Mrs Tink gets a run for her money as a new ‘selfie master’ enters the building. 

Since starting my blog I take my camera everywhere – some might say it’s my second limb. My poor husband and children are forced to take a ridiculous amount of photos of me and the things I blog about. I get many an eye roll when I ask them to make like a tourist and snap up a storm until I’m content with the image. So, when the lovely team at VTech sent me their Kidizoom Twist Plus Camera to review I knew I’d be getting a taste of my own medicine as Master 6 learnt the art of photography.

I’ve been a fan of VTech for many years now, they are an amazing company who produce quality toys that are not only colourful and fun (as all toys should be) but also educational. I’ve purchased VTech toys for both of my kids many times before and to date have not bought anything we’ve not loved. Their toys have stood the test of time and have been passed down through the years from one child to the other. Other than the replacement of batteries they’ve kept going and going. When I was asked to review a VTech product I was thrilled and knew Master 6 would be too! 
When our parcel arrived I quickly unwrapped the Kidizoom Twist Plus Camera. I was excited to see all the features it had and was certainly not disappointed: 

· Camera

· Video Camera

· Games

· Voice Recorder

· Photo Editor

· Duel Camera Focus

The list went on and I began to think this camera had more features than my own! The best bit is that it came with all the cables to hook up to the computer. Master 6 is very passionate about Lego and Superheroes the second he opened the camera he started mapping out a film script that he planned on directing for his toys to audition for (certainly the best offer Buzz Light Year has had since Toy Story!) 

Now, I should explain we are a family that does not read instructions. Unless all else fails we dive in and press buttons non-stop until we’ve worked it out. Master 6 not unlike Mum & Dad bolted off with his new camera and within 10 short minutes had worked it out and was clicking away and recording our every move.

The twisting lens was a huge hit and Master 6 being his Mothers son quickly learnt the art of a fab selfie which he then edited with funny animation giggling at the pictures of himself and he went. 

FYI as a warning to all Mummies hearing your voice being played back is not the best noise to hear and being filmed on the toilet is also not super attractive. Master 6 relished making me uncomfortable in front of the camera as I’ve done to him for many years now! 

The zoom on the Kidizoom is super clever, and got all my best angles as I bent down picking up toys. One thing he especially loved filming was Daddy kicking back and relaxing when he was supposed to be mowing the lawn! 

Master 6 quickly found his feet and filmed our every move and did it well, might I add. Considering it’s a small camera the features are amazing and watching him edit photos and making us look ridiculously  funny had the whole family in hysterics!

A special feature I loved that brought an air of silence with it was the 5 games programmed into the device which kept Master 6 quiet for the car trip to and from school. The added bonus is that they are educational, not that Master 6 picked up on the fact he was learning as he played. He felt very cheeky breaking my no video games ban. 
In a world filled with video games and apps I’m very cautious about what I let my kids play with, I’d prefer them to be outside rather than clicking away on a video game. So it brought me great comfort that the Kidizoom Twist Plus Camera encourages imagination, learning and playing all in one and it kept Master 6 entertained for hours at a time. It was not just another toy that you throw in the bottom of the toy box.

10 points to VTech on another fabulous product. 
Would you like to WIN a Kidizoom Twist Plus Camera for your little person? Well the lovely team at VTech are giving one lucky reader the chance to WIN one! 

For a chance to win simply share with me what was your favourite toy growing up as a child? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 21st of September.

Good luck x 

20 thoughts on “Mrs Tink gets a run for her money as a new ‘selfie master’ enters the building. 

  1. Bianca Innes says:

    My favorite toy growing up was my play shop it had everything from stocked shelves to baskets and a cash register that was the best toy I have ever had!! And a close second would be my cabbage patch doll terry

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  2. Bianca Innes says:

    My favorite toy growing up was my play shop it had everything from stocked shelves to baskets and a cash register that was the best toy I have ever had!! And a close second would be my cabbage patch doll terry
    The endless days of playing shops with the neighborhood kids best memories

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  3. Yvonne 'von' Ryan says:

    ohh Mrs Tink, now you asking us to give away our ages lol . l had a Chrissy doll she had long auburn hair and she had a dial on her back to wind up her hair to make it short .Chrissy had a beautiful shiny blue dress , how l loved that doll and the hours l spent playing with that hair .

