Ready for some bubbles with Damn Fine Wine ? 


I’m a bubble girl through and through, I love the sound it makes when you pop the cork and I love the Uber fab taste. The second the bubbly liquid passes your lips it’s like a dance party in your mouth. So when the team from Damn Fine Wine posted me a bottle of Italian prosecco I knew I was up for the challenge. I’m a champagne drinker normally but one of things I love about a good prosecco is the lightness which makes it easy to drink. It’s a more flirty kind of bubbles you may say. 

When the Bottega Prosecco Superiore arrived I was taken aback by it’s sexy sleek bottle and the air of mystery that it had. I loved that I had no idea what I was in for and suddenly felt like a wine connoisseur getting my pallet ready for what lay inside. 

I poured my bubbles into one of my long stemmed champagne glasses to really set the mood, the lovely light gold Prosecco filled my glass and lots of tiny bubbles greeted me at the top. 
As soon as I took my first sip I knew it was love, it was refreshing, light and very easy to drink… Too easy! One glass down I decided I was ready to saddle up for another, after all I was doing ‘research’ for the blog. To be able to review the product completely I had to drink a number of glasses just too make sure I was soaking it all in. A few hours later Mr Tink wandered into find me extra bubbly and nothing but a dribble left in the bottle. “Good, huh?” He muttered realising there was none left for him. Ahh the perils of wine reviewing one must drink all it takes to do a proper review! 

All in all I would give this bottle two thumbs up, it will certainly be one I’m reaching for this summer. 
Would you like to jump onboard and review your own bottle of Bottega Prosecco Superiore from Damn Fine Wine? Simply share with us how you will be enjoying your bottle and our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 16th of November at 9pm

Good Luck x

11 thoughts on “Ready for some bubbles with Damn Fine Wine ? 

  1. Leanne Murphy says:

    I would share some bubbly with my mum it’s her birthday on the 23rd on November and still the ripe young age of 72 she still is young at heart love to see her let her hair down and shake her booty

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  2. Jess B says:

    Um, I want to say somewhere fabulous like the beach at dusk with the salty breeze bustling my kaftan around my legs as the lapping ocean entertains my family…but it will probably be in my kitchen, wearing work clothes, looking out the window thinking ‘what the hell do I cook for dinner tonight?’ And ‘I should really mow the lawn this weekend…’

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  3. Sophie Elliott says:

    Mmmmm I thought have friends over and do a BBQ, but then I haven’t tried bubbles from Damn Fine Wines, so I really should do my homework before sharing with friends, so maybe a good book by the pool, one glass one bottle and really study the bubbles before sharing.

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  4. Leigh Isabeth says:

    I will save it for Xmas night when I’m with my best girls and their kids, some who we haven’t seen since last Xmas, it will be a wonderful celebration, and what better way to celebrate Xmas, friends and family than a delicious bottle of Bottega Prosecco 🍾🍾

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  5. Sara Johnston says:

    I’d dearly love to share a bottle of Italian Prosecco with my husband at the end of a long week with my beautiful, rich tiramisu…after we’ve run the marathon that is putting our boys to bed! And in celebration of our wedding anniversary 🙂

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  6. Sophia R says:

    I would love to be enjoying these bubbles in a few fridays time when I will be travelling overseas. I would love to share this bottle with one of my best friends/boss! x

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  7. Kathryn says:

    Everyone loves a Damn Fine Wine! Especially one that’s so smooth and easy to drink…hiccup! I would love to share this with our close family friends. Christmas is coming up and what’s a better way to start the Christmas celebrations than with a beautiful bottle of Bottega Prosecco 🍷🍸😊 Cheers Mrs Tink x

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