Mrs Tink’s BIGGER than Big 5 Weeks of Christmas Giveaways! Week One – Little Live Pets Cleverkeet from Moose Toys  


Master 6 has been hounding me for a pet for so long, he asks weekly “Can I have a cat? Can I pretty please have a fish?” And recently “Please Mummy can I have a bird?” Now let me explain I’m animal crazy so much so I have 3 dogs and a monkey as a husband. I love animals! But adding another to the household is just not possible so when my friends at Moose Toys sent me their gorgeous ‘Little Live Pets CleverKeet’ I grinned from ear to ear! Master 6 would have his first bird and this one had an off switch – WIN-WIN. 


When Master 6 arrived home from school I proudly introduced him to his new friend who happily sat on his perch chatting away and tweeting. Master 6 was silent, “Is it real mum?” I considered going down the ‘yes darling it’s a magical bird’ road but quickly considered the options and replied “No darling, but it talks and tweets like a real bird and he’s all yours”. Master 6 was suitably impressed and got to work teaching his CleverKeet to talk and pushing his special rolling cart and even walked him around the garden on his perch talking to the magpies that stopped by to have a nose around at all the fun. 

2 hours later Master 6 brought ‘Eddie’ (his new friend’s name) up to the shower to watch his bedtime routine, and then promptly tucked Eddie into bed with him. All in all my pet obsessed boy was one happy boy. Miss 1 quickly got in on the action when she found Eddie after Master 6 went to school, she squealed with delight each time the budgie tweeted and could not stop giggling as it swung its head from side to side. With two children now obsessed with ‘Eddie’ the CleverKeet my only issue is that I now require two as neither child wants to give ‘Eddie’ up. 

Such a clever toy from Moose and one I think all kids from ages 2-10 would love, it’s extremely lifelike and captivates children for hours on end. I’m a huge fan and very excited to give one lucky reader the chance to win a ‘Little Live Pets CleverKeet’ for your little person. 

To enter simply tell me why you would like to win? 

Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 8th of December at 10pm

Winners have 48 hours to claim their prize before redraw.

The giveaways are open to Australian Residents only.   
Merry ‘Tinkmas’

Mrs Tink xx

Moose Toys – Little Live Pets CleverKeet

About CleverKeet- CleverKeet loves music! He can sing and dance to his own songs as well as songs that you play him. He loves showing off and dancing in front of his mirror. Want to see him go for a ride? Place him on his cart and watch him roll! It’s hilarious! CleverKeet is so much fun; you won’t believe he’s not a real bird!

Price: $79.99  


27 thoughts on “Mrs Tink’s BIGGER than Big 5 Weeks of Christmas Giveaways! Week One – Little Live Pets Cleverkeet from Moose Toys  

  1. Leigh Isabeth says:

    I’d love to win this for mr two, he is a die hard animal lover! So much that, for his birthdsy we took him to Australia zoo, friends and family post cute animal vids on my Facebook for him, he’s got a toy puppy that walks and barks that he adores, we are looking at saving up for a fish tank Cos he’d love a pet but we really can’t anything, this would be perfect! He’d treasure it with his life!

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  2. Claire Q says:

    My father-in-law is impossible to buy for. The man is just as happy with a shell from the beach as a he would be a million bullions of gold. It’s simple and lovely and something to aspire to…but it also makes present giving impossible. I mean, there are only so many shells you can get ra-ra excited over and as for the gold bullion, well, it’s not quite in the price range. But here’s the thing. I reckon he would LOVE a toy parakeet. I know, I know, we’re talking about a grown man. Let me take you back a bit though. When I came onto the scene, many moons ago (approximately five year’s worth), he had a budgie. A blue one. Called Budgie. And he looooooved it. It flew around the house, hung out on his shoulder, nodded and crooned. All the stuff a much-loved budgie does. And the family history goes that Budgie was old. Real old. Older than any budgie ever has the right to be. And then he died. Which was sad. But not quite as sad as what came next. Because budgie continued his time on this earth in my father-in-law’s freezer, for at least, oh, I don’t know, three years longer than any dead, feathered thing should stay in any space that meals are also stockpiled. It made defrosting things for dinner a little nerve wracking. Eventually we convinced him to turf the bird (ceremoniously of course) but till this day there’s been a little budgie-sized hole in that household. It would be great to fill it with the Cleverkeet. Endless delight, no heart break in site and a freezer that’s safe to look in. Yep. We’d have a father-in-law with a smile on his face to rival any kid at Christmas (and I’d take out honours for finally finding a present that ticked every box!).

