I have a confession….. x 

I’ve got a confession to make, after 8 weeks off training my fitness crown has officially slipped. At first I was depressed and anxious that I couldn’t train and as the weeks crept in I was starting to enjoy it. No cold runs, no squats, and no cardio. All of this had been swapped for fluffy slippers and pj’s plus lots of lovely winter comfort food. 
My motivation faded and the couch was quickly becoming my BFF. “Enough is enough,” I said. It’s time to dust off the joggers and get my butt into gear quick smart (before my lounge gains a Homer Simpson bum imprint)! 
So my friends today is the day. Today I swapped my bunny slippers for joggers and my trackies for Lycra. It’s time to get moving! I thought it would be fun to include you in my new found challenge and alas SPANK was born. 
What is SPANK? 

Is it as naughty as it sounds?
I can feel you blushing already so let me reassure you it’s not as cheeky as you’re picturing.

 SPANK is my new fitness challenge that anyone can join. Any age, gender and fitness level! It’s a fun challenge that is sure to do just that – CHALLENGE you!

 Squats + Plank = SPANK

Each day you are required to do at least 1 Plank and 10 Squats working your way up each day. Planks can be done on toes or knees whichever is suited to you.

The challenge will run for all of June with prizes given out weekly and a Grand Prize presented at the end to one challenger.

Simply go to ‘ Events’ on the Mrs Tink Facebook Page and join the event. Share with your friends, post your progress and photos on our page and most importantly have FUN! 

So let’s band together and forget waiting for summer and lets get moving NOW! 

Who’s with me ? x 

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