Day Seven of Mrs Tink’s 7 Days Of Love Giveaway – Tania Louise

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Tonight Mr Tink and I are hitting the town for a romantic dinner and seeing as it’s Valentine’s Day I’m going to make some effort and shave my legs and do a scrub to give my skin some loving and remove my lizard scales ( it is Valentine’s Day after all). One delicious scrub I recently had the opportunity to review was an Organic Argan & Arabica body scrub by Tania Louise. 

The Tania Louise body scrubs are organic, raw, and created using cold pressed oils and freshly ground Fair Trade Arabica Coffee. Each scrub is scented with pure organic coconut oil and freshly ground roasted arabica coffee which leaves a silky feeling and lovely moisturised skin that glows. 

One of the things I love most about scrubs are that they are great for stimulating circulation, they remove toxins and reduce cellulite plus they are also great for scars and stretch marks. Just a few minutes of buffing and I can feel my skin soaking up all the benefits. Easy peasy even for a lazy gal like me. 

After 3 short minutes my skin is glowing and I’m ready for date night! 

Are you ready to give your skin some loving for Love Month ? The beautiful team at Tania Louise are giving one lucky reader the chance to try this delicious scrub at home. For a chance to win simply share with our judges why you would like to treat yourself to some R & R ? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 15th of February at 7pm

Good Luck x 

Tania Louise
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7 thoughts on “Day Seven of Mrs Tink’s 7 Days Of Love Giveaway – Tania Louise

  1. Natalie M says:

    I just travelled across Australia for 2 weeks of camping and the first week middle boy got tummy bug!! a few days later eldest got it then a couple days youngest got it… camping and driving with towels, buckets and disinfectant wipes is hard work but then partner got it and I had to drive home alone… on top of that master 5 was taught bush toilet for the first time but then down the track decided to try it himself… with no paper and not telling anyone!!! WOW… I’ve never seen such a ball of flies as trying to clean that.. everything from waist down including all clothes and shoes had evidence… LOTS!! I NEED some me pamper and a scrub very badly!!

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  2. Lee-Anne Clancy says:

    OMG.. This is embarrassing to say I have the “Daintree” growing & so need to do some mowing of my own!! If you could see the state of me at the moment you would know why I desperately need to attention myself!! Hehehehe!! Sounds like Pure Bliss!!

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  3. sheldyn says:

    I’m about to head into the last 12 weeks of my qualifications & will be cramming full time study with 2 jobs & volunteer work so I will be flat out! Definitely need to spend this time before getting as organised and “zen” as possible! πŸ™‚

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  4. Kathryn C says:

    Sounds amazing! I would love to treat myself to a little Bit of replenishing. I am always fussing over everybody else but myself. Sometimes my skin looks so dry and lifeless. Would love to scrub it up so I can show it off ☺️


  5. Bianca says:

    I would so love to treat myself to a massage& facial and can feel the serenity already and maybe a little botox!!! Maybe throw in a hair cut too Havent tranquil music dimm lite room and absolute quite has been about 7 years between beauty treats. Bliss 😊


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