Getting your glow on the safe way

One question I’ve been asked for years by friends is, “why do you get a spray tan?” My answer is always the same… “Because they make you feel fab.” 

I’m a slip, slop, slap gal who shies away from baking in the sun but I love nothing more than a golden sun kissed glow (without the risk of skin cancers) and the only way to do that is a safe tan – hello spray tan! Simone from Leana Dean Mobile Spray Tanning is my spray tan goddess who keeps me looking tanned and fit (yes, they make you look fitter) for all of my special events. And my two fave things about Simone (other than she is a super cool chick) is she tans me in 10 minutes flat and she uses a gorgeous organic brand called Naked Tan. In under two hours I look like I’ve come back from a relaxing holiday in Fiji and all in the comfort of my own home without harming my skin in the process. 

I recently went to an event all tanned up and received countless comments on how healthy I was looking and even had one girl asked if I was using Botox because I looked younger. No one could quite put their finger on why I looked so healthy or where my glow had come from. I grinned from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat knowing exactly what it was…. My spray tan from the night before! Simone is certainly a regular at my house and someone I can’t live without. 

I want to share her (you can’t keep her, she’s mine!) with one reader. One of you will get to experience a professional tan and feel a million bucks. So for a chance to win a personal spray tan session in your own home using the beautiful naked tan products I want you to tell me why you would like to get your glow on? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 27th of October at 9pm. 

Call Simone on 0408 708 648

4 thoughts on “Getting your glow on the safe way

  1. Sophia R says:

    I want to get my glow on for next weekend as I am going out on a boat with my family and could do with a fake tan rather than hurting your skin and getting a real one!

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