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  4. Kathryn says:

    I love VTech toys. Such a fantastic brand that is high quality and has awesome learning toys. Both my little Miss 6 and Master 3 love taking selfies…lol what a great toy this is! Growing up as an 80’s child there was so many fabulous toys. Barbie and the rockers, rainbow bright, my little pony, cabbage patch dolls, view master. But I would have to say I absolutely loved my Sleepy Care Bear. I would take him anywhere and everywhere and till this day I keep him sitting on my shelf in my walk in cupboard 🙂

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  5. Leanne Murphy says:

    My favourite toy when I was growing up was a barbie van wasn’t really into girls toys but I did love that van I use to play for hours with my dolls but most of all I use to ride it down the street like a scooter I think I enjoyed that more with my mum screaming behind me ( it Can’t take your weight) but I proved her wrong it could it was big and sturdy

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  6. Susan Bausch says:

    I am embarrassed to say but I played marbles with the boys and even more embarrassed to say I still have that collection I have carted it from house to house for years . I cannot part with it , l must admit some are very knocked about especially my Tom bowlers . I wasn’t into dolls at all and Santa often got me a doll perhaps to encourage me to be a girl .

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  7. Nicole C says:

    I’d have to say when I was younger, my fave toy was my blackboard .. I would line up all my dolls and teddys and ‘teach’ them. Then it was my bigger doll, coz I used to braid her hair. Then as I got older again, I loved my tape player .. I would sit it on our fort and make up dances in the backyard. It was so much fun, dancing to my Young Talent Time tape 🙂

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  8. Natalie Murnane says:

    A blond curly hair hard plastic baby crawling doll. It’s arms and legs clicked into position and when switched on it would slowly crawl. Laying face up it moved it’s arms and legs like a real baby. I was the eldest of 3 so now with my kids I see why mum might have got it for me. I bet I sat next to her while she was feeding or holding my brothers and I copied her. She still has it although it’s clothes and battery cover are missing my daughter still loves it. It’s 40 yrs old and still loved and almost in better nick than me.

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  9. Jo Taylor says:

    I had a doll I called her Evie.. You could press a button and pull her hair out long down her back..Then you could wind it up to make shorter hair styles..I loved that doll carried her around everywhere spent endless hours styling her hair..Then one day I cut her hair as little kids like to do..Not really realising the results..No more button pushing for long hair..OPPS..She stayed in the family for many years as my sister also loved her as well ..But my sister never did get the Joy of instant hair from Evie and I never did become that hairdresser I thought I should of been 🙂 Oh how I wish I could just push a button and have my hair grow long when Ive had a disastrous haircut 🙂

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  10. sheryl cowell says:

    Growing up with 8 siblings and in an abusive home, we didn’t get much but the one thing I had that I treasured was my newborn baby doll that my dad bought me when I first met him at the age of 7

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  11. Amy Shambrook says:

    I loved my Sally Secrets doll. She had stickers that came out of her tummy when you wound her arm backwards, ink stampers in her shoes and stencil earrings. She was magical!

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  12. Jackie says:

    My favourite toy was my barbie campervan and pool. My cousin and I used to ride it up and down the street between our houses to take barbie and friends on holidays. So much fun.

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  13. Tiffani Prasad says:

    Going to keep this short and sweet, hands down Polly pocket was the best thing ever! I loved playing with their weird squishy clothing and shoes (I used to chew on, sorry mum)
    Kids these days just don’t know what it was like to dress up the little dolls!

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  14. Rebecca says:

    This camera looks awesome!!
    My favorite toy growing up was my skip it, it was that ring that went round your ankle and it had a ball attached to the end of line that counted how many time you managed to “skip” over it. I spent hours with that thing. I need to find one again that would be terrific excercise lol

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  15. Leanne Marie says:

    My favourite to was Teddy Ruxpin , used to be fascinated on how the bear could talk and sometimes my evil sister lol would record things she shouldn’t then play it and blame me so I’d get into trouble 😳

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  16. Leanne Marie says:

    Wow awesome prize, my favourite toy was Teddy Ruxpin, I was alway amazed when I was little that my teddy bear could talk, my evil sister lol would sometimes record things on there then play it and blame me so I would get into trouble from our parents 😁

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