Mrs Tink Gets her cleanse on with MUMA Health

 I’ve been wanting to do a cleanse for a while. Everywhere I look I see tea detoxing programs, all promising theirs is the best and boasting amazing results with minimal effort.
Now, I’m a girl who understands fad diets don’t work (thank you Atkins, cabbage soup and lemon detox – you all lied). A healthy diet and exercise are the only things that work. So knowing this, why did I want to try a tea cleanse?

The simple answer is I was curious and in hope it would do just what it promised – cleanse my insides give me a and make me feel good. 

 I had heard horror stories about tea cleanses and the effects that had people running to the toilet with gut pains and belly aches so I knew that I would be researching and making sure I went with a reputable company and I was delighted when I stumbled across MUMA Health and their tea range. The reason I decided to review MUMA Health was they didn’t make any outlandish promises (ie you will look like Miranda Kerr by Friday without doing any work) and their philosophies on Health and Wellbeing aligned with mine. So I excitedly waited for the postie to deliver my first ever Tea Cleanse. 


 The tea I used for my review was the 7 Day Brazilian Body Tea (saucy name I thought) the first thing I noticed when my package arrived was how cute the packaging was and being the packaging queen I am, I was in love. Colourful, happy and bright – just how I hoped I would feel at the end of my 7 days. 

 The Brazilian Body Tea consists of a Day & Night formula made from a specially selected blend of antioxidant enriched acai-berry extracts & herbal leaves. The Brazilian Body Tea is formulated to assist your body’s natural cleanse & detoxification processes. The combination of ingredients work together to improve your digestive health & function, leaving you feeling energised & invigorated – what’s not to love about that I thought? Being a huge tea lover I couldn’t wait to start. 


 The idea is to have 1 tea bag morning & night combined with exercise & a healthy diet which – despite my love of champagne – I felt was easy enough to adhere to. 

 To begin my review I found my favourite mug (super important obviously) and I boiled the kettle (another must do) and then just before it hit boiling I stopped it and poured into my mug and left the teabag to steep. After approx. 3/4 minutes I took my first sip and was relieved to find that it tasted lovely, like a nice light floral tea nothing over powering and it was very easy to drink. I was actually disappointed when it was finished because it was really lovely and a refreshing change from my usual green tea.

Later that night I tried the night time version and while it was slightly stronger it was also lovely and very calming to drink. I went to bed that night sleeping like a baby. The next morning I woke up and needed to ‘go’ as in ‘go’ to the toilet. Now I should explain I’m blessed with an ‘uptight bowel’ I don’t just ‘go’ it’s an all-out ordeal where I need to be relaxed in my own surroundings, it needs to be quiet and undisturbed needless to say since having children I’ve had an ‘uptight bowel’ so imagine my surprise when ‘hello sunshine’ I needed to ‘go’ there and then with ease. No tummy ache, easy breezy and no doubt like a man without care in the world. I was so impressed with myself I could not stop talking about it throughout breakfast to an equally excited Mr Tink who for years has felt the perils of my bowel movements or lack thereof (let’s just say 2 weeks of holidays away with one bathroom was tragic for all!)  

I raced to work excited to start day two of my new routine. My tea was once again overly easy to drink and while I wasn’t bouncing off the walls with energy I did feel good. Day three started the same with ‘uptight bowel’ becoming ‘mrs confident’ and it even had me going to the work toilet – something I’ve always dodged for anything other than a quick number one. I also felt by day three I was not craving sugar anymore and didn’t feel like a sneaky mid-week drink (champagne actually sat unopened in my fridge on a Thursday!).

Day Four and I felt myself getting more sleep and waking up clearer and not reaching my 2 o’clock piece of dark chocolate. By Day Five I was on auto pilot with my new tea routine and even skipped my morning coffee. Day Six and Seven I could feel the packet getting lighter and I was disappointed the 7 days were coming to end as I really enjoyed the tea and while I didn’t feel any more energetic, I really enjoyed the cleansing feeling I was getting from my body working the way it should and having a daily visit to the toilet that was something I’ve not experienced before. 

My tummy was flatter, and less bloated and my general wellbeing felt great and while I wouldn’t say it’s been a miracle tea it was a nice gentle cleanse that I felt safe putting inside my body. The ingredients tasted good and I did not feel uncomfortable or have to race to the toilet unexpectedly which was a very welcomed relief. 

 Are you ready for a cleanse? 

Too frightened to try all these crazy tea potions like I was? Well you will be thrilled to hear the team at MUMA Health are giving 1 lucky reader the chance to do the same cleanse as I did for 7 days. 

For a chance to WIN simply share with why you would like to try the Brazilian Body Tea? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 19th of September at 9pm 

 Good Luck x

 MUMA look at creative ways to deliver consumer health products that aim to enhance the everyday lives of our customers. They love seeing their customers feedback from using their products, all which can be seen throughout their Instagram profile @Muma_Health.

