Mrs Tink’s Fabulous Fathers Day Giveaway – Gaia Made For Men 

Father’s Day is fast approaching and I thought it was only appropriate that I make sure the Dads were included. Father’s Day means so many things to so many different people especially in the world we live in today where family dynamics are not always Mum, Dad and 3 kids. To me Father’s Day like Mother’s Day is about celebrating those in your life that make it better just by being in it. It’s about celebrating someone who touches your life and that you can rely on through the good and the bad. So, although my questions are Father’s Day related please feel free to enter them all and celebrate someone who enriches your world on Father’s Day.
Mrs Tink x

Mr Tink is a water and soap kind of man who uses sunscreen as moisturizer and shaving cream as cleanser. So asking him to try skin care products was going to be a challenge, however, I was pleasantly surprised when he jumped at the chance to try some new Made For Men Products from Gaia. Here’s his review:

Mr Tink: My shaving process consists of hot shower, shaving cream and shave. When Nat brought home the Gaia products to try I was keen to break the routine and see if I noticed any difference. The first product I tried was the scrub which left my skin feeling very soft. I then tried the shaving cream which was very different from my traditional can which I’ve been using for years. It felt quite cleansing and was great to shave with. I ended with shave gel which was nice and cool on my skin and left it feeling great. Overall, my experience with the Gaia products was great and I will certainly continue to use them in the future especially the scrub which was great after a dusty day at the motor x track. 

Would you like to WIN the man in your life a Gaia Made For Men pack? To enter simply share with us your favourite TV series and why? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 6th of September at 9pm.

Good Luck x

10 thoughts on “Mrs Tink’s Fabulous Fathers Day Giveaway – Gaia Made For Men 

  1. Sonja Toth says:

    Friends! We all have friends in our lives that we can see in each character. I just love to watch Friends marathons and laugh and laugh. Although Sex & The a City is right up there too for the obvious fun girlie reasons. 🙂

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  2. Leanne Murphy says:

    Melrose place when I was. Younger I shared a house either two other people every week we yes to have all our friends over to watch Melrose place the lounge was full off bodies eating popcorn and enjoying this great show off it’s time I look back now and it seems a little silly but we have some great memories most off them was fighting over the toilet in the ad breaks

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  3. Leanne Mugridge says:

    I’m a TV lover and watch every new series that comes on. Parenthood was one of my favourite. I could so relate to the love, the clashes, the support, the interfering, the tears, the fights, the sibling rivalry, the births, deaths and marriages, the family. I watched the entire series and was so sad to see it go. I felt like I was leaving the family.

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  4. Jo Taylor says:

    Greys Anatomy ..Ive watched all the seasons and love all the Character..I have sobbed,Laughed,yelled at the TV..I even tried to boycott the show after Derek died But no I must watch my Greys Anatomy..Its amazing how a show can bring you in and have strangers become a weird part of your life 🙂

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  5. Bec Taylor says:

    Breaking Bad, Walter White, good teacher gone bad, he stopped being a pushover and became a feared drug kingpin! I’m slightly devastated that its all over! Well a lot devastated! I’ll just have to watch it again!

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