Back to School with Kez’s Kitchen

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Finding healthy choices can be very hard, and choosing something kids will eat that is healthy is even harder. Master 6 and fight often as we pass the cereal aisle and he asks for sugary cereals that I know after one bite will send him crazy and have us both climbing the walls. One company that are changing the theory that healthy food tastes boring is Kez’s Kitchen. The clever team at Kez’s Kitchen have created yummy cereals that not only taste great and look naughty but they are healthy and filled with quality ingredients not sugary fillers. Delicious food that gives you peace of mind that you are giving your family good good nutritious food while keeping it interesting. 

Now let me elaborate Kez’s Kitchen is no one trick pony they also make healthy snacks perfect for lunch boxes not to mention melt in your mouth cake bars that are so yummy it’s hard to believe they are healthy. Each product is filled with natural ingredients sure to have your kids begging for more! 

In the spirit of Back to School Kez’s Kitchen is giving one lucky reader the ultimate back to school pack filled with :

Kez’s Free Cereal Cacao Coconut valued at $8.99

Kez’s Free & Naked Choc Mud Bar valued at $6.00

Kez’s Free & Naked Bar Lamington valued at $6.00

Kez’s Free & Naked Banana Cake Bars valued at $6.00
For a chance to WIN simply share with mewhat did  your favourite school lunch used to be ? 

Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 4th of February at 10pm 

Good Luck x 

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Australian family owned premium biscuit, cereal and snack brand, Kez‘s Kitchen, has expanded it’s gluten free range with the release of four new products.
The new bars and cereal are tasty, nutritious and all have a four star health rating. Perfect as breakfast alternatives or a post gym snack, the Cacao & Coconut Cereal and Chocolate Mud Bar have also recently won health awards.

19 thoughts on “Back to School with Kez’s Kitchen

  1. Bianca says:

    Growing up with an alternative mum at the time she used to make salad bowls for my school lunches and i loved them carrots pineapple beetroot egg lettuce alfalfa tomato onion and homemade jam drops

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  2. vonnie1964 says:

    Mrs Tink , l am going to be truthful here and l used to buy a fresh roll at the canteen and a packet of chicken chips and have a chip roll . I used to love that lunch and l don’t think l have had one since l left school . l cant believe l just admitted to this 🙂

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  3. Stacey Kerr says:

    Back in the day when healthy meant only a little bit of sugar, my fave lunches consisted of dried apricots and almonds, vegemite vitawheats and a vegemite sandwich with plain chips on it. The crunch of the chips was the best! But my weekend fave was definitely hot chips sandwiches with tomato sauce. Yum!!!

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  4. Stacey Kerr says:

    Back in the day when healthy meant only a little sugar my fave school lunch was dried apricots and almonds, vegemite vitawheats, and a vegemite sandwich with a packet of plain chips added. The crunch of the chips was the best. Fave weekend lunch was hot chip sandwiches with tomato sauce. Yum, so healthy!

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  5. sheldyn says:

    Mum used to pack us salads in a container that basically looked like a protein shaker with a separate compartment for the dressing. So nice and fresh in the summer heat when your friends are stuck eating soggy sandwiches! Dunkeroo’s were the best treat to find afterwards.

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  6. Leanne Mugridge says:

    OMG, thank you Kez’s Kitchen. My teen son was just discussing with me how he wants to start eating healthier, and that includes breakfast, school lunch, and after school snacks. Yay! Music to my ears. My staple lunch back in the day was simple vegemite sandwich. I didn’t like anything that made the bread soggy, or that smelt funny by lunchtime. We did not have the amazing bread and wrap or ingredient options that our children now have, but choose to ignore! I’ll definitely be looking these up in the supermarket aisle.

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  7. Donna Allen says:

    When i got too order from the canteen it would be a pasty and a finger bun. With a frozen orange juice. Always looked forward to my brown paper bag, full of yummy love 😉

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  8. nikki cashion says:

    i always loved to buy a buttered fresh bread roll then two sausage rolls and squish them in the roll with tomato sauce omg they were so good. Still do it to this day

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  9. Natalie M says:

    Walking back to class, the stench of hot sandwiches from the tin shed we kept our bags in was awful. I loved crushed dry 2 minute noodles with the flavour sprinkled on and a milk from the canteen. English Toffee flavour. I still struggle to eat sandwiches.

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  10. Holly Greig says:

    My favourite school lunch is something my Gran used to make for me every Friday. I was lucky enough to have a school night sleepover at my Gran’s every Thursday night which meant on Fridays I used to get my favourite packed lunch – cucumber and cheese sandwiches, on white bread with no crust! I came from a “no white bread allowed” household so this was always a real treat. Those little crustless triangles will always remind my of my Gran.

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