Mrs Tink Reviews the Kambrook Captiv12V Turbo Handheld Vacuum

No one likes housework – well not in the Tink House anyway! But recently, since receiving the Kambrook Captiv12V Turbo Handheld Vacuum, we’ve had a little more bounce in our step. This clever little guy has changed things in our home and everyone has started to tidy up – even Master 6! Want to know more? 

Kambrook recently posted me the Captiv12V Turbo Handheld Vacuum to review and coincidentally, it was something that we already desperately needed as our very expensive model had just packed it in (R.I.P. Dusty) and we were in the market for a replacement. The Old Duster gets a good work out in Camp Tink with my never ending amounts of hair falling out, 3 inside dogs and 2 young children (inside children). 

If I’m honest I was sceptical when I realized the model I would be trying out was priced at just $79.95, as our previous model was about $300 but, never the less, I was eager to compare. When the Captiv12V arrived I was thrilled to see the wall mount was simple and easy to install. The cradle was far easier to fit into our cupboard than our previous model. This was a big bonus straight from the word go because it made accessing it a breeze even for Master 6. 
The Kambrook Captiv12V Turbo Handheld Vacuum has great power, I was actually surprised given its compact size it was as powerful as it was. The handle was nice to grip and it made getting around the smaller areas easy. Over the time of the review we only had to empty the dust canister once, which was a pleasant surprise. One of the other big pluses I discovered was the attachable rotating brush head which is amazing for pet hair. It worked even better than my large vacuum. 
For such a small device it certainly gets the job done and holds its charge extremely well, I was able to do all the floors and counter tops with no issues at all and then Mr Tink put it to work in the car again with no power issues. All in all I was astounded at how it compared with our previous vacuum which was double the price.
10 points to Kambrook for a quality product at a fantastic price which we will certainly continue to use. 
Would you like to add the Kambrook Captiv12V Turbo Handheld Vacuum to your household? The fantastic team at Kambrook are giving one lucky reader the chance to win one for their own home! Simply share with us why you would like to win and the judge will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 30th of September at 9pm. 

Good luck x  

Kambrook Captiv12V Turbo Handheld Vacuum (KHV400) Offering powerful dust collection and a turbo brush for carpet and upholstery cleaning, the Kambrook Captiv12V Turbo handheld vacuum is ideal for keeping Dad’s car in top shape. Lightweight and portable, the vacuum includes an on-board crevice tool and range of brush accessories for easy cleaning in hard to reach areas, such as inbetween and underneath car seats. 

· Superior 12 volt Ni-MH rechargeable battery 

· Powerful dust collection with turbo brush for carpet and upholstery cleaning 

· Great for picking up pet hair 

· Large capacity dust canister with filter 

· On board small brush and crevice tool accessories 

· Wall-mountable charging base 

· RRP $79.95 

· 1300 139 798 / 

27 thoughts on “Mrs Tink Reviews the Kambrook Captiv12V Turbo Handheld Vacuum

  1. donna allen says:

    Mine has just died and i used it everyday.. With dark carpets i’m constantly dust busting.. As you see every crumb. I Also like to hand vacuum around, too rid of dust that may be harmful to my family’s asthma & allergies.

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  2. Bianca Innes says:

    With 5 kids and 2 cats and my love of a clean house I would love one of these.
    A little tinge of excitement at the thought of not having to carry and plug in a heavy vacuum 😄

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  3. Leigh Isabeth says:

    Having a 22 mo th old boy means LOTS of messes, anything from food and water to dirt… How did that get in my bed?!?!? My guy is very adventurous and experimental. He likes to take all the outside things, and bring them, and vice versa. We have a lot of interesting messes in interesting places! The Kambrook Captiv 12V turbo handheld vacuum would certainly become my new best friend!

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  4. Jenny says:

    This little vacuum could probably change my life. I just wanted to start off by saying “My name is Jen, and I have a problem with creating mess.” Now that it’s out in the open (step 1 is admitting you have a problem so we’ve gotten that far) I can say, I am that person who leaves crumbs on the side, hair on the couch and tracks dirt up the stairs. Every household has one and my room mates probably wish they didn’t, but they do – sorry! With this little weapon I could probably stop 99% of household arguments before they occur 🙂

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  5. dribblepotsandtots says:

    This sounds like an awesome little thing. We currently have a big bulky vac that doesn’t fit in any cupboards, so it’s constantly left lying around for the kids to destroy(again). If your Master 6 can handle this little beauty, I’m sure I can teach my master 5 and Miss 3 how to as well!

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  6. dribblepotsandtots says:

    This sounds like an awesome little thing. We currently have a big bulky vac that doesn’t fit in any cupboards and gets left lying around for the kids to destroy(again). If your Master 6 can handle this little beauty then I am sure I can teach my master 5 and Miss 3 how to use it!

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  7. Kiralie Allan says:

    after 15 years I finally have the lounge of my dreams. It is light grey and I swear if I see anyone eating on it, near it, around it or over it I will lose my you-know-what. Now I just need a lovely vacuum to rid the airborne dog hair, human hair, fluff, lint and bad thoughts from its beautiful sweet cushions.

