Mrs Tink’s obsession with Prima Jeans 

My name is Mrs Tink and I am a denim addict. 
At last count I had 34 pairs (that’s 3 or 4 if Mr Tink asks).   

I’ve been a denim addict since I was 10, it started with my first pair of Levi’s 501 jeans. They were my second skin and once they became torn and shredded they graduated to my first pair of denim shorts. I then moved onto denim jackets and the classic denim skirt (yes, you know the classic 90’s denim mini) and then after many years of wearing bootcut jeans through my 20’s I found my way into Skinny Jeans who have long been my BFF’s and my daily uniform. 

I have denim in every brand you can imagine but the one I gravitate to time and time again is Jeanswest (haven’t you heard? Jeanswest fits best).  Jeanswest never fails to deliver on their denim. The quality is unbeatable, the cut is always flattering and you cannot go past their lifetime guarantee. Just when I thought I could not love Jeanswest anymore they brought out Prima – the crème de la crème of denim. 

They look very similar to leggings but are made from a delicious Turkish Denim that is soft, comfortable and extremely flattering. This eye catching denim has had my legs and bum pinched by many, both friends and strangers, each asking what they are made of. The soft finish of the Turkish Denim is unlike traditional denim which can be stiff and hard. I found the Turkish Denim cool on warmer days but also warm with these cold snaps that winter has brought. 

They are seriously addictive – I’ve been known to wear mine for 5 days straight without a wash! And speaking of washing, they wash and wear perfectly. I wear mine without ironing plus they hold their colour really well, mine have not faded at all.
Now as you can tell I could rave on about my new buddy Prima all day but rather than do that I’m going to give you the chance to WIN yourself a pair! Yes that’s right, my friends at Jeanswest have given me a gorgeous set of Prima’s valued at $129.95 for one lucky reader. 
For a chance to win all you need to do is share with me your favourite way to wear denim? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner  on the 1st of September at 9pm 

Good luck x 

It’s how we were raised! The denim quality has been highly engineered with dense construction that enhances the wearer’s body with lift This special construction defines and slims the silhouette for an ultra-sleek look.

DuoCore technology gives unmatched shape retention to your PRIMA jeans i.e. when they stretch – they bounce back! Resulting in the ultimate fit. Prima Denim’s core creates excellent recovery performance and long lasting comfort. And because the core is wrapped in cotton – you get the most genuine denim look and feel.
Prima Denim is made with fine modal, viscose, cotton blend yarns. This fibre mix gives the denim a silky, soft touch, a lighter weight and contributes to its excellent recovery performance.
The wash and finish of our Prima Denim Collection utilises eco-friendly “Alchemy One” fabric -finishing technology, a trademarked technology that produces and maintains a soft touch and premium look to the denim – even after repeated home laundering.

Deep saturated indigo shades and mid-blue washes with subtle rips and repair detailing feature throughout the launch collection – perfect for timeless Autumn/Winter style.
From a night out to the school run and everywhere in between, Prima Jeans will keep up with your busy lifestyle – the only problem is, you won’t want to take them off!
Priced from $120-$130, the Jeanswest Prima Denim Collection will be available in-store and online across Australia and New Zealand from March 2015. From April, the collection will also feature a limited edition ‘Stay Black’ style that won’t fade and stays the deepest shade of black.
Made from Turkish denim by Orta Anadolu.


17 thoughts on “Mrs Tink’s obsession with Prima Jeans 

  1. Jade Williams says:

    I like to mix and match my denim with gorgeous accessories. I don’t get the chance to do it all that much now with two little kids but I try to find the time where I can.

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  2. Leigh isabeth says:

    I wear denim any way, any where! I lived in my bubble gum jeans when I was 13, I’ve teamed up my denim mini and my denim jacket with neon scrunchies, then carried them through 90’s with some bleach to give them a fashionable grunge look, I’ve loved my denim bootleg, stove pipes and skinny jeans in the 2000’s. I’ve worn denim as short shorts, and long shorts, mini skirts and long skirts.. The only denim I haven’t worn is as a shirt, tho I have rocked a denim vest! I love denim, I will wear denim always! And anyways! Respect! ✌🏻️

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  3. Jo Taylor says:

    Oh I love Denim ..My passion started young in the 80s when I used to cut up my old jeans paint flowers on them or tye dye them and make them into shorts..When I go shopping Im usually found in a Jeans shop .. Ive never admitted it before but I too wear them for days in a row, so was happy to see Im not the only one Mrs Tink :).. I wear Denim every day my friends have tried hard to get me into dresses but no go..
    I wear denim with flats,thongs or throw some heels on at night to spice them up..Denim Shorts, Jackets,My favourite it a pair of jeans with my leather look jacket , boots and some red lippy ..I would love love these jeans..Yes I am a Denim addict and Im not ashamed to admit it 🙂

