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I’ve always been the type of Mummy who takes great pride in her kids’ bedrooms. When I was pregnant with both kids I went all out creating the most beautiful rooms for my babies, Master 6 had a blue marine room complete with red, navy and white features and boat wall art. Miss One had a pink owl & forest animals bedroom with more frills and lace than Shirley Temple. I took great pride in sitting in their rooms relaxing and taking in all the splendor. As they grew their bedrooms became more grown up and moved onto superheroes and princesses and I am always on the lookout for new and lovely things for their rooms. Recently I had the pleasure of doing a review on a beautiful company called Mylight that has literally lit up my world and Miss One’s room. 

Mylight are the creators of gorgeous Name Lights that are personalized with your child’s name and have a special illuminate feature that shines through the letters creating a beautiful scene. One of the other features I loved about the light is that it teaches Miss One to start recognizing her name and gets her excited each time she sees it again somewhere else.

The Mylight is made from quality materials and a durable aluminium that stays cool while the light is on. It looks absolutely gorgeous in a child’s bedroom and is a stand out feature while also being a great night light for little ones who feel more secure with a light but one that doesn’t light up the whole room and keep them awake. 

Miss One’s light changes colour which creates a calming ambience at bedtime and it’s perfect to have on during a bedtime story to help her wind down before slumber. 

Such a beautiful gift idea and something I will be buying in the future for friends with kids, it’s personalized and unlike anything you will find in the shops.


One lucky reader will be able to add this gorgeous light from Mylight to their little person’s room this Christmas. For a chance to WIN simply share with us your child’s name and why you chose it?

Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 5th of January at 10pm

Winners have 48 hours to claim their prize before redraw.

The giveaways are open to Australian Residents only.

Merry ‘Tinkmas’

Mrs Tink xx


Mylight illuminate night lights and light boxes uisng LED lighting. The benfit of using LED lighting in our lightboxes include:

  • Energy Effieciency: LED night lights use minimal power as compared to traditional light sources. This means you can have your LED night light on all night, without worrying about hefty power consumption.
  • Brightness: An added benefit of LED nightlights is brightness and illumination spead. With our optional RGB remote you have the option of dimming LED night lightbrightness to ensure just the right ammount ot suit your space.
  • Longevity: LED technology used in mylight custom lightboxes and night lights have an expected lifespan of 50 000 hours. This equates to around 20 years with normal use, making mylight the perfect gift that lasts forever.
  • Eco Friendly: Due to the low energy consumption, longevity and minimal heat output, mylight LED night lights are eco friendly. Mylight is commited to providing LED nightlights that are sustainable, manufactured with he environment in mind.
  • Safety: LED light boxes produce minimal heat. This ensures safety when using mylight as a nursery night light or as a kids night light.
  • Customisable (and Fun): With a mylight optional RGB control you can adjust LED lighting to differentiate between colours, effects and speed transitions. This makes mylight a fun LED night light that will match your decor, not matter how often you change it.

Price- $129.95



17 thoughts on “Mrs Tink’s BIGGER than Big 5 Weeks of Christmas Giveaways! Grand Prize Week – MyLight

  1. Leigh Isabeth says:

    My sons name is Knox Carver Tané, I always wanted my children to have names that were unique, strong and suitable for their gender, I’ve always wanted 2 middle names too, cos it’s not common. Knox is a name I’ve heard several times randomly and always thought it was a great strong boy and mans name, his dad picked carver, which I loved, because again its uncommon but still strong, Tané is my connection for him, of my homeland (nz) and means man of the forest, which is both incredibly meaningful and my aspiration for him to be kind to this earth and environment, and be a great outdoors man.


  2. Bel says:

    I have 2 boys:
    Adam (i love it because it’s simple yet a solid name)

    Adrian ( i liked this too when were picking names for our first son but called him Adam so when our second was a boy still loved the name Adrian too)


  3. vonnie1964 says:

    l have 4 children and l only stood my ground on one of the names Matthew , my husband had more input on the other 3 . l chose Matthew as l thought if it was shortened to Matt that that would be a good name and l am so happy l chose that name . It was a very popular name 30 years ago and it suits him


  4. Tanya Walsh says:

    My sons Name is Mavrick no middlename, l wanted something unique and very different . Not one other child at school with that name and we really love his name still , and we have had so many people comment on his name.


  5. donna allen says:

    My daughter is Named Soraya. Meaning (A Persian Princess) I Love her name it reminds me of summer and the warmth of the suns rays. A feminine and beautiful name i just had to give to my daughter


  6. Nicole C says:

    I’ve always loved Charlize Theron and had my little girls name picked out in my head since high school .. I was just lucky enough that it suits her perfectly, it’s unique and my husband agreed to it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Natalie Murnane says:

    Casey. I have an Irish back ground from both North and South so grew up in a bright green curtain and orange bench top house. It means watchful. The doc told me I couldn’t have any more kids because of a blood problem so when I told them I was expecting they went into panic mode and I spent every week having scans and blood tests and they kept threatening to remove the bub at the first sign of a problem. Lucky nothing went wrong.


  8. Mamaliving says:

    Louis is after my grandad and his middle name is Francis Andrew after my other grandad and my partners grandad, Connor is cause we loved the name and his middle name is James which is after our son that we lost at 19 weeks 💙


  9. Rebecca bryant says:

    My daughters name is Veyda and I would absolutely love this for her, we are trying to get her in her own bed and this might be the key.
    I chose her name after the main character in the movie my girl, although most males think she’s named after Star Wars so she gets a lot of “the force is strong with that one” lol

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Susan Bausch says:

    one of my daughters name’s is Emily , l went to school with a girl named Emily and because she was such a nice girl l just loved the name . l have a grandaughter called Harper and that is such a beautiful name just a bit different and they named her that as nobody they knew had a child by that name


  11. Kathryn says:

    Love these night lights, they are just beautiful! My daughters name is Jessica and sons name is Joshua. We chose these names because I love the way that they can be shortened as Jess and Josh. They have always been favourite names of mine and was lucky enough that hubby loved them too. ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️


  12. Stacey Kerr says:

    My big girl is Miki (6yrs). Although we chose it for our list for her name, we like to think she chose the name when we were reading them to her and she stopped crying when we read out that name. My baby girl is Emmie (2yrs). We had 3 names, one I wanted, one husby wanted and one Miki wanted. Miki won and we named her Emmie. She just looked like an Emmie and it definitely suits her.


  13. Rinna W says:

    Charli May……Charlie is my late grandpa, Lee is my now late grandma, May is my other late grandmas middle name and also my late sisters middle name (I named my first daughter Haylee after her 💖)
    Both my girls names have immense meaning to us but we’ve changed spellings so they are also individual to them.

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