Mrs Tink Gets her Spray Tan on with Tansie 

As you are probably already well aware, I am a spray tan guru! I’ve been getting sprayed (that sounds like it involves a cat, doesn’t it?) for years. It’s as much a part of my beauty regime as shaving my legs. I love the glow a tan gives me without needing to go in the sun and I especially love how healthy they make me feel. Sadly it’s not all sunshine and rainbows during the tanning process. Two things that drive me nutty is being uncomfortable and sticky for 2 hours while it develops and the mess it leaves on my towels (even though it does wash out) it’s a pain. I recently had the good fortune to be introduced to a fab company called ‘Spray Tan Wear‘. They’re a company who have created an amazing outfit called the ‘Tansie’. It’s similar to a onesie but made especially for use after having a spray tan and let me tell you this thing is fabulous! 


The Tansie is light weight and made with a luxurious comfy fabric that actually takes away that yucky sticky feeling and makes you feel relaxed, cool and comfortable but best of all it protects your furniture and your sheets and your tan – that’s right it protects your tan so you are not left with any lines or rub marks. I’m absolutely obsessed with my Tansie and love it so much I’ve even been wearing it on non tan nights because it’s just so lovely to wear I wish I’d found this sooner and so do my towels and sheets!
Would you like to add Tansie to your Tanning Ritual? The good news is I have one to giveaway to a lucky reader and all you have to do is share with me why you would like to win? The judges will choose their favourite answer and announce a winner on the 8th of March at 10pm.

Good luck x

spray tan wear


It’s a question that spray tan lovers have faced for a long time – just what do you wear your appointment that will protect your newly acquired tan and not ruin your clothing? 

Luckily Spray Tan Wear has the solution for you.
The spray tanning onesie or better known as the “Tansie®” was designed for the cooler weather whilst getting your spray tan.
Great for when it’s raining to get to & from your spray tan appointment, this stylish jumpsuit has a wide leg cuff so you can easily slip into it.
Featuring a zip up the front with pockets, this onesie or “Tansie®” is perfect for not wearing or ruining your own clothes or sleeping in it so you don’t ruin your clean sheets.

9 thoughts on “Mrs Tink Gets her Spray Tan on with Tansie 

  1. Bianca says:

    I would love to win this because im a spray tan newbie (thank you Mrs Tink ) and i too dont like the stains and sticky feeling
    This outfit looks super comfy i could see this as my new fav piece of clothing lools great for lounging around in on a cool night 😊😊

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  2. Kailah says:

    Hey Mrs Tink! After a horrendous spray tan experience before my wedding, I have given up on spray tans. But recently, I’ve been looking at my pale white skin and wishing it had a bit more colour in it. Unfortunately, my husband is incredibly protective of our beautiful crisp white towels and linen. I’m pleading with you Mrs Tink, for the sake of my pale white skin tone, my crisp white towels and linen, as well as my marriage, I desperately need a Tansie!

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  3. Nikki says:

    I would love love love a tansie as I’ve been a long time spray tanner & experience all the same dramas during the tanning process! My partner will also be super happy that our house is protected against the tan 🙂

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  4. vonnie1964 says:

    Mrs Tink this Tansie looks fabulous it would certainly look better than the old trackie bottoms and T-shirt that I wear after a spray tan . I must admit I only wear the same old combo as in the past I have had a few stains on good clothes and sheets , as I only use white sheets it’s a real chore to get them white again . What a great idea!!

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  5. Tanya says:

    Omg! My prayers have been answered! I’m a total tan fan! I would use this Tansie every week so I can relax and enjoy the two hours it takes for my tan to develop instead of covering every surface I may come in contact with over with a towel! I just love seeing our first world problems solved! Tansie come at me!

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  6. Kathryn says:

    Love, love love these! What a fantastic product! Love the look of a gorgeous glow while wearing a dress for a special occasion. I usually wear black after my spray tan, but last time I noticed it left a very strong smell on my t-shirt and ruined it. Would love to win this Tansie to keep my comfy and stylish after my next tan ☺️

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  7. Elizabeth Sands says:

    Mrs Tink I am in desperate need of this Tansie. I get a spray tan all the time and my mym is always getting angry at me because half of the tan comes off onto my sheets at night. This would be a huge life save for both me and my mum.

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  8. Sarah B says:

    I would love to win this Tansie for my sister in law. She is an avid tanner and I always tell her off for ruining her sheets with fake tan. I would love to give this to her to solve all her problems.

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  9. Sonja says:

    This is truly an O M G moment in my mind!!! What a fabulous idea!!!! I want to win this to wear around the house & (hopefully) look as adorable as Mrs. Tink does first and foremost of course! 😉 But I have to say my partner, my sheets, my towels & my doggie (she’s a little chihuahua who sleeps in bed with me and likes to be touching me, except she can’t on self tanning evenings 😬 But she could with this!!!) I think would love it the most if I won so I will also say I would love to win this for them too! See- I’m not even being selfish 😝 I’ve tried everything and nothing really works that great or is just not comfortable at all to help guard your sheets (& partner) from self tanning. My friends and co- workers & I have had so many conversations on this topic I would love to try it out and spread the word! This is such a fabulous idea! I wish I thought to invent it! Like a pajama onesie for tanning how genius! ❤️ It!

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