Mrs Tink takes a trip to Brazil 

Since starting the Mrs Tink Blog I feel we’ve gotten rather close, you and I. We’ve had Botox together, talked about babies, husbands and even pelvic floor muscles. We’ve reached a level of ‘comfort’ with one another and I’m sure by this point there is very little I could talk about that would shock you.Well today’s blog is going to put that theory to the test. Today we are going to new depths, we are delving below… Very low… Crotch low… Are you still reading? Crotch it’s a funny word. One which never fails to make me giggle! Anyway, as I was saying, today we are taking this friendship to all new levels – we are going to talk about Brazilian waxing.
Now, let me take you back to where this all began. Before you stop reading, never fear! I’m not going to give you the history on Brazilian waxing although, I’m sure it has something to do with Brazil…
Anyway back on track, recently I had a fabulous girl’s night out, you know the ones that start out clean and end up dirty? The ones where you end the night drinking cocktails and talking ‘girls business’ i.e. husbands, sex, reality TV and Brazilians as it would turn out. So as I sat drinking my margarita I casually brought up shaving, stating that it is something I rarely do (I’m sure this is déjà vu from previous blogs – yes I am Chewbacca’s sister) when one of my girlfriend’s piped up and said, “You should really try waxing or laser. It’s so easy.” I then explained I’d never ever done either… And then came the horrified shrieks:
“What? Then how do you do your bikini line?”

“Never, ever?”
As I sat there taken aback I realised I mustn’t have explained myself correctly. I reiterated that I shave and feeling very proud of myself (and maybe a little vixen-like) I said, “Actually I shave ‘down there’ too. I’ve been trimming there for years.” I said waiting for my girlfriends to blush and gush at what a saucy minx I was.
Then something very odd happened, they each looked at me with horror. Had I never waxed ‘down there’ ever? What sort of a savage garden was I battling? I quickly realised I was not the minx I thought I was. 15 years with the same man had turned me into Velma from Scooby Doo. I must have missed the class that said ‘bald eagle’ is in and ‘tickle me Elmo is out’.
How do people find out about these trends anyway? How was I supposed to know the new thing is ‘hairless beaver’? Where are these women finding out this information? They sat staring at me and one asked, “Didn’t you get a wax just before you had your babies – for the doctor?” I shook my head. Another screeched, “You went in without a wax?”
I suddenly felt like I was in the Twilight Zone, how could I not know this was the ‘done’ thing? As I sat there entranced by all this new information I was filled with questions:
“How often do you get it done?” Collectively they chanted, “Every 6 weeks.” 6 weeks! These ladies do this every 6 weeks and at 33 I’ve never done it once! Not once.
“How much hair do they take?” When one girlfriend giggled and said, “All of it, they even do your bum crack.”
This was all too much. I felt so giddy and decided it was time to grab another margarita and a pen so I could write down the name of the lady who waxed my friends. The one they called the ‘guru of Brazilians’. Someone who was ‘so good’ once you entrusted your ‘special package’ with her you would never go to anyone else, her name – Leigh Campbell from Lime and Health Beauty. I left clutching her number with promises to call each of the girls after my waxing experience.
The next morning, still red cheeked from the night before and recalling the horror on my girlfriends faces, I called the ‘Brazilian guru’ Leigh at Lime Health and Beauty and made an appointment ASAP. I thought of nothing else day and night. I had nightmares of hot wax dribbling down my lady carriage and I pictured tearing which made me feel ill. How on earth was I going to do this? Maybe I could back out and no one would know. Although, the constant jibes about the 80’s from my mates were hard to ignore.
On the day of my appointment it hit me, I had to show Leigh my ‘beaver’. I didn’t want to show my obstetrician or midwife, in fact I gave birth in a top and was asked to remove my knickers minutes before Master 6 was born (I’m sure they are still giggling at the twit who wanted to give birth in knickers). How the devil was I going to show Leigh my well, you know … Everything! So after much encouragement I called in Em and coaxed her into coming with me.
As soon as we arrived at Lime Health and Beauty I was immediately at ease. The salon is nestled in beautiful Cotton Tree and has a lovely feel, the second you walk through the door. With the chic decor and a feeling of relaxation in the air I was so at ease I actually forgot why we were there.
Leigh took some time to calm my nerves and explain what she would be doing in such a way that turned my terror into excitement. I quickly changed, draped myself in a towel and waited for Leigh to start. She explained that using hot wax instead of strip wax is much gentler on the skin making it perfect for a first time waxer like myself. She even showed me the trick to pulling my skin tight to ease the pain.
I felt ready and was excited to get started when suddenly Leigh removed my towel and there I was, more naked than the day I was born. I must have been beetroot red. For a prude like me this was extremely confronting. Leigh got to work and started applying the wax, talking to me as she went and explaining the process. Within minutes I felt myself calming down – they don’t call her the guru for nothing!
Leigh is a true professional in every sense of the word and really put me at ease. I didn’t feel this comfortable with my doctor – this lady was amazing! The first rip of the wax was reasonably painless, I jumped purely from the anxiety of it coming off. The actual pain was very little. Once we got over the initial start she got to work, working at a good pace and with the exception of a few places it was quite painless. In fact I’ve had eye brow waxes that had hurt more.
Leigh’s technique I could see was down to a fine art which explained why so many of my girlfriends had been seeing her for years. It got to the end and she offered to do my bum crack which terrified me prior to coming in but by this stage Leigh and I were quickly becoming BBF’s so I thought why not? When in Rome or I guess I should say, when in Brazil?
It was done in less than an hour. Leigh left the room and I looked down and I have to say I was in awe. I could not stop looking, I felt clean and very smooth I had no words other than, “when do I need to book again?”
Now a few weeks on I’m hooked I feel cleaner, more hygienic and let’s just say Mr Tink has not complained. All in all it was a pretty fab experience and one I’m so pleased my girlfriends talked me into it.