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  4. Georgia Chase says:

    My favourite way to wear denim is with a plain white t shirt and a pair of flats or a pair of patent black heels. The outfit goes with any accessory or handbag and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Simple and classy 😉

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  5. katelyn says:

    I love wearing skinny jeans but ever since having my squids (aka kids) I’ve been living in leggings because I love the stretchy material but can’t find a pair of jeans that mimick that feeling! I actually googled prima jeans after seeing your blog a couple of weeks ago and its been my aim to head to the Sunny Plaza and try a pair on..could these be the answer to my jean woes? I love teaming denim with a sheer shirt and a pair of leopard print flats 😍

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  6. superwomanseven says:

    My denim curve embracers from Jeanswest see me from morning til night they look that good.

    Teamed with a flowing feminine tee and comfy flats for a casual fun morning tea with girlfriends and our kids and then a quick change into a sheer white blouse and snakeskin heels for a sexy date night with my hubbie.

    Can’t go wrong 🙂

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  7. Vick says:

    I’m addicted to jeans as well Nat not 34 but getting up to the 15 mark. I love to wear them all the time 🙂 Favourite is with my white linen shirt red blazer and red flats. Then being able to change it up with my bright red heels for a lovely dinner date with my man. Of course matched with gorgeous matching red lippy

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  8. Liz says:

    I bought some jeans at Jeans West last year after wearing them every day & night for 5 days I said to my flat mate how long do you think I can wear these jeans for They feel sooo good ! I don’t want to take them off ! Her answer was until you spill something on them. So day 9 I had a spillage washed & dried them within an hour was wearing them again 🙂 so how do I like to wear my denim – constantly !! Best jeans ever jeans west

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  9. Sonja Toth says:

    What don’t you love to wear denim with?!?! That is the best part about denim is that it is so incredibly versatile. Dressed up with heels, a beautiful top & accessories or dressed down with a favourite plain white T-shirt & cute flats for a cool & comfortable look have to be my favourite ways to wear denim. But really I live to wear it anyway in between as well! Denim Rocks!!!!

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  10. Kristie says:

    As a PT I live in gym pants so how do I wear denim? Well life may need to me lift something heavy or burpee at any given moment so they must be stretchy and comfy. So I throw on my jeans with a baseball tee and my favourite bright coloured high tops and I’m ready to rock.

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  11. Leanne Murphy says:

    I’m new to denim jeans at least I am becoming converted usually I’m a dress kind off girl but I’m slowly moving into wearing jeans not to say in my day I use to wear the good old denim skirt and denim jacket couldn’t get me out off them my issue with denim jeans has been the difficulty in finding jeans that fit my very rounded bottom but a extremely small waste but I managed to find great jeans while in the states that complemented my figure and fit like a glove I think if you find the perfect fit you fall in love because the compliments that find are overwhelming I like to dress my jeans up with either a tight singlet topped off with a great jacket with a fab pair off heals topped off with a great handbag off cause love some advice on great fitting jeans would be appreciated. Let’s rock Denium ladies

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  12. Janis Glassop says:

    I thought I was bad with 18 pairs of jeans! 4 denim jackets and 7 denim skirts. 1 vest and 2 pair denim sandals!!
    Mrs Tink you take the crown, but I love denim any way I can. I work in corporate surroundings and still wear my Country Road favourites teamed with my Esprit Jacket, snazzy heals and silk shirt – perfect 😄😄😄

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  13. donna allen says:

    My first date with my Partner, i was wearing double denim.. yeah baby! We laugh about it now. But it was so cool back then! Today i love a comfy pair of jeans.. dressed up or down! With a Kaftan or Simple Tee! But never doubled up! lol 🙂

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  14. Angie S says:

    My mum loves wearing denim and so do, I guess you could say it’s in the jeans 🙂

    All jokes aside my current denim essential (so basically my obsession) is my high waisted, midi pencil skirt. It is so versatile, comfy and very flattering. I have found myself drawn more to a mid length denim skirt rather than jeans/denim shorts because it is so hard to find a comfortable pair these days. I’ve spent countless hundreds of dollars on jeans which simply never get worn because they fall down, are too short and are just generally unflattering – but these stunning Prima Jeans look like they could be the answer to my prayers! x

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