Mrs Tink Loves Mia Bella Kawana

 There is nothing I love more than a good spa treatment. Like most ladies I expect, I’m a girl who loves to be pampered. But since having my babies my spa afternoons are very few and far between. So when I was asked to review a new Microdermabrasion Treatment with the team at Mia Bella Kawana, I jumped at the chance! It could not have been better timing as since winter has arrived my poor old skin has been crying out for some special love and attention. 

I excitedly arrived at Mia Bella at Kawana Waters Shopping Centre and was instantly surrounded by a feeling of relaxation by the beautiful atmosphere. The chic decor and shelves filled beautiful products instantly set the scene that you are in for a little bit of luxury. After taking a seat I was greeted by Kerry the owner of the salon who ran me through the Microdermabrasion procedure and explained in detail how it would feel and the amazing benefits my skin was about to receive.
The aim of the Microdermabrasion treatment is to stimulate new cell growth, remove old dead skin cells and unclog pores – I was sold – what was not to love about all of that?

To start with Kerry used some beautiful Dermalogica cleansers to clean and prep my skin. Then gave my skin a light exfoliate and steam to open up my pores, i loved this part as it was a very lovely detoxifying feeling. From there we moved onto the Microdermabrasion treatment which felt very different from what I imagined, the machine Kerry used to do the treatment felt like it was lightly sucking my skin, it felt like hundreds and hundreds of little suction kisses doing the good work to kiss my face clean! She worked on my face, neck and décolletage with the microdermabrasion machine and then removed the attachment head and swapped it for a softer attachment that felt more like fairy suction kisses to do the delicate areas around my eyes etc. 
The treatment ended with a gorgeous mask and a relaxing head massage that was to die for. After approximately 45 minutes my treatment was finished. I felt like a brand new Toyota … “OH WHAT A FEELING”
Kerry explained to me that after the treatment it is crucial to use sun protection and introduced me to the Dermalogica range which boasts a 50+SPF factor in their moisturizers which is ideal after you have had an intensive exfoliation treatment as after microdermabrasion your skin is almost like baby skin and very delicate to the sun’s rays. 

Leaving the salon armed with beautiful products and fresh new skin I glided home, counting down the days until my next treatment. 
So to sum it up easily for you at home I’ve broken it done in 3 categories ; quality, look and price

Quality: I rated 5/5 Tinkles ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mia Bella use the most beautiful products and you can feel the quality with each product used. Kerry my therapist was nothing short of amazing and the technology used was very impressive. 

Look: I rated 5/5 Tinkles ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I had the flu the week after this treatment and my skin despite being rubbed constantly with tissues looked radiant and fresh. Amazing how just 1 treatment can make such a big difference.

Price: I rated 4/5 Tinkles ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Let’s face it being a female isn’t exactly cheap! 

$149 is not the cheapest treatment around but in comparison to paying a similar amount for a relaxing facial that will bring limited long term benefits this is a treatment that actually works and will leave your skin glowing long term. 
Are you sitting at home reading this wishing you too could try some Microdermabration on your skin  ? Well you could WIN your own session with the team at Mia Bella Kawana valued at $149
To enter all you need to do is tell us why you would like try some Microdermabrasion for your skin ? 

Our judges will choose our favourite answer and announce winner on the 30th of June at 7.30pm Winner must be able to visit Sunshine Coast Salon. Good luck x 

Mia Bella 07 5452 5333

Mia Bella is a Beauty Salon offering Advanced Skin and Beauty Treatments. We provide a wide range of beauty services including IPL Hair Reduction and Photo Rejuvenation, Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation, RF Skin Tightening, Facials, Massage, Spray Tanning, Waxing and Tinting, Manicures and Pedicures. We stock Dermalogica and ASAP skin care. Mia Bella is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Mia Bella use only but the Highest Quality Machines that are all TGA listed and approved to Australian standards.

17 thoughts on “Mrs Tink Loves Mia Bella Kawana

  1. Amanda says:

    Sounds amazing – there are so many reasons why I would love to win this but most of all I say because it’s my turn to look after me.
    As a busy mum of 3 and 2 businesses I take pride in my hubby and family and taking care of my clients . So often I get told to stop or slow down and take time for myself . I feel so guilty because I can always think of something else I should be doing .
    These past few weeks since the races when I declined an offer to go – I started following Mrs Tink page – your love for life and honest every day living as brought me to take some moments for myself . Pedicure – lunch with a glass of wine – hair color – and BAM it all started to happen – hubby gets sick – all the carnivals and under 8’s day and presentations and cross country for my primary 2 and then my miss 13 daughter ends up in a leg cast . I have had to keep reminding myself I’m just one person and can only do so much … Not everything –
    Thank you for making me think of me and reminding me today that I have to be real and not super mum- wife- business owner . I’d love a little pamper session 😉

