the book, tea anz beautiful tea cup looks lovely…. but to be able to modernize this mother with jeans west or add the beautiful pendant by ch designs….
    What lovely prizes.
    Well done 🙂
    Happy mothers day

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Jody Westhoff says:

    Thanks for your review of the Belkin WeMo Switch. I so need to buy one of these! My daughter has recently moved in with her boyfriend. They had a near miss the other night, when they woke to a house full of smoke because the deep fryer had been left on all night. This could have been tragic. I have bought them a couple smoke detectors, but one of these switches will be added piece of mind. I have my toes crossed for the Milky Foot prize, but I will definitely be buying one of these, thanks again for letting me know about them.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Bianca Stanton says:

    Business & Baby on Board
    I’m always inspired when I take time out from my busy life to relax and enjoy they things I have around me. That could be a beautiful cake and coffee at a cafe, going outside for a walk with my children and watching their fascination with everything they find or going for a drive to a new place.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. sapna says:

    I would love to wear ActionFit Earphones while running around hills – I am training myself with a goal to run a marathon by the end of this year.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Samantha says:

    iPad Mini Otter box case – My iPad Mini is my best friend! I would really appreciate being able to protect my mate from the terrors of being chucked into my handbag or onto the back seat of my car and also at the beach (which is terrible for them I know! but I can’t resist reading a good ebook).

    Jeanswest – My favourite thing about Mother’s Day is being pampered and waited on by my kids. I always look forward to breakkie in bed and all my lovely pressies. It’s also a great time to get together with my family.

    ActionFit Earphones – I would wear my new headphones on my morning walks with my precious toy spoodle. I think he will die of embarrassment though – I love to sing along and you sing a lot louder than you think when you’re wearing headphones! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Bianca says:

    My favourite thing for my Mother’s Day are simply spending the day with my kids, being a single parent it’s very hard to organise surprises for myself lol so there is no gift giving for mums day !

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Kathryn Cavalieri says:

    Wow!!! So many gorgeous and amazing prizes 🙂

    Philips-Would love a new set of earphones. Theses Philips ones look amazing. I hate when I am trying to jog on the treadmill and they fall out. These would be perfect for my morning jog.

    Belkin- This WeMo is just what this forgetful Mum needs. I would put this on my Iron. The one thing that I love to double and triple check that its off.

    Carmex- I would be kissing no one other than my darling husband of 10 years with my Carmex-ed lips 🙂

    JeansWest- My favourite thing about Mothers Day is the schoolmade cards and gifts and all the Mornings cuddles in Bed 🙂

    Middletree- These candles sound so divine. Would love to make my house smell like a Home 🙂

    Boxes of Babylon- Love for the love of tea collection. It is so classy and perfect for tea lovers 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  40. mrstinkblog says:

    Big thank you to all our lovely sponsors who very generously donated beautiful prizes for #MrsTinksMothersDayLoveFest x

    The winners are:
    $100 Jeanswest Voucher – Deb Gray
    Additive Free Kids Book Pack – Trudy Collins
    Mater Mothers Mater Little Miracles Hampers – Leanne and Donna Allen – Emily
    Middletree – Kate, Jacinta, and Kathryn Cavalieri
    Milky Foot – Australia – Melanie, Jody Westhoff, Jade Williams
    Frank Green – Niamh
    Carmex – Jess B and Bianca
    More than Paper – Kara – Shannon Russell, Kylie and Jess B
    BOXES OF BABYLON – Mummashasanidea
    Business & Baby on Board : – Bianca Stanton
    Belkin – Michelle McKay
    Philips Headphones – Sapna
    The Potion Lady – Kylie
    Carly Hood Designs – Kara
    Chicks and Mortar – Women in Property : Sue, Diana R,
    OtterBox Cellnet : Samantha IPad cover
    Courtney IPhone cover
    Sonja iPhone cover
    Danielle Fanelli

    Congratulations winners you have 48 hours to claim your prize, if not claimed in 48 hours prizes will be given to our next pick. Please email to claim your prize x


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