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  3. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    This gift actually excites me as much as it scares me…….. Imagine what I could teach it to say!! But what would the neighbors think!! Argh, who cares………….. Funny Days!! Of course it would be for the purely for the niece…..!!

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  4. Kathryn says:

    My Little Miss 6 spotted the commercial of CleverKeet a few weeks ago. She was simply hypnotised by it. Staring at the T.V right up until the commercial finished. I stood there waiting for it. “Mum, did you see that? Please, I want a CleverKeet too!” my kiddies are loving the little live pet toys. Little Miss turns 7 at the start of January this would be perfect for her Special day ☺️🎉🎈

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  5. Nicole C says:

    This looks like such a cute little set and would suit my two perfectly. Ever since they ‘helped daddy rescue a baby bird’ (a rainbow lorikeet that must’ve fallen from a tree and later realised he/she could fly again), they’ve been pestering me for a pet bird. We already have our fluffy bum dogs so of course, we can’t have any more pets, so this would be perfect.

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  6. amanda says:

    Oh how awesome this would be. Mr daddy is a grouch and insists on a real pet free home due to his allergies. My kiddies would love this churping chatting little birdie.

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  7. kathleen williams says:

    Oh my my 4 year old daughter has been begging me for months to get this for her unfortunately we cant so she would scream if she got this from a special man hohoho

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  8. Anj K says:

    This would actually be a lovely Christmas present for a friends 4 year old child who can’t have any pets for many reasons but desperately want’s one. He loves to visit our house and play with our dog. In fact if I do not win this I will still go out and buy one for him as your review is so great I think a Cleverkeet would be the perfect present for him!


  9. donna allen says:

    How Gorgeous.. I just may have to keep him for myself! He loves to sing and play.. I love too sing and play.. Hes a talker.. I’m a talker.. Its a match made!! So yeah.. My kiddies will absolutely love him! 😉

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  10. sam minshull says:

    He maybe made of plastic
    but he is oh so fantastic
    He can tweet and talk
    He can wiggle and walk
    He will bring my girl so much delight
    Own her own cleverkeet, how outta sight
    Our pet, no more need to search
    New family member upon his perch
    See the sparkle in my daughters eye
    This cleverkeet will make her to happy, she will cry =)

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  11. ljene says:

    I think this is brilliant! I could talk to the Cleverkeet and complain about how my life has gone to the birds. Or I could give this to my mum in the nursing home who never sees birds. That’d be so much fun!

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  12. Renee Carnegie says:

    I’d like CleverKeet for our son we are not allowed pets nor do I want any because I like to holiday and not worry about who’s going to mind animals if we are away. It looks like lots of enjoyment for little kids without mess.

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  13. Natalie Murnane says:

    My little sneezer wheezer loves animals!! even if he struggles to breath after. I say “Just pat it NO cuddles!!” but no he has to cuddle… I said fish… he says cats… I say stick insects and he says dinosaurs!!! Not sure where he thinks I’m getting that. I bet he’d adore a bird to train as his own little Cleverkeet.

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  14. Leanne Marie says:

    Great prize, My daughter inlaw is having a tough time with health lately and i would love to win this for her so she has one less present she doesn’t have to worry about for Christmas for my grandson

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  15. Sharyn W says:

    I would love this for my children to share, firstly for me as the kids are going to be so bored on the school holidays so this will keep them entertained for hours so I can get my jobs done (and possibly read a book lol), secondly Santa does not have a lot of money this year so only a few cheaper toys for them even though this is their numbe one toy on their Santa list, thirdly my kids love to sing and dance and bopping along with cleverkeet would ensure they get exercise and I will get some funny family videos , fourthly I am going to teach it (without them knowing) to tell my children to clean up their mess 🙂

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  16. Jo Taylor says:

    I saw this in the store yesterday and its really adorable..I must admit I did set a few of them off talking and bobbing their heads..But how could you not play with these cute birds..Plus no mess to clean up..Even Master 13 loved this..I would love this for my niece she would have hours of fun and my sister will thank me for not buying her a real bird 🙂

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