Mrs Tink Visits CircStudios

Since starting the blog I have been blessed with some really fab opportunities and experiences when creating the weekly Happy Friday segments which are always my favourite part of the week. Recently I heard along the fitness grapevine about a business called CircStudios home of AntiGravity Aerial Yoga…. “Huh?” you say? “AntiGravity Aerial Yoga?” Yes, well this too was my reaction but I was super curious to find out more and quickly signed my name up knowing that at the very least it would be a fun new experience. 2016 is my year for trying new things and getting fit and healthy so AntiGravity Aerial Yoga sounded like the perfect adventure until it hit me… I’m terrible at yoga and have no balance. Suddenly I realised I was in over my head for many reasons, first being that I trip over painted lines on the road and have little to no coordination, and secondly because I am stiff as a board with zero flexibility – let alone doing the downward dog while flying through the air… what the devil had I got myself into?

I thought I had better do some research before arriving at CircStudios so I Googled to find pictures of what exactly I could expect and immediately I was wowed and terrified all at once. I saw pictures of people gracefully hanging from the roof in yoga poses, looking professional and lightweight floating through the air in what appeared to be a sheet – whereas I’m a long, inflexible, dangly amazon woman with no balance… The poor team at CircStudios were going to be in for a treat!



Before I knew it, it was time for my visit to CircStudios so I headed down to meet Darren, Brad and Carolyn who all made me feel so comfortable and at home that I suddenly went from worried to excited. I’d never been anywhere like this before, the studio has an air of fun and excitement as soon as you walk through the doors so you instantly feel like something very cool is about to happen.

Like an excited 5 year old, I checked my worries at the door and followed Darren for a tour. Darren showed me around the very impressive building with each area filled with something new and exciting – wheels for tumbling, lovely long sheets for Aerial Silks, and lots of aerobatics equipment all screaming out to be played with an explored. Darren explained to me that CircStudios also ran an acrobatics division that catered to all ages from the age of 2 (I quickly took mental notes for Miss One who I knew would look super cute as a little acrobat).


We moved from the floor and went upstairs to the antigravity room. I could feel the excitement building as I reached the top of the stairs and entered a room for which I had only one word, “WOW!” I was greeted by a room like no other filled with orange hammocks hanging from the ceiling calling out my name. Darren informed me that CircStudios was a Christopher Harrison accredited AntiGravity Studio with each of their instructors being accredited and trained with the AntiGravity company. The studio follows a global curriculum which means you could do a session in Melbourne and expect the exact same standard in their Warana location as you could in the US.

Busting with excitement I realised I was about to use a hammock made by the very talented Christopher Harrison the founder of AntiGravity Inc. (the creator of the same hammocks you see circus performers use and who also made the one Pink swung in on at the Grammys!)

Darren, my instructor, had previously worked for Cirque du Soleil’s Blockbuster ‘KA’ at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, danced in the musical Cats in nine countries and worked on the original Miss Saigon in Holland. He has worked with the world’s best acrobats and now lucky Darren was getting to work with little old me, this lovely guy had no idea the daddy long-legged woman he was about to contend with.

When it was time to start, I became familiar with my hammock which felt soft, silky, lightweight and thin. So thin my first thought was, “Holy moly I’ve been tucking into more champagne than normal, I’m not sure this baby will hold me.” When Darren (who must have read my mind) went on to explain that the hammocks, although lightweight, can hold up to 600kg (equivalent to a baby elephant) and have been designed for athletes and performers to use, so I was in great hands and had nothing to worry about. I was bursting with excitement and ready to get my inner Cirque du Soleil on. We started by running though the basics so I felt comfortable in the hammock and then moved on to hanging upside down, which Darren made look extremely easy. I followed his instructions (after forgetting which my left and right hand were multiple times) and BAM! I was upside down and hanging from what looked like a sheet which it felt oddly comfortable. I was upside down feeling free and light as a feather with no fear, just lots of adrenaline pumping through me that I was ‘actually doing it’ (watch out Pink).


I was amazed at how quickly it felt comfortable and also shocked that I could do it, I was giddy with excitement and ready to see what else Darren could teach me. Each exercise he showed me felt safe and reasonably easy, I was surprised how easily my body was able to do each movement. The antigravity had me feeling light, non-Amazonian, confident and carefree. It’s not surprising AntiGravity Yoga is becoming huge with celebrities and the ‘it’ way to stay fit (just ask Gwyneth Paltrow how she got her super-hot Iron Man bod).


I have trained boot camp style for many years now and never tried anything like this before, I was in awe at the genius behind this amazing hammock and the magic it allowed even an uncoordinated gal like me to achieve. Next Darren took me through some fun exercises: I flew through the air like superman, stood on my hands and swung like a trapeze artist while thinking to myself I could have easily been a performer in the circus. One of my favourite exercises he showed me was lying in the hammock, as if it were a cocoon, as I stretched my entire body out and finished with being rocked like a baby (heaven). I could quickly feel myself getting hooked, I would most certainly be adding this to my fitness regime.