Being healthy is a journey, there’s no express way to achieve it, no one stop shop product for it, you need to achieve “health” in multiple categories and it doesn’t come without hard work and determination. It usually takes a long time to achieve a certain level of health and it will definitely take a lifetime to maintain it, but it’s the most important thing you have (or need to get if you don’t), so you better get cracking!
In an increasingly busy world, your health can quickly come second best to the lifestyle you put first. MUMA Health aim to provide health products that assist your everyday life, one mouthful, sip or activity at a time!



Brazilian Body Tea

Available in a 7, 14 or 28 Day Cleanse.

 ✔ Reduces Bloating

✔ Assists in Healthy Weight Loss

✔ Cleanses & Detoxifies

✔ Supports Digestive Health

✔ Antioxidant Boosting

✔ Promotes Overall Wellbeing

✔ Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle



Yerba Mate Leaves | Day Tea  

– Rich in antioxidants 

– Enhances ability to focus

– Enhances physical endurance 

– Aids digestion & helps control weight 

 Green Tea Leaves | Day Tea

– Assists in increasing metabolism

– Helps regulate blood glucose levels  

– Increases fat burning & improves physical performance

 Dried Lemon Pieces | Day & Night Tea

– Rich source of Vitamin C

– Increases gentle movement in the bowels

– Helps alkalize by restoring body pH balance

 Brazilian Acai-Berry Extract | Day & Night Tea

– Promotes skin health

– Improves cellular health & mental function

– Assists in reducing irritation & inflammation within the body

– High in Anthocyanins which lower cholesterol levels in the blood 

 Motherwort Leaves | Night Tea 

– Healing of the anxious mind & heart

– Common remedy used for insomnia & sleep disorders

 Cascara Bark | Night Tea

– Stimulates & assists the large intestine function 

– Promotes overall health of the digestive system 

 Suitable For:

✔ Detox & Cleanse

✔ Body Fat Loss

✔ Paleo Friendly

✔ Vegetarian/ Vegan Friendly

✔ Gluten Free


Day Tea – Steep 1x Tea Bag in hot (not boiling) water for 4-5 minutes, consume before breakfast

Night Tea – Steep 1x Tea Bag in hot (not boiling) water for 4-5 minutes, consume 30 minutes before bed

 Advisory Statement: 

Before consumption, consult with a health practitioner to ensure this dietary supplement is suitable for you. Discontinue use in the event of diarrhea, abdominal pains, watery stools, headaches or any other abnormalities. Persons under 18 years old should seek parental/guardian permission before use. Day tea contains caffeine

If you are pregnant or breast feeding, please consult with a medical practitioner to ensure this product is suitable for you.









8 thoughts on “Mrs Tink Gets her cleanse on with MUMA Health

  1. Susan Bausch says:

    Ohh Mrs Tink , I can certainly relate to everything you say about fad diets but that cabbage soup diet was the worst although good for the bowel as I never got off the toilet!!! But like you l have learnt over the years that you just have to eat properly and find the time to exercise to loose weight and after you’ve lost weight more importantly to maintain the weight loss . I would love to try this to cleanse and detox and a little weight loss wouldn’t be bad as we all put on a little weight over winter . This certainly looks interesting

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Leah says:

    Sounds great!
    I would love to try this gentle cleanse. I have just started getting back into the swing of healthy living. Exercising and eating fresh whole foods. I would love to have a little more energy to keep up with my two little boys who seem to have endless energy!
    It sounds like a great product & I totally agree-the packaging is awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kathryn says:

    Oh Mrs Tink this sounds great! I would love to give my insides a bit of a clean. I was always too scared with detox’s but this gentle MUMA health tea sounds good. Some days I feel so bloated and with no energy. Would love this too help kick start my healthy lifestyle!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Morgan says:

    Mrs Tink this tea cleanse sounds amazing! I am similar in the sense that sometimes a two week holiday can be very uncomfortable, as well as in the morning, “to go” as you would call it. Paired with the realistic expectations of this tea cleanse it sounds like a winner to me, and I would love to try it!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Tiffani Prasad says:

    This tea sounds like a winner!
    I am someone who also has bowl problems, and I’ve been searching for something to ease my way back into a “normal” bathroom rutine! I can’t drink coffee, or have so much caffeine.. So saying that, I’m a tea girl. Can’t go a day without an nice steamy cup of tea.
    Would love the chance to give this beautiful product ago!
    Good luck x

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Stacey says:

    Fantastic seeing and hearing your review Mrs Tink. I would love to try mumma health products. Although I am only a mumma to my fur baby Charlie. All things natural and cleansing I am all for. One product I haven’t tried as yet is any type of cleaning tea so by the sounds of your experience I would absolutely love it. 💞💞

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Leonie says:

    I am definitely like you – very skeptical & a bit weary of these “teatoxes” as I have read a bit of negative feedback about some of the products which are available. The fact that MUMA Health lists all of the ingredients with their benefits really eases my mind because I can see exactly what is going into my body (no nasties!) It sounds like a great way to kickstart my get fit for summer plan. Love that you are always bringing us new products and giving us your honest opinion ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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