Mrs Tink’s BIGGER than Big 5 Weeks of Christmas Giveaways! Grand Prize Week – Blitz 2 Go

A company I love to do product reviews for are the good people at Kambrook, testing out and using their innovative technology is always fun. Recently I was sent the much talked about Blitz2Go, a very clever device that makes juicing and smoothies fun and easy. This device is so simple to use even Master 6 has blitzed it. It’s easy to set up just a case of plugging it in (super tricky), putting in any ingredients you would like to use (even trickier), and then screwing the lid in place on the blender and pressing Blitz. BOOM! You have a super quick smoothie or juice in literally seconds and the best part is you drink it out of the same container you blitzed it in which means no extra washing up.


 It is 300 watts of blending power and handles fruit and veges easily.The big plus with the Blitz2Go is it occupies very little bench space and is easy to clean. As you blitz in the container you drink from it’s easy to blitz and walk straight out the door. 

The Blitz2Go comes with two 600ml bottles and one 300ml bottle that are both BPA FREE Tritan plastic. The bottles fit easily in cup holders which means you can take them in the car to work. 

Such a great product from Kambrook, I’ve loved making Master 6 juices and Mr Tink protein shakes. I even made a Skinny Girl Margarita in it! The Blitz2Go will make a great present for that person you find hard to buy for and would suit a variety of different age groups. 5 stars Kambrook on a great product.

Would you like to WIN a Blitz2Go for your household? One lucky reader is going to win one to try at home. Simply share with us “what you will be blitzing in your Blitz2Go?”

Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 5th of January at 10pm
Winners have 48 hours to claim their prize before redraw.

The giveaways are open to Australian Residents only.

Merry ‘Tinkmas’

Mrs Tink xx



Blend and drink smoothies, juices and protein shakes in the same bottle. Great for home or on the move. Take to work or the gym; even fits in most car cup holders.

Price- $49.95

31 thoughts on “Mrs Tink’s BIGGER than Big 5 Weeks of Christmas Giveaways! Grand Prize Week – Blitz 2 Go

  1. Leigh Isabeth says:

    I’ll be blitzing healthy breakfast shakes for me, and fresh juice, for the little man, and this would be great for making fruit and yoghurt smoothie mix then freezing into icy poles for the kids, a delicious healthy treat! I can’t wait to discover lots of other healthy snacks and treats!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rachel Amanatidis says:

    I’ll be blitzing coffee frappe’s with a hint of caramel…
    my Summer morning indulgence and most probably my afternoon delight ! Yum !


  3. Amara Campbell says:

    This is so convenient. We have healthy, fruit and veggie smoothies mixed with protein powder abd supplements. Our blender is on its last legs and this is perfect for the purposes of slightly different ingredient needs and the convenience of being able to use th variable cups.


  4. Lucia Saal says:

    I love smoothies but always make a mess when I pour it from my blender jug into my travel mug. This would be great for my pineapple, mango and spinach smoothie.


  5. Jo Taylor says:

    I loved my morning Juice drink ,sadly I used our blender so much it broke but my favourite Juice to make is ..Watermelon,Blueberries,raspberry,Mango and a bit of Ginger..Always wakes me up and gives me a energy boost to get me through my day..My boys love their Banana Smoothie they say it makes them feel fresh 🙂

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  6. Kathryn says:

    Love the convenience of using the jug as a cup! Perfect to blitz up my green smoothies. Kale, baby spinach, berries, watermelon, touch of ginger, ice cubes and I’m buzzing with energy! I guess blitzing up a few cocktails wouldn’t hurt either 🎉😜😝😛

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  7. sheldyn says:

    I’d love to blitz up some soups! My parents freeze blocks of stock and soup bases and then add fresh veggies to make lunch sized portions of soup and its always tasty so would love to be able to do it myself!

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  8. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    I’ll be blitzing whatever I can get my hands on!! What the heck…… soap straight up to make liquid soap straight up!!
    Almonds to make Almond milk……
    Oh the ideas & thoughts are endless!!

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  9. Renee Carnegie says:

    A Super Green Detox powder mixed with water or juice to energise me from a company called “Help Me Tea” Looking forward to a more balanced and healthy 2016 and greens is the stuff I most need!
    I also am fond of a coconut water with fruity goodness style drink. A fun cocktail occasionally would have me enjoying the Kambrook and my partner would try sneak in some protein/whey smoothies


  10. Samantha Dawe says:

    I would be blitzing my morning smoothies that miss one enjoys also. Bubs is due in February and while breastfeeding a new born and looking after a 16 month old smoothies are going to be my go to for nutrition. I would love to blitz some green smoothie recipes from the Pursuit Fitness 7 day green smoothie challenge too!

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  11. Paula says:

    I would love to win this for my mum she is just about to have throat surgery and can only have liquid diet so can make mango, banana , berries smoothies. Juices. It looks easy to clean and use. 👍🏻

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  12. Rachel Lockery says:

    Iv changed everything i eat & do for health reasons.Each morning i slice a pineapple, apples & oranges & put in blender, absolutely love it. People really dont know what they are missing out on having fresh juice! I was only thinking yesterday i could do it alot easier if i found a simpler blender… mine pulls apart in 5 diff sections which obviously has to be done to wash after each use.Id love this! Life would be simpler & id save so much time.


  13. Sara Johnston says:

    Oh how I wish I could say I’d be making nice healthy smoothies and hulk drinks if I won this bad boy….but truth be told, I’d be making frozen Long Island Iced Tea cocktails with the added bonus of not having to worry about knocking glasses over after a long tiring week haha! But my husband may use it for healthy smoothies….at some point? :p


  14. Leanne Marie says:

    My blender just broke after making so many cocktails over Christmas, so if I won this I’d be making healthy detox drinks … oh and maybe a few sneaky cocktails too, sshhhh 😜 Don’t tell my hubby lol

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Melissa says:

    I will be making breakfast smoothies for myself as well as hi fibre ones for my daughters. It’s a great chance to cleanse the body and feel positive about the day.

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  16. Susan Banyard says:

    This would be perfect for our fruits and veggies we have grown, the kids can pick them from the veggie garden, give them a wash then pop them in the blitz2Go and instant home fresh smoothies, no better way to start the day.


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