Mrs Tink’s BIGGER than Big 5 Weeks of Christmas Giveaways! Grand Prize Week – Milky Foot

Summer means more sandals and more thongs – and for me dry heels that make a frilled-neck lizard look smooth. One product I’ve been raving about for over 18 months is Milky Foot, the only product I have ever tried that truly works for dry, hard heels. Milky Foot is super easy to use, just place your feet in the booties letting your tootsies soak up all the liquid and after 60 minutes showering and drying off. After your feet are dry you’ll be concerned wondering why your heels still look the same and think you’ve not followed the instructions correctly (this still happens to me). The process of de-shedding can take up to 5 days to start but once it begins you will peel up a storm (my fave part). When the peeling ceases you will be left with gorgeous and soft Milky Feet. The best part about this product is that the results really do last, unlike a pedi where you’re back to square one a week later. I usually do one of these treatments approximately 4 times a year to keep my tootsies in tip-top shape. 

Milky Foot has also released a new product called Foot Care Essence that is a great aftercare product and will keep your feet in fabulous shape. It’s great for people who are on their feet all day or for people like me who trot around in heels constantly. 

These are two superb products and are big summer must-haves to keep you looking more lush than lizard.

The beautiful team at Milky Foot are giving one lucky reader the Ultimate Milky Foot Summer Pack for Christmas. For a chance to win a Milky Foot Summer Pack containing the Milky Foot Active Intense Exfoliating Foot Pads and the Foot Care Essence simply share with us “Why your heels need this for summer?”
Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 5th of January at 10pm

Winners have 48 hours to claim their prize before redraw.

The giveaways are open to Australian Residents only.

Merry ‘Tinkmas’

Mrs Tink xx

Standing all day, restrictive shoes, nylon stockings and exercising in sport shoes can contribute to funky feet issues like hardened, rough skin and bad foot odour. In just one simple application, MILKY FOOT ACTIVE not only removes hardened dead skin but fights foot odour to reveal softer and fresher feet. Available from pharmacies nationally including Chemist Warehouse.

12 thoughts on “Mrs Tink’s BIGGER than Big 5 Weeks of Christmas Giveaways! Grand Prize Week – Milky Foot

  1. Susan Banyard says:

    My feet don’t handle being in flat summer shoes with no backs, they are so dried and cracked and in desperate need of something that will actually work, rescue my feet Mrs Tink please 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. vonnie1964 says:

    I love having nice smooth feet and heels, nothing worse than seeing a lady in a beautiful pair of sandles and cracked heels. l must admit l have been so busy the past few weeks l have neglected my poor old feet . This would be fantastic to get them looking good again

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    OMG!! When I read this I thought I had died & gone to heaven!! Regardless if I win this or not I NEED this product in my life!! Thank Mrs Tink for the intro!!
    I stupidly went to one of those little Asian Nail places about 3 years ago & had a pedicure..
    The place obviously didn’t meet hygiene standards as 3 months later I started to first notice the onset of a Fungal nail infection, that meant I lost three nails on one foot including the big one & I got Staph to which I still have to this day..
    My heels look dreadful & so need attention… But, God forbid what to use…………

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  4. Kathryn says:

    My feet and heels desperately need some tender loving care. I don’t usually suffer from dry heels but this Summer I have, probably from walking barefoot outside! 😁😁😁

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  5. fearlessfatiguedandfighting says:

    Being a busy mum of 2 my feet cop a hammering! I constantly wear sneakers and my feet get hot and they’re so dried I’m embarrassed to wear anything but the sneakers now! No time for a pedicure like I used! I love the idea of getting the same result in the comfort of my home while the kids sleep!! 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Lea Anita Black says:

    I would love to win the Milky foot for my partner who has the worst neglected feet ever! He has layers and layers of dry horrible dirty looking skin, no kidding. I would like to treat him to this and make his feet brand new!! I will enjoy peeling away the dead skin ha ha!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Rinna W says:

    I am a barefoot bandit, oh yes I am, and my poor feet do tend to pay the price. My heels are so dry and cracked, they are like velcro on my bedsheets. Full foot treatment/pedicures don’t even really improve it much. My feet need deserve to feel confident this summer!

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