Tanning with Tinky

I was in the line the other day at the supermarket when a stranger touched my arm and said, “What lovely skin you have.” Normally I suffer from personal space issues and don’t like to be touched by strangers (unless of course that stranger is David Beckham, then touch away). However, with a compliment like that I was taken aback and smiled. The lovely stranger then continued, “What nationality are you?” I replied, “British,” to which the kind stranger giggled and said, “Normally Brits are so pale.” And don’t have a full-fledged Australian accent – I’m sure she was thinking.Suddenly, it hit me. She was commenting on my spray tan which I’d had done only a day earlier. “Oh no,” I said, “I’ve just had a spray tan, I’m normally quite pale.” My poor complimentitive (another word from the Mrs Tink Dictionary) stranger was staring at me completely lost – like I’d just told her I was really a man. Staring at me astonished she asked, “What on earth is a spray tan?” Then it was my turn to be astonished, how on earth did she not know what a spray tan was? Had she just arrived on a UFO? Before I had a chance to educate this this poor soul the checkout operator called her and she was off and out the door.
How could it be that someone had not heard of a spray tan? I’ve been religiously getting them for years and they’re as much a part of my beauty routine as getting my eyebrows waxed or shaving my legs (actually I only shave my legs to get a spray tan)! I was gas bagging away to a girlfriend the next day and mentioned that I had been felt up by a stranger and that my touchy stranger had never heard of spray tans. My girlfriend giggled and said, “That’s not strange, I’ve heard of one but I’ve never had one.” Bewildered and ready to wash her mouth out with soap I gave her the number of my gorgeous spray tan goddess Simone from Leana Dean. I told her that once she had a spray tan, she would never look back.
Now, many of you would have seen me mention Leana Dean Mobile Spray Tanning so you would know that Simone is my go-to-girl for all my events. She specialises in an organic tan called Naked Tan which smells amazing, unlike other tans. It’s not sticky and the thing I love most of all is you can wash it off after just 2 hours. Naked Tan not only looks gorgeous on your skin but also leaves it feeling soft and moisturised. 
So why do I love having a spray tan so much? 
Here’s my top ten reasons: 

1. A good tan makes you look fitter and healthier 

2. No tan lines

3. It’s safe! No UV lights and no exposure to the sun 

4. It’s quick, easy and doesn’t streak or stain your sheets 

5. You will wear less make up because your skin will look flawless

6. Everything in your closet looks better with a tan 

7. You can wear white! 

8. No one will ever know! A good tan will give you a glow like that nice ‘just been on a holiday’ look (not make you look like an Oompa Loompa)

9. It’s cheaper than a holiday 

10. They make you feel fab! 

 So if you’re sitting at home and a spray tan virgin like my girlfriend (not mentioning any names, Court) you may want to follow a few simple tips prior to getting a spray tan.
– Find someone reputable and check out pictures of their previous clients 

– Ask questions about the tan they use and what type’s skin it works best with. After using many different brands I’ve found Naked Tan to be the best. 

– Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate! Make sure you have shaved and exfoliated for a long lasting tan

– Wear loose, comfortable clothes after your tan 

– Don’t go Jamaican Dark for your first tan 

– Moisturise after your tan to make it last longer (Naked tan has an amazing Shea Moisturiser)

I’ve teamed up with the Queen of spray tans herself – Simone from Leana Dean Mobile Spray Tanning – and we are giving one lucky reader the chance to see what all the buzz is about and try a Naked Tan with Simone. The best part is she will come to you! For a chance to win your own personal tanning session simply share with us why you would like to win? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 3rd of October. 
Good Luck x  
Please note: this prize is only available to Sunshine Coast residents. 
If you would like to book in a spray tan to get your bronze on call Simone from Leana Dean Mobile Spray Tanning on 0408 708 648 and Mention MRS TINK and pay on $28! instead of $35 

7 thoughts on “Tanning with Tinky

  1. Bianca Innes says:

    Omg I’m a spray tan virgin although I probably wouldn’t have gone to the extent of touching you up Mrs Tink (maybe ) but I would love to try it ! Started with personal trainer in the coming weeks would love to have a nice glow !!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Shannon Russell says:

    Another spray tan virgin here and would love to see what all the hype is about! I’ve had fair skin for all of my 40+ years and religiously stay out of the sun, but I am curious what my lily white pins would look like a few shades darker!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Kelly S says:

    Spray tan’s aren’t normally my thing but since seeing your beautiful tan, I want one so badly. I would love for Simone to make me feel like a bronzed babe!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sarah L says:

    I’d like to win one because I’m too lazy to dig a hole at the beach for my big pregnant belly to sit in while I tan the back half of me (and tanning at the beach is naughty 🙊)

    Liked by 1 person

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