Are you ready for Glitterlicious Nails ? 


You’ve heard me rave nonstop about AnneMaree owner of Glitterlicious and nail art extraordinaire. AnneMaree is one clever artist and given the interest we had from our Happy Friday segment we shot in her salon we felt it only fitting to give one of you the chance to come in and enjoy the full VIP experience and try some of her ‘fantasy nails’ valued at $99! AnneMaree will do a fabulous set of acrylic nails for you in a saucy Halloween style and all you need to do is give us a hand…. Well kind of! IMG_1071-2
For a chance to win we want you to post a picture of your hands and share with us why you’re desperate for some VIP treatment. Our judges will choose the person who feel most needs some pampering and announce a winner on the 23rd of October at 9pm .

Good luck x

Check out our video from my last Glitterlicious experience :


7 thoughts on “Are you ready for Glitterlicious Nails ? 

  1. cassandra says:

    I wish you could pick me even from australia you should see my nails after removing gel and getting dermatitis from a oil product and leaving my nails weak and really embarrassing at the moment, love to have a fellow nail technician pamper me for a change 😊

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  2. Rebecca Van Jole says:

    I’m a mum of 3 and my latest Bub is 12 weeks and I would love to be pampered for once 😃 and I love Halloween. I think I deserve a bit of attention but my 8 year old daughter would be impressed too as she loves Halloween and cool nails.

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  3. Leigh isabeth says:

    I’m not sure how to post a photo from mobile to this post, but I can assure you that my chewed down fingertips would look quite splendid with some fantasy nails. My hands and I could definitely do with some pampering! Good luck ladies X

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  4. Jenna L says:

    My nails coulds definitely use some pampering as there are soo weak from using gel and picking them off! I would notice a huge difference in having my nails done in your salon as you look like you use fantastic products and take care in your work!! 💅💜💄

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  5. Chloe Gower says:

    Please save me from my man looking nails and make them absolutely beautiful girly nails 🙂 and save me from biting them 😦 would love to have a beautiful set of glamorous nails ❤️🙏🏼💅

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  6. Sam S says:

    Unfortunately these days my nails are not high on my priority list. They are all different lengths and really need some TLC. It would be a massive confidence boost to be able to look down and see one of AnneMaree’s beautiful creations on my very own hands.

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