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  8. Jes Dee says:

    Between the dog hair in the car from my furbaby and plaster dust from the man-child I love left on the couch and all that in between, this compact dust buster would be a miracle and time saver.

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  9. kerrie Morgan says:

    This would be so handy and so practical for little messes. With four kids (all inside) two fur babies (inside) there always seems to be little messes around the house.
    Would certainly love this to make my life just a little easier.

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  10. ljene says:

    My cleaning urges are rare. But when they strike, I’d love to get down and get it done with turbo power. By the time I get out the vacuum cleaner, scare the dog, reassure the dog, play with the dog… Well, the cleaning urge has passed.

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  11. Tiffani Prasad says:

    Omg! I think is one of the best giveaways yet!
    I would absolutey love the chance to own one of those bad boys!
    I have a cat with anxiety and depression, yes that’s right.. I said my Cat! And with one of his symptoms is pulling out fur! Every morning we all wake up to tuffs of hair all over the place. I actually wish I could post a photo! By the time we finish cleaning up after him, we have about a full hand full of fur! This would be so perfect to be able to quickly suck up that hair.

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  12. Jo Taylor says:

    I have 4 boys, 1 husband that loves to four wheel drive he also regularly walks in the house with mud ,grass, dirt on his boots..Also add 2 dogs and 3 cats and two birds..HELP 🙂 ..Some days I think I should just have a vacuum attached to me as I always seem to be dragging it out..This would be wonderful,easy ,no heavy pulling or pushing or dragging behind me and I’m sure the hubby and kids wont complain when they get their go to clean too 🙂

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  13. Leanne Marie says:

    wow great prize, I would love to win this as having 4 littlies under 2yrs old plus couple bigger children on school holidays this would make my day so much easier, as you could imagine the feeding frenzy at meal times and the mess left over.

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  14. Rachel Lockery says:

    Well this would surely answer my prayers of easier vaccing! Im admittedly OCD! I am also a sufferer of severe psoriosis, im in recovery atm from losing all skin to my hands…ohh the struggle! Nothing worse than being OCD & not being able to pull out & set up a normal vac because the weight is too much. This handheld vac would become my newest best friend! I have 4 older teens & a pug that think literally that im superwoman….. with the kambrook Captiv 12volt its quite possible! Kambrook is also a company we know & trust so im presuming reliability which every mum needs!

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  15. Tianne says:

    My oldest daughter is getting ready to fly the nest & I would love to help send her on her way with this little Kambrook vacuum. I’m hoping she would know how to use it as she claims not to know how to use mine!! 😜😜


  16. Tanya Walsh says:

    l would love this for my nan , this would be just so handy . Nan is 76 and is just so fussy and this would be very easy for her to use . Nan has her cat inside and is forever getting the cat hair of her lounge suite , being lightweight this would be perfect

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  17. Chantal says:

    For those never ending ‘little’ piles of sand that appear on the carpet, couch, bed, after in the sand pit regardless of how much you dust the kids off. The Kambrook Captiv12v turbo handheld vacuum would be bliss+


  18. sheryl cowell says:

    With wooden floors all through the house it’s constantly dusty, and pulling out the big vacuum cleaner is a hassle and sweeping just makes it worse, having something like this would make my cleaning a lot easier

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  19. sheldyn warwick-hart says:

    I’d absolutely love to win this for my Nan! She loves her big, industrial sized super vacuum but won’t admit it’s getting a bit tough to drag it out for quick jobs! This would be a present she would definitely get some serious use out of!

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  20. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    Oooooohhhhh!! Not really sure I do want to win this….. It means I might have to clean my apartment!! But if it’s as good as you say, it should take me next to no time to whip around this place!! Hehehehe!!

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  21. Leanne Murphy says:

    This would be fantastic with three dogs one cat two tornados better know as kids trashing my house my youngest daughter savannah is a crumb monster I no where she’s been I just have to follow the trail I no this would be fantastic you never no they might even take up cleaning fingers crossed 😀😀😀

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  22. Kathryn says:

    So much dirt and hair, all over my floors and everywhere! This compact Kambrook Captiv12V Turbo Handheld is a must, to make my home free of dust! Perfect for those quick clean ups, when my kiddies decide to make a muck. No need to drag out the big vacuum cleaner, this Kambrook has the suction of a big meaner 🙂

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  23. Hasan Ahmed says:

    First time I have known about this Kambrook Captiv12V Turbo Handheld. I haven’t heard any review about this one before. The design looks so standard that i expect.
    So, do you think this Kambrook Captiv12V Turbo will better than Dyson handheld?

    Liked by 1 person

    • mrstinkblog says:

      Hi Hasan, I’ve never tried the Dyson handheld before so I couldn’t honesty say however the Kambrook Captiv12V had great suction and was great to use. It certainly would not replace your normal vacuum but it was great to use for day to day and I found it to have good power 😊


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