Ladies it’s time to talk about…. Pelvic Floor

 Shhhh… Ladies today we are going to talk pelvic floor. 

Rather than beating around the bush (no pun intended) I wanted to get that over and done with quickly, like a Band-Aid. 
So, Pelvic Floors – we all have one. Some may work better than others and some like mine are leaky, and weak. If I were a tap you’d call a plumber and ask for the full treatment. As I was growing up I heard women talk about doing the ‘exercises’ and giggling about doing Kegels at each set of traffic lights but for a prude like me the idea of doing ‘that’ was just too much and I decided it just was not for me. 
I can clearly remember like it was yesterday, I was 5 months pregnant with Master 6 and walking through Myer when I coughed and sneezed all at once and BAM a huge gush of liquid (wee) flew out of me and onto the floor. I was dying of shame. Dying. So what did I do? I did what anyone else would do and flew out to the car telling the shop assistant to grab a mop someone has spilt a drink in the aisle and I left with drenched knickers. Sorry Myer. 

I put it down to being pregnant and as the accidents continued I decided to wear a pad as big as a surfboard just so no more ‘peeing in Myer’ experiences happened again. After I gave birth I was at Mothers Group giggling at a story being told when again BAM I sprung a leak and had to again excuse myself and leave so I didn’t have to explain my wet jeans. I drove home and called my gynaecologist straight away who replied with ‘haven’t you been doing your exercises?’ Again with the exercises? Who can be bothered I thought? 
As the years passed Mr Tink would joke about not making me laugh too much or at the way I would need to sit down to cough or to sneeze. I’d be in the middle of food shopping and a sneeze would come on causing me to drop to the floor to control my pelvic floor. Once we were walking our dogs and I had no warning I had a sneezing session and BAM waterworks began. Mr Tink and Master 6 who was 3 at the time thought it was so funny that he offered me his nappy! 

When Master 6 was 5 I fell pregnant with Miss one and I caught a horrible flu and the side effect was coughing fits. I was at his kindy watching him play when suddenly a huge coughing fit started I had nowhere to go so I dropped to the floor on all fours like a pony shaming Master 6 in the process who rolled his eyes and said ‘mummy you’re not going to wet yourself again are you?’

Forget trampolines, forget jumping castles, and forget skipping ropes (I’ve peed my pants more than any other client at boot camp) all of the above are just not possible with my leaky unpredictable pelvic floor. 

After multiple accidents during my pregnancy with Miss One I decided it was time to take charge. I saw a physio I followed all her instructions I did the exercises and I felt a difference….. For 2 weeks. Sleep deprivation and newborn rocked my world and just having a shower was a challenge so I threw in the towel and didn’t do them again. 

When Miss One was 5 months old I went to the shopping centre and again coughed and sneezed at the same time and again BAM out she flowed. This spill was titanic bad, my jeans were soaked and I knew I had seconds to leave before it became obvious so I dumped the kids on Mr Tink and fled like the Flash to the car and sobbed like a baby. Mr Tink was uncomfortable and he didn’t know what to say, it was no longer funny and a nappy joke was not going to solve it. So, we sat in silence and drove home.

Shortly after that I booked myself into the electric chair. Sorry magnetic chair. Hmmm both sound a bit over the top don’t they? I saw my doctor and told him my woes (yes a him! Just to add more insult to injury) he gave me a referral to do a course in a special magnetic chair designed to strengthen the pelvic floor for people like myself. The thought of going was hideous so I filed the referral justifying to myself again now was just not the right time.

So, fast forward a few months and we received an interesting call at Mrs Tink HQ from the team at PeriCoach. PeriCoach is a innovative new product designed to combat the dreaded pelvic floor and get the conversation going with women at how important it is to look after ourselves and our pelvic floor muscles. I felt instantly this was my calling, I may not be able to do this for myself but I thought if this were to help just one reader then why not? So I signed up to review the PeriCoach.