One of the big pluses too was the stretch it gave all my muscles. I’m a lazy girl when it comes to stretching, much to the dismay of my osteopath and trainer, but the freedom my joints had whilst in the hammock really gave my body a stretch like no other and my body responded beautifully. If you are someone who is sick of the gym and ready to do something different and fun you will love this workout that takes fitness to a whole new level and outside of the box. Each class focuses on a mixture of Pilates, yoga, restorative and suspension training all in an antigravity environment.

CircStudios holds over 10 classes a week at times that suit even the busiest schedule with approx 12-14  people in a class. Each session runs for 50 mins and suits all fitness levels but by no means would you have to be an athlete or sportsperson to enjoy AntiGravity. They work with clients from 2 years to 72 years old. CircStudios has a range of different classes to suit all levels and they run a fab program for beginners where they train you for 3 classes (stay tuned to the end of the blog for a super-special wolf pack discount). The studio is air-conditioned and currently the only studio in south-east Queensland.

I will certainly be back and cannot wait to try it again to find my inner ‘Pink’. I mean you just never know she may need a backup singer/acrobat, and with my new credentials I may be just the girl to swing on in and help her.


Would you like to come and meet the fab team at CircStudios? 3 lucky readers are going to have the chance to come in and have 3 Training Sessions with the team. In fact, you may even see me and be in my class. For a chance to win simply share with me why you would like to win?

Our judges will choose their 3 favourite answers and announce a winner on Monday the 22nd of February at 10pm.


Phone: (07) 54931341

Address: 7 Bearing Ave. Warana, QLD 4575


14 thoughts on “Mrs Tink Visits CircStudios

  1. Stacey Kerr says:

    This sounds amazing! I’m an old dancer who lost her groove many moons ago and I struggle with actual exercise. I have tried yoga and Pilates and loved it, but funds get tight and these are the first luxuries to go (I’m not giving up wine for anything). I’d love to try aerial yoga and get back into some of my type of exercise.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kristy says:

    That looks like so much fun! I hate the monotony of the gym. This would be perfect! I can’t believe it is just around the corner from me and I never knew about it until now!
    So much awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rach Anderson says:

    Oooo I would love to try this out! I work out at the gym and get to the odd body balance class when I can but it can get boring, making it hard to stay motivated! This seems a cool “outside of the box” exercise to try out!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sharna Chirgwin says:

    Wow! This looks amazing, both fun and a workout. I would love to win this to try it out as have been meaning to start some yoga and this brings it to a new level. After an extremely stressful 12 months with both children requiring hospital stays and other family stressors, I am in great need of some relaxation, anti-stress and basically looking after myself with some workouts and strengthening exercises. Thanks for the opportunity Mrs Tink x

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sharna Chirgwin says:

    Wow! This looks amazing! I would love to win this as have been meaning to do some yoga classes and this brings it to a new level. We have had an extremely stressful 12 months with 2 children requiring hospital stays, including a newly diagnosed heart condition for our son and my hubby and other familly stressors. I really feel like I need some relaxation, including a workout and some strengthening exercises and this looks like it would do just that. Thanks for the opportunity Mrs Tink x

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Sophie G says:

    I would love to win this prize as I think it is a great way to do Yoga. I have never really been able to do Yoga but have always wanted to. Couldn’t think of a more relaxing way to spend 50 minutes 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Kate Bates says:

    I would love to win these prizes for me and also my best friend. I just want to be able to do something nice for her birthday this year, it is coming up in March and she has had a bad few weeks lately and I would love to include this into a birthday holiday for her. Great way to relax and unwind and perfect for the both of us.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Ada C says:

    I am very new to this technology and blogging age but I was shown this story from my granddaughter who saw your video on Facebook and thinks that I would benefit from doing antigravity yoga in this way. I am 62 years of age and would love to be able to bend and move in this way at my age. I would love to bring all my friends with me to a lesson as i think we would really love this form of exercise.
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Caitlyn Mays says:

    I would love to win this prize. I have just moved to the Sunshine Coast with my small family and think it could be a great way to meet new people with similar health interests and hobbies. Want to try the Antigravity Yoga as I would love to start doing Yoga for all the health benefits. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Georgia Chase says:

    This would be such a great prize to win as I am just starting to get back into regular exercise and have started to get bored at the gym already….. I would love to try this type of training and I think my whole family would enjoy to come and try it out too!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Kai Chase says:

    I would love to give this type of training a go as I have lost a lot of my strength due to recent illness. This looks like it would be gently on the joints and could be very beneficial for my return to the fitness industry with out putting too much stress on the body.

    Liked by 1 person

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