Mrs Tink Bags something fabulous from Bag Trader and you can too! 

 Like most girls I love my bags! Clutches, purses, handbags even overnight bags! I have just as many bags as I do shoes (and let’s just say I’m a shoe gal too) 

One of my favorite onlines that stocks the most gorgeous bags is Bag Trader stocks gorgeous leather bags in every colour you can imagine, their designs are different from anything you would see in the shops and their prices are similar to what you might find when shopping duty free. 

Shopping online with Bag Trader is easy (a little too easy). With a touch of a button, from the comfort of your home, you could be swinging something pretty off your arm in no time! And with free postage with purchases of over $100 you can bag a bargain without paying inflated freight charges. 

My recent find on Bag Trader was the ‘Hold All Handbag’ and as the name states, this baby does Hold All! My new addition to my collection was pink (of course) and given the quality of the leather was an excellent buy at $120. 


The second my bag arrived I could not only feel the quality, I could smell it! The leather has that beautiful smell that you only get with high quality leather and the stitching and hardware are totally luxe. It’s a perfect everyday bag as it holds everything from my phone, wallet and keys to my water bottle and books plus iPad. And with its strong straps it not only holds everything but rests comfortably on your shoulder. The Hold All Handbag also features an uber cute leopard print insert, perfect for putting things like keys, or items you want easy access to or items you would prefer no one see (tampons) as it zips up and keeps everything safe. 

Would you like WIN your own Pink ‘Hold all Handbag’ from ? Well you’re in luck because the gorgeous team at Bag Trader are giving you opportunity to WIN one for yourself! For a chance to win share with our judges what’s in your handbag? Our judges will pick there favorite answer and announce a winner on 2nd of September at 9pm

Good Luck x

| m: 0417 976 803 | e:

With a love for simple style and gorgeous handbags – our intention is to find the best quality products, with an affordable price tag. Our collection includes handbags, totes, clutches and wallets.

With a love of practical fashion, interiors, styling and all things pretty we aim to offer efficient and unique styles with one simple goal – to inspire your day, whatever you do.
About the bag: 
This genuine leather large shoulder bag has a sleek, versatile design that securely holds all your worldly goodies. It’s a good sturdy bag that sits securely on one shoulder.

· Removable internal pocket
· Interior Slot Pocket, Interior Zipper Pocket, Interior Compartment
· Genuine leather
· Double shoulder strap
· Width – 32cm
· Height – 20cm
· Depth – 13cm
Buy online from


15 thoughts on “Mrs Tink Bags something fabulous from Bag Trader and you can too! 

  1. Jo Taylor says:

    In my handbag right now..Is 3 phones Mine and I just put my sons phones in my bag from school drop off..My purse,keys,Appointment letters,My Allergy spray,mascara and Lip Glass..I have a pkt of cookies ,I carry a crystal for protection 🙂 I also have a small bottle of water..My Bag is a endless black pit..I can never find anything and I never have enough room ❤

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  2. ljene says:

    My handbag features wallet, keys, phone, five lip balms (because a girl can never be without), a fresh misting spray (glorious on a hot afternoon), tea bags (because coffee drinkers buy horrible tea), a bag of salt (for luck; and if I get unlucky enough to be attacked by leeches), munchies for me, munchies for children, munchies for the dog, (horrible to be caught short on munchies), and some knitting (in case there’s ever a peaceful minute to do a row).

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  3. natdesignsblog says:

    If I was to head out the door right now then in my bag would be my wallet, keys, phone, business cards, random receipts that I haven’t gone through yet (whoops), glitter from a wedding card glitter bomb so you never know when a little sparkle may come out, lipgloss (a must), a pen, waterbottle and some rather old chewy that really needs to go in the bin lol

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  4. Leigh isabeth says:

    I’ve got a 2 toy cars, a plane, 2x lip gloss, bonjella, sunnies for me, sunnies for my little boy, wallet, receipts, a pair of little boy socks, hand sanitizer, wipes, pens, throat so others, sunglasses case, tissues (some old, some fresh) bag of 5 and 10 cent coins, and my watch that stopped last week. & Half a packet of cigs.. Even tho I haven’t smoked for 3.5 years lol!!

