Mrs Tink snacks the smart way with Smart Living Nutrition

For 2016 my goal was to find my ‘fit’ again and eat well. And while I’ve been my working my butt off exercising I really struggle with eating 6 small meals a day especially during the working week. The more you exercise the more fuel your body yearns for, and one fab addition I’ve found to my busy days is a great company called Smart Living Nutrition.


They have created a delicious selection of bars that taste great while being packed with protein and goodness – perfect to eat on the run to a training session or afterwards during your cool down. One of my faves is the Activize Me Coconut, Almond & Cacao Bar it tastes delicious and gives me a good hit of protein and is low in carbs which means I can enjoy guilt free. 


Just recently I climbed Mount Coolum and took a Activize Me Coconut, Almond & Cacao Bar with me and that one bar got me from the bottom to the top. It filled me with energy without making me feel overly full or thirsty as some protein bars can. It was the perfect snack! The bars now follow me to all my training sessions because they’re not only convenient to buy but also packed with goodness that gives me the extra energy I need to push through a session.

Are you looking for some healthy options in 2016? The lovely team at Smart Living Nutrition are giving one lucky reader a whole box of Activize Me Coconut, Almond & Cacao Bar to kick start their New Year. 

For a chance to WIN simply share with me how you like to keep active? Our judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 18th of February at 10pm
Good Luck x

At Smart Living Nutrition our goal is simple: To provide you with convenient great tasting snacks, that give you the fuel you need to power through life’s great journey’s. We are high protein, low carb snacking options (some as low as 1g), and we have gluten free variants, but most of all we taste delicious. We are Australian made & owned, and we strive for the highest quality. We are available nationally in Woolworths stores.

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12 thoughts on “Mrs Tink snacks the smart way with Smart Living Nutrition

  1. Rachel Amanatidis says:

    I keep active without traditional exercise … (Shock horror to many .)But I walk everywhere instead of taking the car to save fuel , and clean the house madly , eg vacuuming everyday , wiping down Windows shower screens Because I’m just a clean freak .. I go out and do the lawns and gardens this Has Helped me to stay fit ..without knowing it ..just as good a vigorous workout
    It’s my excersise my way

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  2. Jade Williams says:

    I love involving my kids in incidental exercise. We love to dance around the house like dags, play hide and seek and go for family bike rides. I find making exercise fun is the best way to keeping active and I feel I am setting a great example for my kids about how much fun exercise can be!


  3. teena towns says:

    I work at a hospital in the inner city,often double shifts as we are so short staffed, and Im constantly walking around in the hospital.I enjoy the walk to work before hand, which energises me for the long day. I also have to dear precious german shepherds,who love and require long, long walks, and this helps me to unwind mentally after working the long day.

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  4. Lucy Jane says:

    Hi Mrs Tink.

    Love reading your blogs and thank you for always being so honest. I would love to win this prize and I think it would be perfect for on the go busy days. I like to keep active by walking my dog each morning (when I don’t press the snooze button on my alarm too many times) and also meeting up with my best girlfriends and going for a hike out in nature somewhere, hiking to a waterfall or climbing Mount Coolum (like you did).

    Lucy xx

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  5. Sandra says:

    I like to keep active by walking along the beach in the mornings when I can, but I mainly do Crossfit twice a week. I love being a part of a crossfit family. The people are great and all are willing to help everyone achieve their results.

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  6. Kathryn C says:

    These bars look so good ☺️ I keep active by rowing 2.5kms everyday, walking 2kms every second day to pick up my daughter at school, parking the car at one of the further car parks so I can walk more and I always walk at a fast pace ☺️💪😀

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  7. Fiona says:

    I like to keep active by playing Netball with my girlfriends every Wednesday night. It is a great chance to have a good laugh with the girls and keep fit at the same time. And boy do I love netball 🙂

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  8. Marley says:

    I like to keep active by walking to places instead of driving (if I can) and I always try to take my children on a bike ride on the weekend. This is something that we can all do as a family and its the perfect way to mix exercise and family time.

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