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  2. Emily steele says:

    After a week of having the flu and looking after a ‘patient’ with a serious case of man-flu I thought I was on the mend…until the doctor froze 2 sun spots off my nose! I now look like the wicked witch of the west with 2 horrible blistering messes eyeballing everyone I am talking to! After they heal I’m ready to be microdermabrased back to healthy, glowing skin! xx

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  3. Belinda Wilson says:

    My skin care regime consists of soap, a water rinse, followed vitamin E moisturising cream. While this is effective for the most part if Im to be honest at 38 years of age I could be doing a lot more in terms of preservation. I am definitely starting to notice the effects of the sun & natural ageing processes. A new, revitalised, healthy skin glow would be more than appreciated. New decade, fresh skin, time to say goodbye to the cave women routine!

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  4. Jade S says:

    As much as would love to try this out myself I would have to give this to my beautifuly Mum ❤️ She just deserves to be pampered but it’s not very often we are able to splurge and treat ourselves to something like this. Recently I was going through a pretty rough patch in my life and she bought me a massage which really helped me to forget my woes. I would just love to return the favor and give her this amazing treatment as a gift as she is just getting over bronchitis which has kept the whole household awake (due to coughing fits!) – I do not envy you at all as I can see that there are so many amazing women who would also deserve this prize. Good luck everyone x

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  5. Bianca Innes says:

    There is nothing better then a beauty treatment Mrs Tink after knowing you where unwell all week and your skin looked so fresh on your Friday video says a lot about Mia Bella 😄

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  6. Kate Louise says:

    I would love to try microdermabrasion to refresh my skin and unclog my pores! I’ve read a bit about it on the internet before and was unsure if it was for me but your review Mrs Tink has reassured me it is!

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  7. Rebecca says:

    Oh how I need this! In the19 months since having my daughter I haven’t had even an hour off – my skin feels crap and my hair is horrid. I have a severe case of notimeformyselfitis. I would love nice fresh skin

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  8. Jessica says:

    Oh I would love a microdermabrasion for all of the obvious reasons, but mainly for some dedicated time for myself, in a household of three men, the younger two of which are still quite dependent on their mother at ages 4 and 6, leaving not much time for me. And as the only lady of the home, decadent spa days are definitely a thing if the past. My Facials these days consist of little boys kisses, cuddly tackles and head butts… I suspect a Mia Bella facial wild be much more enjoyable!!!!!

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  9. melanie Jacobson says:

    I would live to try this product i have spent so much time getting everything done for tax deadlines and helping family that i have not looked after my skin and it definitely in need of some love and ccd attention

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  10. Stacey says:

    Well the thought of fairy kisses cleaning out my tired, old and grubby pores makes me tingle all over!! I’ve tried baby kisses, but they aren’t very cooperative at times 😜. But in all honesty, between studying, working from home and taking care of hubby and the 2 princesses, my skin could do with a good dose of microdermabrasion to exfoliate away all laughter lines, blotchy spots, sleepless nights and let’s not forget the over indulgence in grubby puppy kisses too.

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  11. Sonja Toth says:

    This treatment and the wonderful products used sounds amazing! In addition the technicians sound like they can really give some personal skin care advice which can help everyone! I have tried many different microdermabrasions at various prices, but have to say the review from Mrs. Tink makes me feel like this would trump all of them! I would love to take some me time and get the opportunity to try it out.

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  12. Joanne Eaton says:

    I would love to gift this to my eldest daughter, I have 4, as a pre-wedding gift. Her partner is away for months on end, he is in the Air Force, leaving her to take care of their 2 little boys, aged 2 and 4 years. She is working hard to lose some weight, is planning her wedding and has a little business off to the side she is trying to get off the ground. This would be great for her to boost her spirits and give her a pick me up❤️

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  13. Jess says:

    Hi! Initial thought: ‘Ew! Isn’t that meant to be like sandpapering your face?’ Second thought: ‘Ooh Dermalogica fancyness.’ Final thought: ‘Omg, the only time my skin glows like that is about 3hrs after I’ve smashed 10km (and showered of course), and she looks that awesome from lying still for 45min? Well then, I need to try me some microdermabraision!’

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  14. Shannon Russell says:

    As a mother of two boys, I am out numbered by boys at my house, so my “girly” time to myself is almost non-existent! Just spending an hour in a beautiful and relaxing spa being pampered with a microdermabrasion treatment would be the dose of “me time” I need!

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  15. Alanna says:

    I would love to try Microdermabrasion. Since turning 30 earlier in the year, I’ve started to notice the little lines appearing, that are definitely not due to laughter. Ive never been one to have facials etc, probably due to being young, having 3 kidlets and thinking I didn’t really need them…….. Now those lines are appearing, the skin looks dull and it’s definitely time to start putting in a bit more effort so the lines don’t overpopulate!

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