The parcel from PeriCoach arrived within days and I eagerly unwrapped it to see what was inside. As I opened the cute case I giggled, it looked a little cheeky, and then it hit me… Oh dear I need to insert this…. This is going to….. Enter my body. Being the prude I am, I closed the case promising myself I’d confront it another day. 2 weeks later nothing. 

Later that week I received an email from Emily  ( my gorgeous PR & Brand Manger) to see how I was going with my review . How on earth could I tell her I’d not done it? The answer is I couldn’t, so I put my big girl panties on and I charged my new friend the PeriCoach, I then downloaded the app (yes my vagina had its own app) and I downed a glass of wine and read the instructions. 

The instructions said to calibrate the device so I inserted the PeriCoach telling myself it was just like a fancy tampon with lights and then I waited for my cues and followed the extremely easy instructions. As I lay there on the bed (you can stand or lie down) I realised how silly I’d been, the PeriCoach and App were actually really fun to use. 



Now before you go getting the wrong idea let me explain, the app tests your strengths and weaknesses and measures your pelvic floor strength. It also keeps track of your progress and as you go on there are higher levels to achieve. The more I used it the better I wanted to get, I kept trying to beat my score feeling very proud of myself and my new high score! I was treating the PeriCoach as a bit of a fun challenge and it was actually working I could feel my pelvic floor strengthening. The design of the PeriCoach was extremely clever and for someone like myself who has a real problem and is too time poor for countless physio appointments it’s been a really fantastic.

I’m only a few weeks in but I’m really enjoying using the device and seeing the difference in my pelvic floor. My ‘prude-ness’ has taken a backseat and I’m marvelling at just how easy it is to exercise my pelvic floor – something I never thought I’d be able to say. I’ve not had any more accidents and I’m not dropping to the ground on all fours pony style with every sneeze – YAY! 

Check out this hilarious clip trending around the world, so funny once upon a time I may of literally wet myself although as I’m now a reformed ‘weeier in pants’ I giggle without and leaks. 

You can view the video via the link:

Using the PeriCoach has been an experience I’m extremely grateful for and I look forward to continuing to use daily, I only wish I found it sooner.

Would you like you strengthen your pelvic floor? Are you reading my blog feeling not so alone and ready to change your world so you can cough, sneeze and giggle without fear and without springing a leak ? Well our good friends at PeriCoach have come to the rescue and will be giving one lucky reader their very own PeriCoach device valued at $298 for a chance to WIN all you need to do is join a very fun challenge and post your ‘Kegel Face’ just like this one

So how can you enter ? simply take a photo on a smart phone of your “Kegel face” as you squeeze and lift and post it under comments in the Facebook post on the Mrs Tink Blog Page tag @PeriCoach with the hashtag #kegelface.
I’m a little expressive as I Kegel hence my many faces however to enter only one required. 

I will choose my favourite picture and announce a winner on the 4th of December at 10pm
Plus PeriCoach is making a donation to Jean Hailes for the #Kegelface campaign in November 2015, contributing to the not-for-profit organisation’s initiatives that create a healthier future for women in Australia.

So many reasons to share your #kegelface 

Happy Kegel-ing
Mrs Tink x


3 thoughts on “Ladies it’s time to talk about…. Pelvic Floor

  1. Jacquie says:

    What a great review mrs tink
    As I read your story it reminded me of my best friend she has been dealing with this for 12 years and has 2 girls. She is in your boat doesn’t know what to do constantly wearing protection, can’t sneeze, cough, run I really feel for her and she’s not alone. I thought I was reading her life story reading this. I will deffinateky share with her
    Thank you thank you xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Celena Ross says:

    OMG, I keep looking at my elderly mum’s incontinence undies….she gets them in bulk. So don’t want to go there and have been wondering what I can do other than the breathe in breathe out and suck it up routine – that hasn’t helped. Nor does the stop mid stream. I need a Kegal!

    Liked by 1 person

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