Grand Prize Last Week of Mrs Tink’s 30+GST Birthday Giveaway – PureModa


July is one of my favourite months of the year, why? Because it’s my birthday month! This year I will be 30 + GST (33) and I’m extra excited about it!

Ever since I can remember I have subjected those around me to a month long celebration celebrating yours truly. I love nothing more than lots of fun birthday adventures and extravaganzas and I thought this year it would be fun to include you too!

That’s right! This July you can enjoy the birthday fun too and this year I’m celebrating in a BIG way! Each week I will have 6 prizes to giveaway to 6 lucky readers and then to finish I have an extra big surprise to finish off my birthday month.

To enter all you need to do is answer the question associated with each product and our judges will choose our favourite answer.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday the 4th of August at 7.30pm. Feel free to enter all of the competitions as there is no limit to how many you can WIN. Happy Birthday month!

Mrs Tink x


I’m a lover of shopping online. Being able to shop from home with my pjs on, bra off, hair in a mum bun, electric blanket on and a glass of bubbles in hand – that’s my idea of heaven!

The fun for me doesn’t stop there, when your parcel arrives you feel as though it’s Christmas. There is nothing nicer than receiving goodies rather than a large electricity bill.

One of my fave online haunts is PureModa because no matter what you’re looking for, they have it. From clothing to accessories PureModa have it all. One of my recent loves is a gorgeous pair of Kitti Sunglasses made by Quay.


I recently wore them on a girl’s weekend away and I could not take them off. They were not only uber cute but they were light weight and a huge compliment stealer. Many of my girlfriends were eyeing them off – desperately hoping I’d accidentally leave them in their car!

Because the sunglasses on PureModa are so affordable it makes it easy on the purse which means you won’t have to remortgage your house to purchase sunglasses for a special event.


Would you like to add a pair of Sunglasses from PureModa to your wardrobe? This week I’m giving away a gorgeous pair of Mia sunglasses to one lucky reader. To enter all you need to do is tell us who you think the most stylish celebrity is in Hollywood? Our judges will choose their favorite answer and announce a winner on Tuesday the 4th of August at 7.30pm Good luck x


Mia – Black

The Mia Shades have a geometric silhouette

Teal coloured arms

Charcoal ombré lenses

100% UV protection.


Our passion for the latest style sees us hand-select our favourite pieces from over 20 Local and International boutique fashion labels at the beginning of every season. Every item we stock is chosen for the outstanding quality of the materials and design, and its reasonable price tag. So you can look amazing without breaking the bank.

PureModa is unique, sophisticated and on-trend – just like our customers. We take the latest trends straight from your favourite fashion magazines and put them at your fingertips. Our Qualified Personal Stylist can help ensure that your wardrobe matches your vivacious energy, your youthful spirit and your versatility.

15 thoughts on “Grand Prize Last Week of Mrs Tink’s 30+GST Birthday Giveaway – PureModa

  1. Leanne Mugridge says:

    Whilst I probably couldn’t wear any of her fashions, I do think Victoria Beckham oozes class and style from head to toe. She is on trend, classy, stylish and fashionable all aided by the fact she designs her clothes herself. She knows how to put the entire look together, from glasses, to jewellery, accessories, outfit, and shoes. She is the real deal when it comes to fashion, I think.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. katelyn says:

    I dont mind Kate Moss…she can pull off daggy and still look amazing. Not to mention she often pairs her high end fashion with items from topshop or asos which us plebs can afford 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. nicole wilkinson says:

    Hmm i would say jennifer aniston she always looks gorgeous from head to toe when it comes to style n fashion she’s definitely in the know, from perfect hair to the gorgeous shoes on her feet her with a passion for fashion that u simply cannot beat xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Samantha Dawe says:

    I really love Kendall Jenners style, she always looks so elegant and sleek wether it’s walking down the runway or out to lunch with her sisters, she looks fabulous head to toe and truly dresses in a style that is her own and suits her completely.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. nikki stacey says:

    Year in, year out – for consistent style and always upholding an air of grace – I suggest Victoria Beckham. She never seems to slip up in the style stakes from denim to those impossible high heels – her everyday style is so simple yet sophisticated. And hurrah for proving to the media that a married mum in her 40’s can look sexy without having to raise her skirt length above her knees – that’s true style!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Peter says:

    Rihanna… her style is so cool, and she can pull off everything. i love that she is out there, expresses herself through fashion, and does not care what people think of her.. the best way to live !! And i hate that im admitting this,
    but the kardashians… BEAUTIFUL! and they seem to influence alot of women these days. i could probably go on…


  7. Grace says:

    Nicole Richie – she missed out on her dad’s looks but she holds her own when it comes to her signature boho style. It’s very refreshing to see a celebrity who doesn’t conform to the current trends

    Liked by 1 person

  8. amcca91 says:

    I LOVE Vanessa Lacheys style, it’s hip it’s modern and such a mum style that it’s easier for other mums to adopt. She always looks classy and still looks amazing while being a what mum!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Kat says:

    I have a high-school reunion coming up and want to look my absolute best!! It’s going to be such a great event, and I’d love to look the part and be in 80s heaven!!

    Liked by 1 person

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