Mrs Tink’s BIGGER than Big 5 Weeks of Christmas Giveaways! Week Four – Little Live Pets Lil Turtle


My little people love their pets, they’re animal crazy. I hear at least once a week pleas from Master 6 asking for a turtle. Yes you heard right, a turtle. He has fancy ideas of looking after it, keeping it in his room and showering it with love. Now I love animals too, in fact I’ve been called the “crazy dog lady”, but I just don’t think the Tink family could handle a turtle. Recently my friends at Moose Toys sent me a surprise to review and the second it arrived I was curious as the packing box said “live pet” and had air holes… I opened the box terrified there would be a snake inside although secretly hoping for a monkey. 

As soon as I opened it I giggled to myself… It was a turtle! A Little Live Pets Lil Turtle, so clever and so cute. I headed home giggling to myself that Master 6’s dreams were coming true and he would at last have his own turtle even if this one did require batteries. Master 6 and Miss One gathered around the box to see what was inside but before Master 6 could get his hands on his new green buddy Miss One was gripping it tightly squealing with delight and claiming ownership of the turtle. Master 6 agreed to allow Miss One to borrow it for her bath time and waited patiently as Mr Tink inserted the batteries and set it free in Miss One’s bath. Swimming around and around the turtle and the kids were in their element enjoying the show. When Master 6 realised the turtle was coming back he started having an early bath with Miss One so he could enjoy it too. Night after night the turtle cut laps around the bath, moving its arms and paddling around just like a real turtle. 

Such a clever idea from Moose Toys and a perfect Christmas present for your little person.

Would you like to WIN a Little Live Pets Lil Turtle? The lovely team at Moose have one to give away to one lucky reader. To enter simply share with us “if you could have any pet in the world what would you choose?”

Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 29th of December at 10pm
Winners have 48 hours to claim their prize before redraw.

The giveaways are open to Australian Residents only.

Merry ‘Tinkmas’

Mrs Tink xx


 Lil’ Turtle is the cutest pet friend that moves and acts so real! Your pet turtle can swim in water and walk on land, like a real turtle! Each turtle is unique with cool shell designs that show off their personality! They are the Little Live Pets that love to get wet! Collect all 4 (sold separately)! Take them home and make them your own.

16 thoughts on “Mrs Tink’s BIGGER than Big 5 Weeks of Christmas Giveaways! Week Four – Little Live Pets Lil Turtle

  1. Natalie Murnane says:

    Miniature Donkeys… The kids swimming instructor has some and they run across the paddock every time we arrive. Just as tall as an 8yr old. Noisy but cute. There is one at a farm across the river that eccos through here and we call him cough drop as he always sounds like he has a cold.

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  2. Rachael says:

    I would choose a kitten for sure, they are cute & cuddly and hard to ignore! They give unconditional love & even to our Bub. Would love to win a turtle for a special little man Oliver 🙂 bath time fun in the sun! Merry Xmas tink team, I think you guys are awesome!

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