Mrs Tink’s Fabulous Fathers Day Giveaway – Bosch PSR 1800Li-2 Cordless Drill

Father’s Day is fast approaching and I thought it was only appropriate that I make sure the Dads were included. Father’s Day means so many things to so many different people especially in the world we live in today where family dynamics are not always Mum, Dad and 3 kids. To me Father’s Day like Mother’s Day is about celebrating those in your life that make it better just by being in it. It’s about celebrating someone who touches your life and that you can rely on through the good and the bad. So, although my questions are Father’s Day related please feel free to enter them all and celebrate someone who enriches your world on Father’s Day.

Mrs Tink x

Mr Tink was like a kid at Christmas when I told him he would be reviewing a new drill from Bosch. For many years Mr Tink, like most men, has been a huge fan of Bosch and their power tools. So, when he was given the opportunity to review one he didn’t need much convincing at all.

While we waited for the drill to arrive I quickly started making notes in my head of all things I wanted done: pictures hung, furniture assembled, a new shoe closet – you know, the usual handyman jobs.

When the Bosch PSR 1800Li-2 Cordless Drill arrived Mr Tink quickly unwrapped it and started down my list of jobs (seemed to miss the shoe closet though!)

As he went about his handyman jobs I could hear him chatting to himself and remarking on how much better it was than his usual cordless drill which is substantially heavier and more expensive. One of the other noticeable differences was the battery life, he worked with the drill all day and there was still plenty of battery left and as a bonus it comes with a second battery which means you have plenty of opportunity to finish what you started (something women everywhere will love, no more half-started jobs).

Another perk with the Bosch PSR 1800Li-2 Cordless Drill is that the drill bits change easily without catching or pulling and considering the size it is surprisingly powerful. Its light weight design is great when drilling upside down and the drive light feature was a big favourite of his and something none of his previous drills have had.

Mr Tink was thoroughly enjoying his new drill and towards of the end of the trial I’m sure he was inventing jobs just to use it! Having worked with many power tools before he would highly recommend this to any household as it is a great drill and fantastic value for money.

Would your Dad like a new drill? The lovely team at Bosch are going to make one Dad very happy by giving him a Bosch PSR 1800 Li-2 Cordless Drill to add to his toolbox. For a chance to win simply tell us what you love most about your dad, and why he deserves to win this drill? We will choose our favourite answer and announce a winner on 6th of September at 9pm.

The Bosch PSR 1800Li-2 Cordless Drill allows for continuous work due to its particularly compact and light-weight design without impacting power. The 18Volt drill is equipped with a twin-sleeve keyless chuck allowing for “clicks” to make for quick and easy tool changes. With a forward and reverse operation function, the Bosch PSR 1800li-2 Cordless Drill has optimum center of gravity and handling thanks to very narrow center with soft grip.

Available at Bunnings Warehouse.

RRP: $149

23 thoughts on “Mrs Tink’s Fabulous Fathers Day Giveaway – Bosch PSR 1800Li-2 Cordless Drill

  1. Sophie Elliott says:

    He has always looked after us, even through the bad times never gave up, he’s always the first to help and he’s the best handyman out, I’m very proud to call him dad, he deserves the world.

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  2. Rhonda Lockery says:

    Hubby would love the Bosch Drill he has been the main person I can depend on for 43 years
    he is always the first person to lend anyone a helping hand & he is such a hard worker
    he has had a rough time lately so I would love to surprise him with this
    thank you for the chance Mrs Tink

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  3. Leanne Murphy says:

    Where do I start my husband is the most dedicated father had works 12 hour days to make sure he’s little ladies get everything they need he never complains when he’s at home he always takes the time to read bed time stories and bath the kids this is his special time and after all off this he takes the time to see his my day has been you guessed it IM ONE LUCKY LADY. Happy Father’s Day to my special man

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  4. Yvonne 'von' Ryan says:

