Mrs Tink gets her pamper on with Mia Bella and you can too! 

What girl doesn’t love a bit pampering? I know I do! One particular treatment I love is a relaxing massage and since I’ve had my surgery – or boobs done as some may say – I’ve been very conscious of resting on my ermmm… boobies which has meant no beloved massages. When the gorgeous Kerry from Mia Bella invited me into the newly renovated salon for a massage I was ‘busting’ (pardon the pun) to get myself in for some R&R. 

On the day of my massage I was extremely excited to treat my body to some TLC and I arrived early only to realise I’d forgotten to wear knickers. Yes, you read correctly, no knickers. I thought the lovely Kerry would be expecting me to at least be wearing a g string. Burning in shame, I thought quick and bolted to Big W to purchase myself some decent attire to begin my massage (lucky Kerry had no idea I bought special knickers just for her!) 
Finally over my knicker drama (or lack thereof) I found myself at Mia Bella and was delighted to see the new renovations and fit out. The salon looked stunning! The new interior and glass feature was just beautiful and the fixtures and fittings were very upmarket and chic. Being in the newly fitted salon instantly gave me a good vibe and put me in a relaxed state of mind (despite the early hiccup).

  Kerry greeted me and gave me some paperwork to fill out before my massage. It outlined all of the usual things and asked me to point out any areas I would like worked on etc. Once the paperwork was completed I was on my way to relaxation heaven and ready to begin my treatment.  

 As soon as you enter the Mia Bella treatment rooms you feel at ease, the bed is lined with lots of comfy soft towels and the room is dimly lit creating immediate ambience. After I removed my clothes and jewellery I lay on the bed ready to drift off. 

Kerry started with my head which for someone like me is just fabulous as I have been known to lie on a bed during a massage overthinking and making to do lists. Starting with my head really put me in a trance of relaxation. Once the brain was turned off I slipped into a docile state as she worked my back and kneaded all the stress and tension out, keeping good pressure the whole time. At one point I realized my docile state turned to sleep and I started a Homer Simpson type dribble (sorry Kerry I hope I didn’t dribble on the floor). When she had finished my back she used hot towels and finished by spraying a Zen Spray onto my back that felt very cooling and soothing. She later told me it was a special muscle spray to ease and aid muscle tension. 

She then moved onto my legs and then I rolled over for arms and shoulders all of which was extremely relaxing and I could feel my body glowing from the love and attention it was receiving. 

Kerry is very good at making sure you are always being touched and always has one hand on you, even when changing areas. This certainly allows you to truly relax as the massage feels indulgent and flows nicely with no stop starts. Kerry is certainly a therapist who is in touch with her clients needs and I felt was quite intuitive to the areas that needed attention. 
My two highlights of the massage was the head massage and also the hand massage, both make me feel relaxed even when I think of them now. Having never ever had attention paid to either my head or hands before I really loved this and Kerry was one of the first therapists to get me to finally relax and turn my head off.
Are you ready for some ‘you time’? Would you like to visit Mia Bella for a massage to unwind and recharge? You’re in luck because the lovely team at Mia Bella are giving away a relaxing massage to one lucky reader. For a chance to win simply share with us why you would like to visit Mia Bella for a massage? Our judges will choose their favorite answer and announce a winner on the 5th of September at 9pm 

Good luck x 

Mia Bella is the Beauty Salon to cover all your beauty needs.

From Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation, IPL Permanent Hair Reduction to Microdermabrasion & Chemical Peels to Brazilian waxing – all with the convenience of being in Kawana Shopping World, so you’ll never struggle for a park.
Drop in and talk to the gorgeous Mia Bella girls about your beauty needs today!
Mia Bella use only the highest quality machines that are all TGA listed and approved Australian Standards.

7 thoughts on “Mrs Tink gets her pamper on with Mia Bella and you can too! 

  1. Libbey Rose says:

    Oh my… why would I like a massage at Mia Bella! To start with your description of it sounds simply amazing. The massage at Mia Bella as you expressed so well is the ultimate in indulgence. To be so well cared for and pampered would be truly delightful! Thank you for sharing your experience and very funny story of ‘no nickers’

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bree says:

    Oh I would absolutely love a massage from Mia Bella! My boy is nearly one and in this time I realised I haven’t indulged in any pamper time. I’m the kind of person that would rather spend the money on my family than myself. This would allow me to have some me time which is well overdue haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kelly Sutherland says:

    I would love to get a massage from Kerry at Mia Bella, because A she seems like an absolute angel and since it is my birthday coming up on the 15th I would love to pamper myself on that wonderful day. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Angie says:

    I would love to win a massage as I was recently struck down with that awful flu that has been going around. Now that I am on the mend it would be a perfect way to iron out the last couple of aches and pains x plus I’m really keen to see the transformation Mia Bella has had!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Kat says:

    Sing with me!! When I’m feeling blue.. all I have to do, is go to Mia Bella and I’ll make it through. When a massage is near my fingertips, oooh i start to quiver, I could cry a river of happiness!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Annie says:

    i have never ever had a massage!!! have a young toddler / being a single mum, i have never had the spare money to indulge in a massage (maybe just some chocolate here and there to get by haha). i would not only love this but i think its well needed 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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