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  5. Bianca Innes says:

    Oh dear !! My handbag is a nappy bag and it has all the essentials wipes nappies anything my children don’t want to carry while we are out
    I’ve been caught in the mummy rut would love to win a handbag

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  6. Suzanne Ware says:

    My bag is a bit of a tardis. There’s about $20 in small change, a pack of wipes, chewies, a pack of minties (with one left and all the empty wrappers), two lipsticks, an emery board, spare keys, a mini deodorant, a few pens, a box of coloured pencils, napkins (ie tissues) and my purse. Wow! I think I need to clean out my bag no wonder it’s so heavy!

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  7. Yvonne Ryan says:

    Well what is in my handbag lol 3 pens ,mobile phone , purse , face wipes , 2 lipsticks , compact foundation , hair brush , car keys , cards wallets , mentos , mini perfume , hand cream , sanitary products ,sticky notes , tooth picks , hair tie , Advil , tweezers (getting a bit old don’t want an unwanted whisker lol) That is everything ohh little bit of change in the bottom of my bag

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  8. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    What’s in my bag? What’s NOT in my bag at the moment.. I have a 3x Christian Dior Lip gloss, mobile phone, 9 pens, 1 black permanent market, a bottle half full of water, 2 tea envelopes, 3 raw sugar satchels, note book, mimco bracelet & hair tie, car keys, menu from Doyles restaurant in Sydney……. (I live in Mackay..) Vicks stick, 5 perfumes tester cards for new fragrances I’ll never buy……!! Lotto tickets, tissues & glass wipes..

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  9. Rachel Lockery says:

    Wowsers what a question… as my on allways says “why the heck is your bag so heavy”? My allways reply..”u never know wha u may need” Lol! I have my wallet,keys,iphone,sunglasses of course! I feel slightly naked without my sunnies.. lipgloss,face wipes just incase I have to wipe my bag,my face,my hands,spills,so a real must have! Haircomb,a just incase tampon..never get caught out! Tissues,mints,a bandaid,toothpick (who wants to be caught with food in theyre teeth),small mirror,pen & small pad for little notes incase my memory fails me (which can happen especially over the weekend when im doing the 2am adult teen pickups after theyre nights out).2 headache tablets,nailclippers incase I split a nail (nothing more annoying than a catch on everything nail) mascara & powder foundation for touch-ups,deodorant & perfume to continuously smell gorgeous! So….. my bag surely nearlly has it all Lol!!!

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  10. Angie S says:

    I’m actually a bit of a handbag novice. I used to be one of those people who would walk around with my phone, keys and purse and that would be enough – until I had a couple of scares where I couldn’t remember where I put my stuff! Now I carry around the bare essentials (so basically the kitchen sink, a spare change of clothes and food + water for 3 days – because you never know!)

    My everyday handbag includes:
    – Purse
    – Car keys
    – Pen
    – Mascara
    – Concealer & powder
    – Lipstick/gloss
    – Perfume
    – Chewing gum
    – CPR face mask
    – Muesli bar
    – Water bottle
    – Uni text books

    I think you get the picture – my poor little handbag is put under a lot of pressure – I don’t know how I got by before without one!!

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  11. melanie Jacobson says:

    There is soo much in my handbag hence why it weighs a tonne. The best find which i am sure my team will be happy about are all their missing pens, calculators and pencils i grab as i run out the door for appointments and firget to return. Then in the pockets are trinkets i hold for safe keeping when babysitting nieces and nephews that dint get claim. I might be able to make something good from all the Lego

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  12. Susan Bausch says:

    Love the comments my bag is not as interesting as other people’s but just tipped out the contents (hubby Laughed)
    Phone wallet keys mints perfume mascara wipes foundation lipsticks x3 water Panadol pens x5 tissues glasses and hand cream . I didn’t realize I had so much till I had to type it

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  13. Sheryl McAuley says:

    Is this a clever ploy to get us ladies to clean out our handbag by telling you what’s in it;) Lets see – wallet, sunglasses, foundation, lipstick, paw paw ointment, pen and notebook, wet wipes, panadol, my sons latest drawing, phone, keys and spare change 🙂

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  14. Janis Glassop says:

    It would take 3 pages to list what’s in my handbag!!
    All I can say is it holds my life, my day and my world and goes everywhere with me, except the shower 😊😊

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  15. Kathryn says:

    My bag is a little like Mary Poppins! Anything and everything is in there for the just in case incident…lol From Bandaids to tissues and lollipops to toilet seat covers…ha I have it all 🙂

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