Mrs Tink gets Active with Jeanswest



Its official! We are almost nearing the end of January 2016 and I’m sure I’m not alone in my New Year resolution to get fit, active and healthy this year. Now, despite our best intentions getting fit and active is not always easy, even for an energiser bunny like myself. Finding the time and, even more importantly, the motivation to get moving can often be the hardest part. Truth be told once we start good habits form and before you know it you are training up a storm and loving it!
One thing that never fails to motivate me is activewear. I was always the girl at school who signed up to every sport, solely for the kit. I loved the feeling of wearing my lovely new uniform and taking to the field. Let’s just say it was an expensive experience all round and not always successful as I had, “All the gear and no idea.”
Alas at the ripe age of 33 I’ve found my ‘thing’ – outdoor boot camp style training. While I’ve changed a lot since my teens, one thing that has remained the same is my obsession for the kit AKA fancy smancy activewear.
One brand that is really getting people talking with their uber cool activewear is Jeanswest.


Jeanswest? I hear you say. Yes, Jeanswest are not only dominating the denim domain they also have their own activewear collection. Buckle up ladies not only will the gorgeous designs and fabrics have you ooohing and ahhing but the quality will really impress you as well. Their active range is made of lovely thick materials that wear beautifully and keep you feeling cool during the heat while sitting firmly on your skin, making you feel trim and taut.

Recently, I had the pleasure of wearing their MYA collection and this one really got people talking. The striking colours and sporty style had me training like an Olympic athlete (well, I felt like one anyway). I was so comfortable I washed and wore my training gear the next day to run errands (tricking people into thinking I’d just finished a run).




The style is so easy to wear and I found it easy to match with other pieces I already owned. Jeanswest has cleverly designed a collection that is not only fabulous to wear but also very practical. One of my fave features is the zip located at the back of the pants perfect for a key or money ( ideal for a coffee or juice after a long run). The MYA collection is fun to wear and yet also very cool and breathable while you are sweating out a cardio session.


A huge thumbs up to Jeanswest who once again proved Jeanswest fits best.

Are ready to get active? One lucky reader is going to WIN their own Jeanswest Activewear voucher. Simply share with me why you would like to win – easy! Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 8th of February at 10pm

Good Luck x


Check out the MYA Collection here:

23 thoughts on “Mrs Tink gets Active with Jeanswest

  1. Rachel Amanatidis says:

    2016 is the year for me ,
    to feel younger more energetic and free
    I’m now walking energy single day
    With no excuses that come my way
    feeling great with help from jeanwest
    will Definetly help me achieve my best!

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  2. Bianca says:

    I would lovre to win these as im sticking to my new years resolutions and staying active and healthy this year and taking somw much needed time for me (its been a long time coming ) these beauties would help me keep my motivation and the goals ive set and they are so damm cool to boot i could look good while trying to feel good 😊

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  3. Alicia says:

    I would love to win this. I had a knee reconstruction three months and the recovery isn’t going to plan. I am doing a lot of physio and rehab so it would be great to look super stylish whilst doing so. Would really life spirits

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  4. Nicole says:

    I am being active this year, and after two children and ready to Lose that extra weight yet with two children never have the budget for ‘me’ anymore and am currently wearing old shirts with holes so some new amazing active wear would be prefect!

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  5. Leigh Isabeth says:

    4 years after quitting smoking, 2 & a bit years after bubba, 1year after foot surgery, and 40 kilos on over this whole time, I’m finally able to start excersizing. I’ve kick started my weight loss with diet and healthy eating, I’d love to win this jeans west package to look good and feel comfortable while working out and not jiggling about in my old pregnancy shorts and shelf singlets.

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  6. sheldyn says:

    I’d love to win the active wear voucher for so I can get my butt into gear and get serious about keeping a routine! My sister just got engaged (yay!) so now I have a goal date to look fab by! 😛

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  7. Jacquie Tsoukalas says:

    I would LOVE to win this
    It would be so nice to own some active wear that isn’t just $10 from Kmart cause usually when you buy new stuff adults get cheap kids come first how does that work lol.. I’m not the most committed person to fitness but so far I’m on my 3rd week I have been doing stairs 3-4 times a week walking and how awesome would I feel wearing this new active wear
    I think pretty god dam amazing I’d be queen of the stairs💗😬looking like a fitness goddess all thanks to jeans west fingers crossed xx

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  8. Jo Taylor says:

    I have the new pretty Pink runners but I am still wearing my old shorts and t shirt..After a few years of health issues taking over my life..I am fighting back..I am walking every morning and started back doing my love Kickboxing ..I have two goals for this year 5km run/walk Mothers Day Classic to help a great cause close to my heart and I want to do the walk up Mt Coolum..Id love to look so very stylish in Jeanswest Activewear while reaching these goals ❤