Would you like to come and see the Brazilian Guru Leigh at Lime Health and Beauty Cotton Tree? Well you’re in luck because one lucky reader will WIN a special appointment to come in and have a Brazilian to enter simply share with me why you would like to win?

Our judges will choose their fave answer and announce a winner on Monday the 18th at 9pm
Good luck x

07 5443 8201

14 thoughts on “Mrs Tink takes a trip to Brazil 

  1. Alicia says:

    I enjoyed every second of reading this. So funny and so true.

    I myself have had brazillians before but I have now resorted to doing them at home because I just don’t have the time to get out plus I am still a little scared. Would love to see the guru

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Susan Bausch says:

    OMG Mrs Tink
    l really loved this read . l have never been game enough to have one although most of my friends have them . l wont enter because l live to far but just wanted to comment

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amara Campbell says:

    Oh this gave me the best giggle. I am with you. However to be fair since falling ill the whole pruning thing became less of a pressing priority as there was tumbleweeds and I basically live like a Torettesy nun. (I literally have Tourette’s so it’s okay I can say that 😉 ).

    Anyway I have been dying to try giving my nethers some professional attention (we made need a forestry licence) so this is the perfect chance to say yes please.

    I would like to feel better about things I can’t really control due to my reality and to do something for ME thst isn’tchore related.

    Thanks so very much I feel a bit inspired I wish it was a full body treatment. But my body would not know what to do with such things as refined eyebrows vs fighting caterpillars and beauty treatments.

    Fingers and toes crossed so I am typing like ET 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jane M says:

    Dam I really thought you might be giving away a trip to Brazil! I guess I’m probably equally as excited about this prize because just like you I am a Brazillian Virgin. I guess when it’s your “first time’ you want to have a lot of trust in the person so your recommendation of Leigh really puts my mind at ease. My new years resolution is to have no fear and try new things – I didn’t exactly have this in mind but it fits the brief!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Jess R says:

    I’ve been the one to fear the pain of a Brazilian wax and after watching your video, I think it may be time to put my fears aside and make a visit to see the Brazilian Guru Leigh.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Bianca says:

    I loved reading and of course your friday vblog your just so real and i can relate re brazillian and im 41 ouch! Which makes me extremely inconsiderate to the poor nurses and drs when i had kids lol
    Your a very game lady for sharing that with all of us today and it just goes to show yout true euthenticity
    Thank you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Sophia R says:

    Love love love this! 🙂 Mrs Tink you never fail to make me laugh, and Leigh from Lime Health and Beauty looks amazing. I would be very grateful to win this as I have never been touched with wax down there ha 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Jasmin King says:

    I have had to show my girlfriends and my partner this video because I loved it so much. This just goes to show that you really do have nothing to hide and I love that. I would love to go see the Brazilian expert Leigh as Valentine’s Day is coming up and I know my partner would appreciate the effort lol

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Rachel Zampane says:

    WOW… see this is exactly the reason why I follow you Mrs Tink. This film has made me giggle so hard I nearly wee’d. If I could win this experience, I know I would look a lot greater in my bikini when I go to Bali in a few weeks than if I haven’t gotten a brazilian 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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