    My dad is totally wonderful. Dad and (mum) took me into their home when l was 18 months of age my mother didn’t want me . They already had 3 children of their own and 2 after my arrival . Dad worked very hard to support 6 children and was the most caring loving dad l could ever have wished for. I was always favoured by dad and his little girl as l think his heart went out to my circumstances . Dad used to be a delivery driver and school holidays l went on the run with him as we had a special bond .Dad has always been their every step of my life since they took me in . Dad has been the most loving caring supporting dad to his 6 children and people that don’t know our story and many don’t would never known l wasn’t a natural born child . This is a wonderful man that took in a child an extra mouth t feed and to treat them like a princess was totally amazing (I found out the truth when l was 14 years old , my birth certificate ) The thing l loved most about dad was that he loved me

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  5. Tanya Walsh says:

    I love my dad , his always been there for his family and been the hardest working man ever . When we were growing up he would take the time to read to us every night no matter how long a day he had . Dad deserves to win this great prize as his just been the best dad and friend to us kids

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  6. Jo Taylor says:

    This may be a simple explanation but he simply is the best because he was a wonderful father and always there for us..Now he is a wonderful Grandfather and is there for all his Grand Baby’s..Its a joy to see how much his Grandkids make him so happy ❤

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  7. Nicole C says:

    There’s three people in my life that this would be perfect for, so it would be a lucky dip if I was lucky enough to win. My dad who is an extremely hard worker, never says no when someone needs him, absolutely loves his tools and I love him so much .. My stepdad who has been there for me so much through the years, is an amazing support for my mum and I love him too and of course my husband, my children’s dad, who is such a great dad, the outdoorsy dad and he would absolutely love a new drill and have his two little helpers close-by.

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  8. Susan Bausch says:

    I love my dads fantastic sense of humour , he’s always the man with a good joke and a great laugh . When I was growing up I was so embarrassed but as I got older and realised how popular he and known for his wonderful character I wouldn’t change him at all . Really love my dad 😄

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  9. sapshu says:

    I love my dad’s positive attitude about life and his “can do ” attitude toward things. He believes that we can win every battle and achieve any goal if we think we can and try to achieve it with 100% effort. My dad is retired now but helps us around the house to the best of his abilities . Bosch PSR 1800 Li-2 Cordless Drill would definitely be a blessing for him and he will be able to fix things much more easily as compared to using hammer and screw drivers.

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  10. Teena L says:

    Dad has always loved us unconditionally, never judged us and taught me that everyone makes mistakes and its how you learn from them that’s important. Dad has always been a giver and helps out anyone that needs a hand, whether he knows them or not! If he won this, no doubt he’d be over at the nighbours fixing her cupboards within a week!

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  11. ljene says:

    My dad is protective and caring. In all the ways a girl needs, always needs. But really, Dad’s hugs are the best. In his arms, I gain as much comfort as I do strength.

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  12. Jodie says:

    My dad is my go to person. He is always helping me out especially when it comes to fixing things around my home.
    He is caring and would drop everything for you.
    Would love to give him this awesome drill!

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  13. Vicki says:

    My dad would love this as his drill just died! He is an amazing dad he has always been there for us whenever we needed him even if we were on the other side of the country! I couldn’t have gotten a better dad!!

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  14. donna allen says:

    MY DAD! Loves, he cares and hes always there.. Positive and selfless! The backbone of our family and we all love him so much! He is a DIY DAD! And would love a New TOY (Drill) 🙂

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  15. Kathryn says:

    I would love to win this for my Dad. He is the type of Dad who is real old fashioned. He has a drill but it’s so old and runs on a lead, We would say Dad you know you can buy cordless drills and he would say, I don’t need one, this is still good! I love how my Dad is so caring, loving and selfless. He truly is an inspiration and always turns any ones frown upside down!

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  16. Tianne says:

    I only get to see my dad once a year so when he comes to visit I have a list of jobs for him to do as my hubby is not a DiY man at all. Dad arrives in December & I would love to surprise him with a new drill to do my jobs for me 😍😍❤️

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  17. Annie says:

    this will be hard because i can see there are alot of great dad comments, though MY DAD raised 2 of my mums children that werent his, always worked very hard to provide for all of us. If mum said no, i could always go to him and count on him to say yes (hope he didnt know i knew this)
    i would LOVE to win this for my dad, currently renovating to sell so it would come very much in handy ! xx


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