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  9. Leanne murphy says:

    I’ve just started my new health kick as you no you really need to be on the right frame of mind to achieve your goals and guess what I’m there this week I lost over two kilos and my confidence is growing my pants are looser and I’m starting to dedicated some time to myself this coming Friday I will be putting on a hot dress taking my hubby out for a special night and celebrating my goals and his 40 th birthday do the new gym gear will be the icing on the cake to keep me motivated

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  10. Amara Campbell says:

    Here’s the truth…my exercise is literally walking from the lounge to the bathroom and back. And my body behaves as though I have just gone for a long jog, my terribly low heart rate at 40bpm rises to 90bpm in minutes. So I am no fitness junkie purely out of safety.

    That said this is my year. The year I believe everything will turn around. It’s 16 years of chronic illness and now in 2016 I want to tentatively push the boundaries very slowly.

    So I am looking to very light and short sessions of Yoga and Tai Chi to help me safely. Since I live in jammies I think that to really believe and commit I need me some sassy active wear to make me feel motivated and I know from my years of rep netball that a uniform feels psychologically like your armour. Ready for battle.

    I need some sassy armour for my low key (hopefully more intense later in the year) exercise.

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  11. Natalie M says:

    I was the picture of fitness. Work hard, play hard… Then one day pregnancy, morning sickness, sciatica… It crushed my spirit. I love my kids and I’d totally do it again but 7 to 8 months for EACH spent driving the porcelain bus ate my fitness. I’m a fighter not a quitter and I refuse to give in to the ravages of life. No matter what makes me round I will rise up and exercise it into the ground!! I’ll probably pass out trying but with Jeans West help at least I’ll look great.

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  12. Bronwyn says:

    After trying to increase my fitness levels post-second child, I’ve re-injured a back problem, which now prevents me from doing any running {my GO-TO sport, and only form of exercise} for the next 6-9 months 😦 So some new active wear will help me get my walking mojo back!

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  13. vonnie1964 says:

    l must admit last year l had put on a few kg’s but we can all get lazy and unmotivated , my new years resolution was to drop those unwanted kgs and so far so good. Wouldn’t mind turning up at group training in this outfit , pretty special. If l was lucky enough to win these , I would want to look fabulous to show them off and l would keep the weight off as l wouldn’t want to outgrow them 🙂

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  14. Rebecca says:

    I can safely say I have never looked chic whilst excercising. I will only go for a run when it’s getting dark and no one will see my hideous baggy old clothes. I think if I got myself some decent activewear it would give me the confidence to be seen in daylight haha!

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  15. Susan Banyard says:

    After 6 kids I struggle to find active wear that will keep my out of shape bits and bobs in place, nothing more embarrassing than working out and literally falling out of your clothes 🙀

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  16. Lynnette bull says:

    Would love to start up going for a bike ride a few times a week. I try to walk fast as I am hopeless as running but biking gets results faster for me. However going for a bike ride can be uncomfortable in the wrong clothing. Looser pants rub in all the wrong places. Shorts ride up as you ride, don’t think anyone needs to see a bit of cheek when on my bike. The Jeanswest Activewear sounds like it will keep me comfy and cool whilst also looking great.

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  17. Kathryn C says:

    I absolutely love this range, especially the sporty tee. I would love to win this. I have recently increased my fitness activity from walking my kiddies to the park once a week to rowing 2.5km everyday, (slowing increasing this) parking the car further so I have to walk more, lunges and basically getting more active! Today I walked to my daughters school to pick her up and my top was soaking wet when I got home. I definitely need to invest in active wear to keep me dry ☺️💪💪💪


  18. Anj K says:

    Well, Mrs Tink you have introduced me to yet another new product I had no idea existed! I have not been into Jeanswest in probably 7 years but this gear looks so stylish and unique i’m ‘running’ out to buy some now (unless I win some first)!
    Thanks for sharing with me 🙂


  19. Janelle says:

    I would really love to win this as i have just had a acl reconstruction on my knee. (2 weekd post surgery)
    Starting physio this week, I would be one trendy looking patient at physio!! I am sure if i look good, will feel good and push through the physio pain in style!!

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  20. Leanne Fromsa Jones says:

    I thought the Laura Twist was a dance,
    The Asha Geo was art from France.
    Mya prints sound like some fancy shoes,
    The Jeanswest Active range will help me with the weight I need to lose!

    I really need some inspiration to help me shed the post-Christmas fat,
    Mrs Tink and the Jeanswest Active range will certainly help me achieve that!

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