Mrs 30+GST Birthday Promotion 

July is one of my favourite months of the year, why? Because it’s my birthday month! This year I will be 30 + GST (33) and I’m extra excited about it!

 Ever since I can remember I have subjected those around me to a month long celebration celebrating yours truly. I love nothing more than lots of fun birthday adventures and extravaganzas and I thought this year it would be fun to include you too!

 That’s right! This July you can enjoy the birthday fun too and this year I’m celebrating in a BIG way! Each week I will have 6 prizes to giveaway to 6 lucky readers and then to finish I have an extra big surprise to finish off my birthday month.

 To enter all you need to do is answer the question associated with each product and our judges will choose our favourite answer.

The 1st weeks winner will be announced on the 7th of July at 7.30pm. Feel free to enter all of the competitions as there is no limit to how many you can WIN. 

Happy Birthday month!
Mrs Tink x

Ps This is just teaser the prizes will posted on the blog tomorrow x 

5 thoughts on “Mrs 30+GST Birthday Promotion 

  1. Judy Hicks says:

    My favourite way to exercise changes all the time! I like to mix it up a bit as I tend to get bored doing the same thing over and over again! At the moment I LOVE playing Oztag! So much in fact that I play Monday nights, and now Wednesday nights, and am hoping to make into into the Nationals team! Wish me luck 😜 haha. But otherwise, I have just started to get back into running again. Love it!

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  2. Jess says:

    Hi! My favorite way to exercise is to run by myself along a beachside pathway. I completely zone out and it is completely ‘me’ time (omg, I’m all excited about it just thinking about it!). I don’t often run near the ocean as it’s a 40min drive to get there, but when I do it’s pure awesomeness 🙂

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  3. Amy says:

    My fav way to exercise is i put miss 2 and miss 4 in the strider plus (30+kg) in total with pram and girls and walk and dance to the iPod as fast as i can and then back home to dance on my wii and use the wii fit. Im a hole lot of woman and running isn’t going to happen just yet because lets be honest i might give myself or someone who laps me a black eye with the melons!!!!!

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  4. Tracey Nixon says:

    My favourite way to exercise is a close call between bike rides with the family and walking the dog. Mr 6 is very capable on his bike while Miss 4 still goes in the trolley to allow the ride to stay at a decent pace 🙂 In the past I have enjoyed volleyball and would love to get back into it sometime soon and supportive active wear is a must for us larger busted girls!

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